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Jay Gruden: Pass Heavy or Balanced Offense?

(The word around some of the league is that Jay Gruden is a pass happy play caller and doesn't stick with the run long enough. With a workhorse type running back like Alfred Morris I believe there will be balance. But is that anything new for Jay Gruden?
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      Hail Redskins Nation!!!! We are almost a week into training camp and the first preseason game is right around the corner. With all the anticipation for this upcoming season they're also plenty of questions. One of the questions I'm going to focus on is the play calling of our new head coach while he was the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. The hiring of Jay Gruden was met with mixed reactions around the NFL. Some said it was a good hire for the Redskins and the development of the franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III with Gruden being a ex-quarterback. Others say that he's not ready to be a head coach and have plenty of questions on how he will run the team, can he command respect from the team being such a player friendly coach, and as a coordinator was he too pass happy and abandoned the run sometimes even when it was working.

    I've went back and looked at the stats while Gruden was the offensive coordinator in Cincinnati and the results will be a shock to most. In the three years he was calling plays he ran the ball an average of 44% of the time. In 2011 he ran the ball 455 times out of 990 plays which is around 44%, in 2012 he called 430 out
Redskins Nation is hoping to see plenty of Alfred Morris's
baseball swing in 2014.
of  970 plays which equals about 44%, and in his final season with the Bengals the numbers were 481 rushes out of 1095 offensive plays and that's 43%.

Now if that isn't balance I don't know what is. I believe we will see even more balance with this offense since Alfred Morris gets stronger the more carries he receives. When the running game gets going it forces the defense to bring a eight man down in the box to try to make it harder to run.

The problem with that now is that the addition of DeSean Jackson and the NFL receptions leader from 2013 Pierre Garcon, you can not leave either one of those guys one on one on the outside. I'm very anxious to see how defenses will try to defend this potentially potent offense. For the first time in a long time the Redskins offense can dictate to the defense instead of vice versa.  That is as long as they don't fall behind early an have to play catch up and are forced to abandon the run like many times in 2013. With a Pro Bowl running back like Alfred Morris in the backfield, I'm sure Jay Gruden will have no problem calling run plays and have play calling balance.

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A Message To The IIWII Readers

(Won't be long until we're back at FedEx)
Dear Constant Readers of IIWII,

If you've been one of the 12 or so folks who've been reading the site since day one, you've probably read some of what I'm about to write here on the blog already in the past. If you're new to the site, first, welcome and here's a brief history lesson.

In 2008, I created IIWII with the intent to do a general pop culture (Comics, TV, Movies etc.) with the occasional focus on some Redskins games and maybe sports. It was the blog of some guy who called himself "Walking Deadman" who wanted to share his takes on some things and write a review from time to time.

Less than six months later, IIWII evolved into a mostly Redskins blog with the occasional off-topic commentary or goofy music video that I'd post when I got bored (which some readers told me they hated and to get back to writing about the Redskins). From 2009-2011, IIWII peaked content-wise about the 'Skins and came up with some weekly favorites including The Meaningless Mock Draft and The GBU (Good, Bad, Ugly). IIWII was being read by people.

We even got some love from former blogger Matt Terl as he linked an article on some You Tube footage I found on a punter and a brief mention by the Washington Post on my coverage of a fight that happened in the stands at FedEx.

Along the way, we had the article explaining why the Washington Redskins are the Washington Redskins (name-wise) and where "Redskins" (at least pertaining to the football franchise) came from.

.....This was over two years before the current "name debate" hoopla and if some sports writers, media and politicians actually did their homework or read some nobody's blog then there wouldn't be much of a controversy today. Yeah, I probably just destroyed any potential media and/or political aspirations..... oh well.

In 2013, I decided to try to give myself  some more exposure by joining another website as a writer. I was contacted by Ray Smith and Kiel Maddox and asked to write for their up and coming site Son of Washington. I knew both Ray and Kiel from my ExtremeSkins days and there seemed to be a good mix of content and chemistry. I even got to interview my first Redskin, Phillip Thomas and a few other NFL players and Redskins greats while at SOW.

The great news for IIWII was that I was able to bring in fellow writer Tattooed Scorpio to help with the writing chores here while I split time between the two sites. TS has really done a wonderful job here and I'm really glad he has time to do this along with his really job and is a part of the IIWII family.

But things change. My real-job changed which now limits my time to write. Ray and Kiel left SOW to start a new site called HailBlog. And SOW continues to do great with new management and has goals to be one of the largest local media outlets in the area. I wish them all well.

I've decided to come back to where things started. I wanted to get back to my roots and share my perspective on all things Redskins as a current fan and occasional member of the media/blog community. So expect a lot more from IIWII this year as both myself and TS will be providing insight and content on your Washington Redskins.

There's a ton of places you can go to find Redskins coverage, we hope that IIWII will be one of them.
Thanks for reading.

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The New Faces Of The Washington Redskins In 2014: Players Edition (Free Agents)

The biggest surprise of the off season was landing DeSean Jackson less then a week after shockingly being cut by the  Philadelphia Eagles.

    Hail Redskins Nation!!!! It's two days until training camp opens and I know Redskins Nation is as excited as I am. With that being said welcome to the final edition of the new faces the Redskins. With the salary cap penalty finally over with and the Redskins with a little over 30 million in salary cap space they did not hesitate to spend. We've all heard this story before but this season was different. For one the team actually has a General Manager that had a plan and knew what needs had to be address on team coming off a terrible 3-13 season. Some of the first signings were quiet and under the radar, which caused some concern for some of Redskins Nation. I personally didn't mind this approach because we have seen what happens when this team makes the big name acquisition. But low and behold on April 2nd, less then a week after DeSean Jackson was unexpectedly cut the Redskins made the biggest signing. By signing Jackson they have successfully accomplished two things.It will be key in weakening a division rival by taking their second best player on their team. It will give this team a play making gamechanger since that has drastically changed how this team will be defended. DeSean is a key acquisition but they're other important signings for the offense and defense. Let me breakdown a few of these free agents for you starting with the offense:

Colt McCoy(16) seen here practicing with Robert Griffin III(10)
and Kirk Cousins(8) during OTA's in June.
Quarterback: Colt McCoy
  This was sort of a surprise for me but being that Rex Grossman wasn't going to be re-signed the team needed a third quarterback. Colt was highly touted at the University of Texas and was being talked about as a first round draft pick but a unfortunate injury in the BCS title game against Alabama dashed those hopes. His injury caused him to slip to a third round pick of the Cleveland Browns. He had some success and was the starter for 2011 but ultimately was traded to San Francisco at the end of 2012 to be a backup. He can help RGIII and Kirk learn the new offense since he has plenty of experience doing this being that he's learned five different offenses in five seasons. I don't see him making any impact this season (which is a good thing) but it's nice to have a some what experienced QB on the roster.

