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Is Erick Fedde the pitcher the Nationals needed to solidify its staff?

Even though his numbers don't show it, Erick Fedde has pitched well despite facing two of the tougher lineups in the NL. The Rockies and the Cubs are top 5 in batting and runs, they're the two teams Fedde has faced in his first 2 starts.

 Welcome Nationals fans to my first official article talking Washington Nationals baseball. I'm a football guy but baseball has become one of my favorite sports to watch and talk about, so I figured why not write about my favorite team in the MLB. You can always tune in to Sports On The Hill Podcast every  Monday
night at 7pm est for our Nats coverage, breaking news and highlights. We've talked about the Nationals bullpen issues throughout the whole season. With Rizzo making trades with the Oakland A's and the Minnesota Twins in the last few weeks the backend of the bullpen looks formidable instead of dysfunctional. The key additions of Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle from the A's and Brandon Kintzler of the Twins have given the bullpen 3 options at closer and not to mention Koda Glover will be coming back off the DL soon. Besides the meltdown vs Miami earlier this week (losing a 6-0 lead when mad max left early) the bullpen has been stellar since the dust settled from the trade deadline.

 We all know when you fix one issue another will arise, well the health of the starters are now in question. Joe Ross out for season (tommy john), Stephen Strasburg (pinched nerve in elbow), and Max Scherzer (neck stiffness) have all went down in the last 6 weeks and has some fans and analyst a little worried. That brings up the rookie RHP Erick Fedde, one of the "untouchable" players Mike Rizzo covets and looks to be worth that label. In his 1st 2 starts the rookie has faced the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs, his numbers aren't good, but his pitching was better then the stats show. Gio has pitched outstanding, Tanner Roark is pitching better in the 2nd half of the season so far and Edwin Jackson has had 2 good starts and 1 sub par start in his return to the Nationals pitching staff. I'm not even gonna mention the call up A.J Cole and his inconsistency.

Harper, Murphy,Scherzer,Strasburg, and
Zimmerman for All Star in Miami 2017
 Looking at Fedde's 2nd start vs Chicago it wasn't anything to brag about, 5.1 innings 8 hits, 4 runs with 7 strikeouts and 4 walks. His location for the most part was excellent but he made some
mistakes that Chicago made him pay for with the long ball and timely hitting. The rookie has 4 pitches and has command of most of them, he just has to work on his replicating his mechanics every pitch to become consistent. The fastball, curveball, change-up, slider combo is the same as Strasburg but not as deadly....yet  Going against these powerful lineups will no doubt help the 24 yr old pitcher down the line and in the playoff push the Nationals hope to go on in September. This team has defense, offense, starting pitching, bullpen and the intangibles that make this team dangerous. The series win in Chicago and season series win 4-3 is a huge statement by the Nats. Last year Chicago handled the Nats pretty easily on their improbable World Series run. This come from behind win was a major statement for the possible playoff matchup in the NLDS.

The Nationals have 10 players on the DL right now and once they get healthy that makes this team that much more dangerous and good. The Dodgers have the best record in the NL and look to take on the wildcard team in the playoffs so this win will definitely give the Nats confidence in that possible match up down the road with the Cubs. This week 8/7/2017 our show will be taking a week off but will be back next week with all your latest news, highlights and sports coverage of all your favorite D.C sports teams. If you want to check out last weeks show when we broke down the historic week the Nats had here's the link here: Stay tuned and look out for more articles about the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and maybe even the Wizards....someday. Be sure to follow us on IG and twitter @SportOTHP or you can follow me on Twitter and IG or friend request me on Facebook.  As always thanks for the love and support for our show, network and blog. #StayTuned #SportsOTHP #TruRadioNetwork #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics #OurNetworkIsBetterThenYours

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The Redskins 3-4 Defense Will Prove It's Effectiveness This Season


  Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Training Camp is here and preseason games right around the corner, so you know it's time for me to start writing about our beloved Redskins. If you want to hear about the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, Wizards or any of the D.C sports teams be sure to check out Sports On The Hill Podcast on Monday nights starting at 7pm est. We cover all sports every week and give you only the REAL news and not the gossip or rumors. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics isn't just a catch's what we do. Go check out our social media pages to stay on top of all the latest sports news and highlights or you can check out our website @  You can like our page on Facebook Sports On The Hill Podcast or follow us on Twitter and Instagram is the link from this past Monday's show (RedskinsTalk is about a hour and 5 mins into the show). For years now RedskinsNation has been divided.....not just by the QB debate but 3-4 defense vs 4-3 defense. Being a ex LB and Defensive Coordinator I