Shawn Lauvao(77) and rookie Morgan Moses hustling to the next
drill during OTA's.
Offensive Guard: Shawn Lauvao
    One of the first things Head Coach Jay Gruden said was that he wanted to bring in bigger more physical lineman. One of the newest additions to the line is this 6 foot 3 inch 315 pound Shawn Lauvao. An offensive guard with a nasty streak from Cleveland. He's also agile enough to run the zone blocking scheme the Redskins will use and plays with a tough bulldog mentality. Gruden got a good look at Lauvao after three years in Cincinnati and watching him twice a year when they played Cleveland and Lauvao was a starter. The team targeted this young talented lineman at the start of free agency and got their man. This move allows Kory Lichtensteiger to move to his more natural position of center and made Will Montgomery expendable. As of right now Lauvao is penciled in as starter at left guard and will add more power to the power run game on the left side beside Pro Bowler Trent Williams. That' a lot of attitude on that left side. I guess we know what side they are running on when it's 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.

The versatile OG/C Mike McGlynn shown here signing his
contract and looking to push for a starter spot on the O-Line.
Offensive Lineman: Mike McGlynn
      Another addition to the offensive line that will add size and strength to the interior. He's poised to compete at offensive guard and center positions. With his size (6-4 325 lbs) he will push the incumbent interior lineman who on occasion last year got pushed back by bigger defensive lineman. The word is he plays center better then guard. So Kory better bulk up and really show what he can do because in my mind if McGlynn can repeat his play from Indianapolis he will send Kory to the bench and become the starter. Getting more physical in the middle of the line is key for the running game and passing game. Too many times last year the middle of the line got pushed back into the quarterback and caused problems all year. The competition should be good and the preseason games will determine who gets the nod as the starter.

Andre Roberts was penciled in as the #2 WR until the signing
of  DeSean Jackson which bumps him back to the #3 WR.
Wide Receiver: Andre Roberts
    When Andre Roberts signed here in March he was set to be the #2 wide receiver. That lasted for about a month. Until the biggest signing of the off season  when the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson. That was a shock to all in Redskins Nation including Roberts, who knows that with the addition of such a great play maker that put him back into the role slot receiver. Roberts said after the signing if he knew that DeSean Jackson would be added here that he would've  thought about signing elsewhere. Coming from his recent situation in Arizona being bumped to the #3 receiver last season after a stellar 2012 season in which he actually had a better yards per game average and more touchdowns the Larry Fitzgerald that year. One other major reason he signed here was to work with our franchise QB Robert Griffin III. He sees his potential and believes as I do that the  quarterback will return to his 2012 Rookie of the Year form. Roberts is set to battle for both return jobs on special teams. He returned both in college at the Citadel and his first two season in Arizona but because of his increased role in the offense his returns were limited. Andre now has settled into his role and now realizes that he might not get the ball as much as he would like. So each an every time you get the ball you have to make the most of it because you don't know how many more touches you'll get. I feel Roberts will make a impact for this team with his ability to get open and make people miss. Either on special teams or offense I believe he will win this team a game or two next season.

Can DeSean Jackson give the Redskins the deep threat  they
have not  had in a very long time?

Wide Receiver: DeSean Jackson
  Now the biggest acquisition of free agency for the Redskins. DeSean Jackson is young, dynamic, quick and deadly from anywhere on the field. All Redskins fans know how deadly this little guy is after his years in Philadelphia . His moves, speed and elusiveness makes him a nightmare to cover and game plan for. This one addition I believe will make the offense one of the best in the league. The only concern is the rumors of this young superstar having off the field issues. At this point he has said and done all the right things and from what I hear he has been a excellent teammate and a professional. Jackson can take the top off of any defense and can also catch a short pass and take it to the house. That aspect of his game and the addition weapons the team has, fans might get horse from singing "Hail To The Redskins" after all the touchdowns. I see this addition of talent and bulldog attitude will rub off on the offense and give them a much needed edge and feisty nature. With Jackson being paired with Pierre Garcon they are poised to become one of if not the top pass catching duo in the league.


ILB Darryl Sharpton was one of the first signings and his
 experience and special teams play will help this team in 2014.
Inside Linebacker: Darryl Sharpton
 With this team in desperate need of ILB's and special team improvement they addressed both issues with this signing. At 26 and decent linebacker size and speed Sharpton plans to push for the starting Jack linebacker beside Perry Riley Jr. He has had some injuries during his pro career but feels 100% and ready to contribute to help this team get better in any way possible. He is a underrated linebacker but with his ability to play the run and special teams he will be an improvement.Even if he doesn't win the starting job he should get some snaps on the defense throughout the season. He will be a solid special teams player and helpful teaching the younger linebackers on this team.

This eight year vet plays ILB and contributes on special teams
both needs of the Redskins this season.
Inside Linebacker: Akeem Jordan
  Akeem Jordan is another signing to help bolster the linebacker corp and a slumping special teams unit. Jordan is a eight year veteran with starting experience that can surely help this team get better and more consistent as a unit. He is a local kid with ties to the area and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2007. Jordan played for Kansas City last season and totaled 67 tackles and two forced fumbles. He should be another solid addition to the defense and special teams units. He will also push for the starting Jack linebacker position. At age if 28 he's young fast and will add to the competition all throughout camp.

Adam Heyward was signed to bolster the terrible special
teams unit which was a constant theme this off season.

Inside Linebacker: Adam Heyward
   Adam Heyward hasn't started much in his eight year career but he's known more for his standout play on special teams. He was the special teams captain for Tampa Bay Buccaneers the last two seasons and led the unit with 11 tackles in 2013. It will be a battle between him and the incumbent Redskins standout special teams player Niles Paul for the captain of special teams. Hopefully with the added talent at linebacker and special teams these three players alone should help both those units with added depth, youth and consistency which they desperately needed.

Tracy Porter is the had the game clinching pick 6
against Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLIV

Cornerback: Tracy Porter
 Now with the linebacker corp getting key additions the secondary also needed some help also. Once the team decided not to re-sign Josh Wilson they needed a veteran nickle CB  to go with the young inexperienced CB's already on the roster. Tracy Porter has had a up and down career but last year was his first season playing in all 16 games. That was the first time in his career he accomplished this and hopefully going forward he can continue this trend. He set career highs in tackles (88) and sacks (1.5) last season in Oakland where he played good but not great. He is an upgrade to the secondary that needed it greatly. With the increased emphasis  being put on pass rush that should help this secondary improve on a terribly inconsistent 2013. Richard Crawford (if healthy), Chase Minnifield and rookie Bashaun Breeland will push Porter for the nickel cornerback position. Porter is coming off shoulder surgery so he better get the rust off quickly because I know these young guys are hungry and wanna get on the field and contribute.

Jason Hatcher had 11 sacks last season which outproduced
the defensive line for the Redskins in 2013.
Defensive Lineman: Jason Hatcher
  This was another signing that is great for the team two fold. By signing Jason Hatcher away from the Cowboys they added a piece they were missing and weakened a division rival. Hatcher signed a team friendly deal but it was also player friendly with 10.5 million in guaranteed money. This was done because of his age and now with his recent knee surgery to clean it out this seems like a wise move. His presence in the interior of the D-line should help wreck havoc up the middle and allow Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan to be less of a focal point to play meet at the quarterback. It's important for Hatcher to prove that last year wasn't a fluke and try to match his production. I don't expect him to surpass his sack total from last season but I'd be happy with about eight sacks as long as Orakpo and Kerrigan are in double digits in sacks. With him being 31 that normally would be a concern but since he wasn't a starter until a couple years ago. He has low miles so to speak and the team hopes he can repeat his performance from last season and bolster the D-line. We will see how healthy Hatcher is when training camp starts. If he is limited but still able to participate I'd be happy but reports are he was already off crutches and was doing well in his rehab. He is not the long term answer to improving the pass rush but for now let's hope he causes enough problems for opposing offensive lineman as he did for ours for all those years.

   These are my top free agent signings that I believe will make an impact and help this team improve and get better each and every week. If there are any topics you all would like me to write about or even have an opinion about feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. I want to keep you informed with the information you want to know about.

    Redskins Nation stayed tuned for more Redskins content coming soon. Just two days until training camp so be sure to keep checking for more Redskins news, information and articles. Soon will be adding more local sports to the blog. Soon You will be able to read about the Nationals, Capitals, and Wizards soon. I'll keep you updated as to when I will start covering those local sports. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and Porter III on Facebook for all Redskins news, info and on other local pro sports. Be sure to give my good friend and editor a follow @IIWIISkinsBlog for extensive breakdowns also. Thanks again for all your support,love.and feedback. As always #HTTR

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The New Faces Of The Washington Redskins In 2014: Players Edition (Rookies)

The Redskins second round pick Trent Murphy seen here working with the new OLB's coach Brian Baker. He led the nation in sacks last season with 15. His huge hands and workmanlike style of play should work in his favor in the NFL.

  Welcome back Redskins Nation. I hope you enjoyed the first edition about the new coaches and now we get into the players edition. As Bruce Allen said at the end of last season " The team will have between 20 an 25 new players on the roster for the 2014 season in order for the Redskins to be better". With that being said, I'm gonna breakdown all these new editions down by rookies and free agents. This edition will be dedicated the rookies which were brought in to help bring youth and talent to a team that was lacking both. This will be the first time General Manager Bruce Allen has 100% control over teams draft picks and in my opinion he did a pretty decent job. Every GM has head scratcher draft moment and Bruce Allen had one for his first draft but I'll get into that later. Overall he drafted players of need and with a special teams background to help improve the weakest unit of the team. We all know that you truly can't judge a draft until three years after to see how the players develop and adapt to the advanced speed of the game. After saying that, I'm gonna give the new GM a B at first glance. Bruce Allen was able to turn six draft picks into eight and was still able to stick to his draft board and still got the players he wanted in the process. Well lets get to know these rookies:

Trent Murphy led the nation in sacks and
and the PAC 12 in tackles for loss in 2013

With their first pick in the second round the OLB from Stanford Trent Murphy was Washington's first selection. Some so called expert analyst say that he was a reach at pick 47 because his lack of explosiveness getting to the quarterback. I can understand their point but when you lead the nation in sacks you have to be doing something right. He has ideal size at  6 foot 6 inches and 261 pounds, hands the size of baseball mits and knows how to use them. Trent also loves to play special teams and wants to excel at every part of his game. Special teams included We all know in the NFL it's not how you start it's how you finish. With his high football I.Q and high motor I believe Trent will help get pressure on the QB. That will help this rebuilt secondary by making the QB get rid of the ball faster and sometimes that leads to mistakes and bad reads which most times results in turnovers.The coaches were trilled with Trent's progress during OTA's and mini camp saying "If he made a mistake one time he would get corrected and not make it again". Trent Murphy can be one of the missing pieces to this defense. Hopefully Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan and Jason Hatcher can  wreck enough havoc to help solidify this defense that's trying to rebuild after a inconsistent 2013.

OT Morgan Moses was drafted in the third round to
bring competition to the RT position.

As part of the trade with the division rival Cowboys the Redskins received an extra third round pick. With pick number 66 they drafted 6 foot 6 inch 325 pound OT Morgan Moses from the University of Virginia. His height sometimes is a detriment because of him not bending his knees, lunging forward and  also sometimes taking plays off. He was able to make up for those flaws with his arm length and athleticism in college but in the NFL it will get him in trouble very quickly. It was noticeable during OTA's and mini camp but he did show improvement in the mini camp. During his impressive four year career in college, he started at left tackle and right tackle and missed only two games due to injury and in one of those games he still came in to play. In 2013 while playing LT he only yielded two sacks in 509 pass attempts. He was put up against three of the top four pass rushers during the season when he faced them and shut all of them out. You may have heard of them if you follow college football. Vic Beasley, Jeremiah Attaochu and Kyle Van Noy. He has the talent and skill but just has to perfect his craft and get consistent at staying low. With Tyler Polumbus under contract for one more year this allows Moses to not be thrown into the fire and have to learn on the job but to be able to develop and become more consistent. With  Moses slipping to the third round he feels he has a lot to prove to himself and the league. We will see how much it motivates him to be better and possibly take his place on the offensive line at some point this season.

After missing most of the 2013 season due to
injury OG Spencer Long is ready to push for a starting job.
 With the teams second 3rd round pick the Redskins drafted another young tall, long offensive lineman. OG Spencer Long out of Nebraska at pick number 78. Long is coming off back to back seasons being cut short due to injury. The most recent injury in mid October he tore his MCL and PCL but says he 100% and ready to compete for a starting job on the offensive line. In college Long was known as a play to they blow the whistle and a little after type of guy. He has a nasty streak and knows how to use his size. At 6 foot 4 inches and 314 pounds he has ideal size and has the mobility to get to the second level but sometimes doesn't use his hands well in space. He is not the most athletic guy but he makes up for it with his work ethic and mauler attitude. Before injury he was talked about potentially being a first round draft pick Long starting at OG at Nebraska as a sophomore and junior which goes to show his work ethic and determination being that he was a walk on as a freshman and earned a scholarship after it was all said and done. He was one of 16 student athletes to earn the prestigious National Football Foundation Student Athlete Awards which includes a 18,000 dollars scholarship which he plans to put towards medical school. He was also the senior captain for Nebraska and even tho he was injured he continued to impact his team and his leadership helped his lineman throughout the season.  He is poised to push Chris Chester for the starting right guard spot and will have to have an impressive training camp and even better preseason games for that to happen.

Bashaun Breeland is a long, rangy, feisty defender who doesn't
mind getting physical in coverage and in run support.
In the fourth round the Redskins addressed their inconsistent secondary by drafting Bashaun Breeland out of Clemson. He is a heck of an athlete and very strong in run support his issues come with his hands. He grabs and uses his hands too much for the NFL and has to improve that by improving his technique, positioning ,and jamming at the line. His size and speed is what dropped him to the fourth round. He's only 5 foot 11 inches and weighing in at a light 197 pounds he will have to bulk up to deal with the big physical receivers and  powerful running backs in the NFL. His 4.65 seconds in the 40 means he doesn't have the make up speed  necessary if a receiver gets behind him. So he has to make sure to jam at the line, perfect his technique and keep hands off the receivers after five yards.  He was a standout on special teams and is a prime contender to become gunner which is one of the tougher positions on that unit. He will be in a tough battle with the incumbent young DBs like Chase Minnifield, Richard Crawford, and E.J. Biggers to crack the secondary but as we all know competition breeds greatness.

Ryan Grant isn't explosive or have ideal size but he is a precise
route runner and plays with a chip on his shoulder but might be
a practice squad player.

 In  the fifth round the Redskins made an unexpected draft choice of Ryan Grant a wide receiver out of Tulane. With the additions of DeSean Jackson, Andre Roberts and the NFL League Leader in receptions Pierre Garcon this pick was a little of a head scratcher to me. Grant isn't a speedster or an elusive guy but what he lacks in explosiveness he makes up for with precise route running and playing with a determination to prove himself each and every play. One of his knocks is his lack of size, strength and physicality.To me that's what makes him a target for the practice squad. It will give him a chance to learn, develop and gain strength which he will need to do being a slot wide receiver. Grant has the ability to play inside or outside which is becoming a theme with this core of WRs and that ability will give the opposing defenses fits trying to match up.While at Tulane he had back to back 75+ receptions and 1000 yard receiving seasons. His career was shorten by a hernia surgery that ended his 2011 season early but came back with a vengeance with those back to back seasons and earned First Team All-CUSA honors. He has superb hands and catches almost anything thrown his way but he does has to improve his blocking especially in the run game since the Redskins ask their WRs to do a lot of down field blocking.

After another draft day swap of picks with Tennessee the Redskins moved back and gained a additional seventh round pick. With the pick in the sixth round the offense got another dose of game breaking speed and elusiveness when they selected Lache Seastrunk from Baylor. He is a very fast running back with break away speed, stop on a dime cutback move and has the ability to take it to the house from anywhere on the field at any given time. Unfortunately Lache has some developing to do because of the type of offense that Baylor runs. The running back position was not asked to pass protect or catch out of the backfield which is a must to be a third down back in the NFL. He can be the change of pace back that the team was looking for when they drafted Chris Thompson last year but because of durability issues Thompson never got a chance to show what he could do. That's one of the main reasons Seastrunk is here. Another reason is because Coach Gruden pretty much said during OTA's that he likes what Roy Helu Jr brings to the table but it would be good to have a back that has the game breaking speed to change the game and field position at any given time. One other issue with this speedy running back is sometimes he goes east and west too much trying to avoid would be tacklers instead of taking whats there and sometimes it cost him yards. He ended up at Baylor after transferring from Oregon and had to redshirt a year but in the two seasons after that setback he had a impressive 7.6 yards per carry for a career at Baylor. Another impressive stat from his college is that five of the 19 career touchdowns he has went for at least 68 yards. If this young talented running back wants to get on the field with the offense he will have to prove he can catch the ball out of the backfield, pick up blitzes and pass protect when needed. Lache has a inside track on a roster spot by trying out as a punt returner and kick returner on special teams. Just a side note but Lache Seatrunk is part Native American and he doesn't have a issue with the name of the team that drafted him when asked. It's a lot of competition for those return spots and he will definitely have to impress the coaches and show that he can step his game up to the NFL level in the pass protection and receiving game.

Ted Bolser is a big target at 6-6  252 pounds
but has a lotto learn in the blocking game.
  With the teams next to last pick in the seventh round Washington selected Ted Bolser out of Indiana University. This big target in my opinion is headed to the practice squad mainly because he has plenty of room for improvement in all aspects of his game. The most glaring is his in line blocking. He has to get stronger to be able to seal the edge on certain runs and in college he did not do this well or consistently. During OTA's and mini camp he had some drops and mental lapses which did not help his case of making the opening day roster.How can you consider yourself a pass catching tight end and not catch the ball? His hands were good in college being that Boster had an outstanding career at Indiana. He is the All Time Leader in receptions for a tight end in school history with 117. He was elected team captain his senior season and also finished his career as the 20th Hoosier to record 100 catch and 1,000 yards over a career. Last season he was tied for fifth best tight end in the nation with six touchdowns and also made five tackles on special teams and loves playing on special teams. With Jordan Reed's concussion concerns going forward I understand drafting another pass catching TE and with a year on the practice squad maybe Bolser can fine tune his game and blocking to get him on the roster in 2015.

Zach Hocker is a kickoff specialist with a huge
leg but the question is can his FG accuracy win
him the job as a rookie.

With the eighth and final draft pick K Zach Hocker out of Indiana University was the final selection in 2014 for the Redskins. Hocker has an impressive touchback percentage of around 60+ % with a average of 66.6 yards per kick. That alone would have Kai Forbath packing his bags but it's not only about kickoffs it's about field goal accuracy most importantly. Now we all know Kai doesn't have the strongest kickoff leg but he has been consistent and accurate at field goals since he signed with the team. The problem is starting opposing field position. With Kai's inability to consistently kick touchbacks the Redskins have been in the bottom third in opposing field position both of Kai's seasons here and that effects the offense and defense. There has been talk of keeping two kickers on the roster but I can't see that happening. If Zach can consistently get touchbacks and can hit a few 50 yarders in preseason games I believe he will unseat Forbath and make the starting roster. With the terrible special teams play last season it's a strong possibility. That's why there has been such an emphasis on special teams this season and hopefully we will see a much improved unit in 2014.

 Redskins Nation stayed tuned for the free agent edition coming soon.  Just one week until training camp be sure to keep checking for more Redskins news, information and articles. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and Porter III on Facebook for all Redskins news, info and on other local pro sports. Be sure to give my good friend and editor a follow @IIWIISkinsBlog for extensive breakdowns also. Thanks again for all your support,love.and feedback. As always #HTTR

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The New Faces Of The Washington Redskins In 2014: Coaches Edition

The new faces of the Redskins front office General Manager Bruce Allen and Head Coach Jay Gruden

Hail Redskins Nation!!!! Times flying by and it's less then two weeks until training camp. I know that you fans are as excited as I am to get the 2014 season underway but before we can do that we have training camp and preseason games. Not to mention cutting this 90 man roster down to the best 53 football players to help this team win. This offseason we've had some additions and subtractions to the Redskins Nation. We all know about the firing of Mike Shanahan, most of his staff and the hiring of Jay Gruden, so I'll skip all of that other nonsense. Now the buck stops with Jay Gruden as the Head Coach. With that being said I believe three new members of the coaching staff are just as important and key to the Redskins success going forward. In my humble opinion Brain Baker the Outside Linebackers Coach is one of if not the most influential hire. The next important new coach  to me on the staff is Kirk Olivadotti Inside Linebackers Coach who has been a part of the Redskins Coaching Staff previously from 2000 to 2010 in many different defensive capacities. Last but most certainly not least there's Ben Kotwica Special Teams Coordinator who will bring much needed discipline (from his Army background) to this unit that desperately needed it last season. Let's learn a little about these new coaches:

Brian Baker Outside Linebackers Coach
  Brian Baker is the Outside Linebackers Coach and comes with over 30 years of defensive coaching experience in the NFL and the college ranks. He has an impressive resume of pro bowl talent that he helped develop in his very detailed and effective coaching career.  Coach Baker has had stops in St.Louis, Carolina, Detroit and Minnesota and working with talents like Julius Peppers, Robert Porcher, DeMarcus Ware, and Kevin Williams which all made the pro bowl under his direction. Last season Coach Baker was the OLB's coach for the Cleveland Browns and helped their defense rank third in the AFC and ninth in total defense in the entire NFL. With Coach Baker's attention to detail and the ability to develop already talented players into play makers and game changers. I can only hope to see Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan become the havoc wrecking duo that the Redskins and fans alike have been waiting for. With all the new techniques and pass rushing moves that this veteran coach can teach this young talented group and the fact that Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett says he will be more aggressive using the OLB position. I would not be surprised by a bust out season of a 20 plus sack campaign from our starting OLB's but a lot of things will have to work in the teams favor for that to happen but it is possible. Now its not just gonna be up to Coach Baker to teach these players but they have to execute on the field and with his track record I don't see that being an issue as long as the defense stays generally healthy.

Kirk Olividatti Inside Linebackers Coach

  The Inside Linebackers Coach is Kirk Olividatti who also has a well rounded resume of college and NFL defensive coaching experience in his 14 years. Now some of Redskins Nation may remember Coach Olividatti started his NFL coaching career here in 2000 as a Defensive Quality Control/ Defensive Backs Assistant and worked his way up to Defensive Assistant working directly under the DC in 2011. Through his time here coaching he at one point or another was a coach for the defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs that ranked in the top 10 in defense and gave up the the fourth fewest yards in the NFC and seventh in the NFL throughout those seasons. With those nice stats and over a 10 year coaching tenure here he belongs to an impressive coaching club with this team called the Redskins Honor Roll of Assistant Coaches. Other notable coaches on this distinguished list are: Joe Bugel, Richie Petitbon, Larry Peccatiello, and Wayne Sevier. Coach Olividatti left here in 2011 to go the University of Georgia and coach the inside linebackers. He had success there also by helping develop talented college ILB's into NFL caliber talent such as Jarvis Jones, Akeem Dent, and Alec Olgetree. With Keenan Robinson coming off back to back injury shorten seasons, the steady but under achieving Perry Riley slated as the starters hopefully helps turn these two players into a steady and well rounded players that this team needs to be successful. With more talented depth at the ILB position he will have his hands full to develop this young linebacker corps into improved unit that can make an impact each and every game.

Ben Kotiwica Special Teams Coordinator
 Now all of Redskins Nation knows how bad the special teams were in 2013, not only in coverage, in return teams and starting field position so basically the entire unit. With that being said welcome the new Special Teams Coordinator Ben Kotwica. He doesn't have quite the long coaching tenure as the previous two coaches but what he lacks in coaching experience he makes up for it in life experience. Coach Kotwica has a Army background flying helicopters for more then 1000 combat hours in Iraqi Freedom II. His military background should help add discipline to a unit that desperately needs it. On his resume he has two years as Quality Control with the New York Jets and just completed his first full season as the Special Teams Coach with the Jets but instead of re-signing with the Jets he decided to come to D.C to help try and improve a struggling unit of a year ago. The Jets totaled 10 return touchdowns combined on special teams during his time there which was tied for second in the NFL during that time. Unfortunately the Redskins gave up touchdowns on special teams but didn't get to the end zone at all in 2014. hopefully Coach can change that for the better. The team already helped Coach Kotwica out by drafting players that are special teams standouts and getting some key free agent with the same reputation in the NFL. With the quality additions of Adam Hayward, Akeem Jordan and Darryl Sharpton this unit should be much improved but as we all know after last season there is no where to go but up. An improved emphasis is already been seen at OTA's and Mini Camp with position coaches also helping with the limited special teams practice time. Coach Kotwica says that by having the position coaches such as WR's Coach Ike Hilliard,  DB's Coach Raheem Morris and ILBs Coach Kirk Olividatti it helps drive the point home about how important special teams are. The returners will be decided during training camp and should be a heated battle between Chris Thompson, Lache Seastrunk, Andre Roberts and the rehabbing Richard Crawford. Hopefully one of these players can help spark a unit that could use all the help it can get.

Jay Gruden Head Coach

   Now last but definitely not least the new Head Coach of the Washington Redskins Jay Gruden. This Ex -Quarterback is a breathe of fresh air in Redskins Park and looks to have formed great relationships with his players and coaches so far. He doesn't have your typical NFL coaching background but him being a ex-QB I believe he will help the team and our young dynamic quarterback Robert Griffin III make that  next step to becoming a elite team and QB in this league. He has been around football for basically all of his life and has had ups and downs like many in this game. Most fans know his more famous brother, Super Bowl winning coach Jon Gruden but most don't know that Jay worked on those staffs in Tampa Bay where Jon won his title. He served as an assistant to the Offensive Coordinator, assisted on play calling, player development, and game plans for Sundays games. This is Jay's first head coaching job in the NFL but he was a head coach in the United Football League where he started out as a Offensive Coordinator under then Head Coach Jim Haslett. Once Haslett left to come here to be the Defensive Coordinator, Jay Gruden was named the head coach and a year later he was hired to be the OC for the Cincinnati Bengals. Now the classic misconception is that Gruden is a pass happy play caller and doesn't stick with the run but if you check his three seasons in Cincinnati they were top 10 in rushing attempts all three seasons. I do expect to see an increase in pass attempts but still expect a balanced attack. The Redskins (after a active off season) have bolstered their receiving core with the BIG acquisition of gamebreaker DeSean Jackson and the versatile former Arizona Cardinals WR Andre Roberts to play primarily in the slot. This offense has the potential to be a top 10 offensive group but the offensive line will be key and Jay has already made some adjustments there. I believe Jay will add diversity and a killer instinct to this talented but inconsistent offensive group. The thing that stands out to me about this offense is that for the first time in a long time the offense will be able to dictate to the defense how the game is gonna be played instead of the defense dictating that to the Redskins. For example if the defense puts eight defenders in the box to stop the run then the passing attack will remedy that. If the defense goes two high safeties to stop the passing game then Alfred Morris will pound them on the ground. If they go single high safety and try to bracket the outside WR's and contain the run then the middle will be soft and Andre Roberts and the second year standout TE Jordan Reed will eat defenses alive. I can't wait to see how defenses try to stop this potentially potent and deadly offense. Training camp starts in less then two weeks and we wont know how dynamic this offense will be or how good this team will be but the start of the Jay Gruden Era has been very positive and productive. I believe the Redskins and their franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III are in good hands.

   Redskins Nation stayed tuned for the new players the team has added in 2014 in my next article. Will be coming out soon. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and Porter III on Facebook for all Redskins news, info and on other local pro sports. Be sure to give my good friend and editor a follow @IIWIISkinsBlog for extensive breakdowns also. Thanks again for all your support and love. As always #HTTR.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top 5 Storylines Heading Into Training Camp

Bon Secours Training Facility
    Hail RedskinsNation!!! We all know this is the slow time of the off season but its also the last month of the off season without football. THANK GOD!!!! The OTA's went  by smoothly with 100% participation, no new injuries, and a good overall feeling. Which is a breathe of fresh air for this team and this new coaching staff headed by first time  head coach Jay Gruden. I'm anxious to see how it will all play out in this 2014 football season. After a 3-13 season where it seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong at some point during last season. My expectations are tempered but still optimistic that this team can be one of the most improved teams going into 2014 and possibly make a playoff push. In 2012 when the Redskins were playing a last place schedule they shocked the world with two rookies Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris. Division championship, plenty of records and accolades plus a home playoff game (and that's all I'm gonna say about 2012). Now going into 2014 and once again playing a last place schedule there is a new rookie in town looking to shock the world. Not a rookie player but a rookie head coach in Jay Gruden brother of Super Bowl winning  head coach Jon Gruden.
Jay Gruden working with Aldrick Robinson during OTA's
I believe his laid back but serious when need to be attitude is just what the doctor ordered for this team. It's a thin line from being a player's coach and  being too easy on your player's and being too controlling and nonconforming. From what I've seen and heard of Jay  he has a perfect blend of old school, hard nosed work ethic and laid back approachable coach. Can't wait until they get the pads on at training camp and see what the newest version of the Washington Redskins has to offer to the NFL next season. Here are my Top 5 storylines heading into training camp:

The New Offense and DeSean Jackson's Impact: 
  2013 was a up and down season on offense. The offensive attack was too inconsistent and sometimes couldn't get out of it's own way but the one thing that stayed constant was the rushing attack. One of the lone bright spots of last season was Alfred Morris and the fifth best rushing attack in the league. The passing attack with only one true weapon in Pierre Garcon was ranked 22nd in the league. The run game will use some of the zone blocking principles that's having major success for this team but will also have a power running game aspects also (which I love). With a legitimate deep threat in DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon the league leader in pass  
Jay Gruden breaking down to DeSean Jackson how to run a certain passing route
receptions in 2013, second year standout tight end Jordan Reed causing match up problems and the free agent Andre Roberts ability to play inside and outside will make this offense one of the hardest to defend in my opinion. The one player who will benefit the most from all these weapons in this new offense is Alfred Morris. With the ability to stretch the field with any one of those players I don't think the third year running back will see as many eight man fronts to try to slow the ground and pound workhorse. If you put eight in the box RGIII will beat you with the passing game. If the defense drops the safeties deep then Morris will eat up chunks of yards and punish more defenders after first contact on the ground. Try to play man to man or zone against these quick,strong,shifty receivers and its curtains either way. I'm waiting to see how and what opposing defenses will try to take away from this potent offense....on paper. As long as RGIII develops his talents, not repeat the same mistakes from his previous two seasons and fully grasps the playbook(which the said he has been) I don't see how this offense isn't Top 5 next season.
Who Will Emerge as the Backup Running Back:
  We all know who the starter is at running back but who will be his backup in 2014. This is a position of depth but the question is the quality of the depth. Roy Helu Jr. had a pretty good season as a third down back and occasionally spelling Alfred Morris but Jay Gruden would like more production and speed out of his backfield. Evan Royster is still on the roster but played special teams more then running the
ball on offense. I like his running style but he needs carries to get going and unfortunately with No.46 firmly as the starter that isn't gonna least here in Washington. Now we have the speedy new guys, both who are an unknown quantity. Second year running back Chris Thompson and rookie speedster Lache Seastrunk. Both showed burst and elusiveness in their college careers but how will that translate into the NFL. Chris Thompson has durability issues coming out of college and it followed him to the pros. His rookie year which landed him on the injured reserve and never really got a chance to see what he could do. Seastrunk's questions lie with his hands in the passing game and his blitz pickup skills since he did both rarely in his college days. Baylor didn't ask their running backs to do much of either. They both have speed, moves, and the ability to take it to the house anytime their hands get on the ball but how will it transfer onto a NFL football field and will either of them be able to knock Helu off the roster.

Will The New Aggressive Approach On Defense Be Effective :
   Well I know we've all heard about how Jim Haslett wasn't able to run his defense the way he wanted or chose the assistant coaches that were on his staff but now the buck stops with him. In order for this defense to improve the pass rush and secondary MUST be better. With Brian Orakpo signed under the franchise tag
Hopefully we'll see more of these big play celebrations this year from Brain Orakpo
and with something to prove, signing Jason Hatcher  from a  hated division rival, second round draft pick Trent Murphy and the addition Brian Baker outside linebackers coach I believe they are addressing the pass rush big time. By making the pass rush better that usually helps the secondary and this defensive backfield can use all the help it can get after a inconsistent 2013 season. I'm not too sure about the Tracy Porter signing but with Richard Crawford injury status unknown, Chase Minnfield not being able to get on the field and E.J Biggers is decent at most things but not outstanding at any so I guess it's better safe than sorry. The safety position is still a question mark but with Brandon Merriweather playing his true position at SS and FS Ryan Clark coming back home I believe this unit is improved already. I really didn't mention either of  the 2nd year safeties Phillip Thomas or Bacarri Rambo. I hope for the best out of these two but coming off a tricky foot injury Thomas has a lot to prove and Rambo...well let's say if he makes the roster after last year's performance I'd be shocked. If Haslett can dial up the right pressure, the secondary can communicate better and create some turnovers this could help this potent offense run the score up on some upcoming opponents. With the flexibility of this defense I can't wait to see what type of exotic formations and blitzes Haslett brings this year. Any sack numbers less then 35 will be a disappointment to me.

Will The Special Teams Be Special In A Good Way: 
  This is gonna be short and sweet because I hate to think back to all the horrible special teams play. By hiring Ben Kotwika formerly of the New York Jets, this unit is gonna be more disciplined strictly because of his military background and attention to detail .There has already been more emphasis put on special teams play this season, from the draft picks that excelled in college at
Coach Kotwika discussing special teams with
 Larry Micheal on Redskins Nation
special teams. Some of the first players signed in free agency were regarded as special team standouts. Adam Hayworth, Akeem Jordan and Darryl Sharpton were bout in to specifically help this unit. With the unreliable Sav Rocca finally gone and Kai Forbath getting some competition from the seventh round draft pick kicker Zach Hocker the unit is gonna be better just from the improved quality of players and the dedication to special teams play this unit will be better....but it really could it get worse.

Can Practicing Against New England Have a Lasting Impact On The Team:
  This is one of the more intriguing developments of this offseason. Jay Gruden has experience with training with and scrimmaging against another team. Last year while he was offensive coordinator in Cincinnati they had the Atlanta Falcons there before their preseason game for live practice and believed it helped his then team greatly. I just love the fact that an elite team in the NFL will practice against the Redskins who are trying to get to where they are. The added bonus of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady being around and the
Maybe Gruden and RGIII can get on the same page like Brady and Belichick
and have similar successs

players and coaches can see how a proven team practices and handles themselves can only be a plus. This change of pace for the teams by going against other players instead of their teammates will always liven up practice. It helps the coaches grade and evaluate the 90 man roster that they are trying to trim to 53 to make a quality football team that can hopefully make a run to the Super Bowl in 2014.

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   The Name Change Debate and My Two Cents
After winning the NFC East Title and RG III's O.R.O.Y campaign the Redskins and their name was put back in the mainstream media thus making them a target for this name change debate.

         Hail Redskins Nation!!!! It's been a LONG offseason , a LONG time since I've posted and a lot has happened since the end of the dreadful 2013 football season. There has been some good things and some not so good things happen this offseason. Let's get to the not so good first. The Shanahan Era came to a early close after a bad season on and off the field and once again this proud franchise looked like they had no idea how to run a successful operation. I don't feed into all the negative media spin put on the situation I'm just glad we have a new coach with a fresh perspective and looking like a team that is finally headed in the right direction. That leads us to the
Redskins biggest offseason acquisition DeSean Jackson
good parts of the offseason. Hiring a new coach in Jay Gruden, also naming Bruce Allen GM and President of the team, picked up a game breaking wide receiver in DeSean Jackson and in my opinion had a very productive draft. Now generally the good would outweigh the bad but then there's this #NameChangeDebate subject that is putting another dark cloud over this proud franchise and looks like it won't go away or will it... These opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments section or at my twitter handle @TattooedScorpio .
         Now by me being a black man living in America I understand hot button words and phrases that are meant to offend or upset certain groups of people as in the "N" word or the new "R" word. I take the stance when the "N" word comes into play that I'm not one so why am I going to take offense to that word. For the record I have been called that word a time or two before. If you've been on social media or the internet lately and  I'm sure you have, you've seen where this New Jersey woman was calling a black man the "N" word over and over again because he started his car and it startled her kids. Now he could've taken offense and retaliated and got himself in trouble but because he didn't identify himself as the N word he felt no need to go in that direction and didn't feel offended. But that's just my view of it. I just find it funny with the timing of this push for the team to change their name is right after they finally get a franchise QB, win the NFC East and once again thrust on the forefront of the NFL and sports media in general. The 20 plus years that the team has been stuck in mediocrity and spinning it's wheels there was no mention of the name change but once RGIII had the most popular jersey and revenue grew then all of a sudden this topic becomes more important to the Anti-Redskins and Congress. Somehow its more important then raising the minimum wage health care and gun control. Not to mention that one of the lawsuits the Anti-Redskins group has tried was strictly financial. The latest attempt was to strip the trademark infringement designation that is granted to all sports teams to protect their logos and likeness was thrown out. Now the only reason you try something like that is to get financial compensation not to try to change the name because it's offensive.
Offensive maybe????

     I understand that the name does cause some Native Americans a problem but it also gives some Native Americans a source of pride and we all know the saying " Can't please all the people all of the time" but how do you decide who is right or wrong. I would like to speak to some of these folks and ask them what is more offensive? The name Redskins or the Tomahawk Chop that is used as a rallying cry at the MLB's Atlanta Braves and the NCAA's Florida State Seminoles games? Is it more offensive because the Redskins make more revenue then both of those teams combined? What other teams need to change their names: Braves, Indians, Blackhawks, Seminoles ? One word has been said about these other teams changing their names. Has a poll been taken asking if some Native Americans find those depictions and names offensive? Doubt it. None of  them are the 5th highest grossing sports franchise in the world but guess who is???
Offensive or no???

  I have a few options that I believe will either solve this great debate or it will show that truly these Anti-Redskins campaigns are just about one thing and one thing only .....the money. My first suggestion is to just shorten the name to the Skins keep the logo (that's my to hell with them all response). My second suggestion has already been done by the organization, which was to start a foundation to give back to the community that the team is representing and that could definitely use the help. The response was mixed. The politicians and Anti-Redskins folks said that Daniel Snyder and the Redskins were just trying to throw money at the issue which is what they were trying to do with their lawsuit. As for the actual Native Americans that live on the reservations and that are dealing with the issues such as: no running water, no internet access, vehicles to get people to and from the doctors, proper health and medical supplies,books and educational supplies for the under funded schools etc. etc. really loved that their issues and living conditions are finally being addressed. My final solution which I think is best for everyone involved is put a Native American Museum in FedEx Field and give most of proceeds to the Native Americans. The stadium has already been approved for over 20 million dollars in upgrades for the stadium so it makes sense to do it now. By doing this the Native Americans can educate and inform all types of people that come see our beloved team play. I'm not even gonna get into why Congress is involved but I believe that my last solution would be a win win for everyone.

   Once again I state that these are my opinions and views expressed and please feel free to share your thoughts if they are the same as mine or different. Feel free to share and retweet the article. Love all your feedback, support and once again thanks for reading. As always HTTR. More articles to come with mini camp and training camp around the corner.

Let's do it again in 2014 #HTTR
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Thoughts On DeSean Jackson As A Redskin

(Fly, Eagle Fly on the road to D.C.! Image via.)
Back in 2010 I wrote an article about my thoughts on the Redskins trading for another Eagle (Donovan McNabb) and pretty much hit you with every emotion I was feeling at the time.

I'm going to do the same thing here about DeSean Jackson today. More or less, you're getting a why I like the move, why I don't like the move and some concerns I have for the future of the team with DJax on it.

This isn't a doom and gloom post, nor is it a "Redskins finally got the missing piece - Superbowl!!!!" article either. Just some thoughts from a guy who's seen the Redskins make plenty of these big moves over the years and (sadly) get burned by many of them.

Let me be frank and honest here about Jackson: as a football personality, I'm not a big fan. I don't like his attitude on the field and the personality traits shown by the media (contract demands, stories of being late to meetings, threats of holding out and rumored to be just a general pain in the ass at times in the locker room).

But that's me and that's okay. I never was a fan of the crap pulled by guys like Ray Lewis, Terrell Owens, Deion Sanders and Michale Irvin (Ironically, I like T.O., Sanders and Irvin much more now that they aren't playing than I did when they were). But I respected their skills and I'm the same way about Jackson. Jackson has driven me nuts as a opposing fan for years and I'm hoping that now he can drive Eagle fans nuts for the next three seasons. I just won't be buying his jersey -- big deal.

The Pros of Jackson to DC

(Making it look too easy. Image via.)
It's pretty good. Eagle fans will tell you that he's not much and that it's Chip Kelly's scheme that made him so dangerous last year (and Andy Reid in previous years). They'll also tell you the same stuff I mentioned above and that's something that the Redskins will have to deal with.

That said, Jackson can just fly. But it's not straight lined speed. He can run amazingly crisp routes and seem to cut on a dime to either fool the DB as he goes underneath, gives a double move or avoids getting tackled.

Corners have to give him the patented "Carlos Rogers ten yard cushion" because he is such a deep threat, that they and their defensive coordinators don't want to look like fools on TV (see what he did against LaRon Landry and the Redskins secondary a few years back as an example).

Jackson is a #1 WR just like Santana Moss and Steve Smith were in their primes and defenses have to adjust their schemes accordingly to try and limit the damage he does. So what does that mean for a defense that is playing both Jackson and Pierre Garcon (another underrated but true #1 in my opinion, you don't have to be 6'3" and play like Calvin Johnson to be a #1 in the modern NFL.)?

It's going to be a long day.

Play a single deep safety and where do you shade him? Take away Jackson and you have Garcon.  Double both of them and you have Andre Roberts, Santana Moss (if he makes the team) or Jordan Reed burn you down the middle. And every once in a while Aldrick Robinson will go deep if you forgot about him and focus on everybody else.

So let's say teams get smart and stick in dime coverage. Well, then the Redskins run the ball down their throats with Alfred Morris, Roy Helu or RGIII all day.

On paper, the Redskins should be able to score points and Jay Gruden and Sean McVay are smart enough to find ways to get their playmakers the ball.

The Cons (and possibly missed opportunities)

Details on Jackson's contract is out and overall it's not bad. 3 years, 24 million with 16 million guaranteed. Jackson will get paid the 16 million as soon as he signs his contract. That's the only thing I don't like. I really don't like paying a player up front and "locking him in" so to speak. Update: per Mike Jones of The Washington Post, the breakdown of the contract is eight million per year with year one and two being fully guaranteed. This contract means that no matter what happens, it's a guarantee that Jackson will be a Redskin for the next three years.

If Jackson plays close to what he did in 2013, then the deal is fine. But there are major concerns about character. If he pulls an Albert Haynesworth, then the Redskins will be screwed through 2016. This type of deal brings back my mantra of "Same as it ever was" with the Redskins and that is also a concern of the Bruce Allen era. We haven't seen this really during his tenure and I know media will bring up the words "Snyder" and "involvement" (they already have).
(David Byrne you are truly a Zen master.)

So of course you're now going to see media articles claiming Snyder is back to running the show. While I can't confirm or deny this, it bothers me slightly.

What also bothers me is the Why. Why did the Eagles release Jackson? Why did Andy Reid and the Chiefs pass on him? Why didn't the Raiders, 49ers and other teams try to make a bigger play to get him?

Was Chip Kelly's ego too much to deal with a malcontent? I don't believe the gang ties BS. It sounds like garbage to me based on a few people I have talked with on the subject. So why do you let a guy with this talent go so easily? That is a concern.

One last thing. This draft has a ton of WR talent. It looks like The Redskins could have got a starter at #34 with some serious upside and cheap. With two free agent WRs signed plus the re-signing of Moss makes you think that WR is not a priority and the Redskins may not look at one of the deepest areas of the draft to find talent.

Did The Redskins Make The Right Move?

On paper, the early indication is yes. Of course the Redskins tend to overspend in free agency so don't be surprised to hear every media report saying it's a bad deal on the Redskins side. That doesn't bother me anymore.

Of course the Redskins have won this award again, which I hate seeing.
(Great logo lovingly borrowed from Mr. Irrelevant.)
Either way I'm giving a thumbs up on this move. The Redskins were in need of somebody who could be alongside Pierre Garcon. They found that piece in Jackson, who now will put Andre Roberts back in his natural slot role. So the Redskins have shored up the starting WR. corp.

Let's face it, the 'Skins have problems on defense. At this point the offense is going to have to score to keep the team in the game. By adding DeSean Jackson they have made that scenario much easier than it would have been before he was signed.

And..... in the process they weaken the NFCE champion Eagles by grabbing one of their best offensive weapons without blowing draft picks or spending monies that will put them in cap hell.

I'm so glad that we won't have to see this twice a year and instead inflict this on other teams each and every week.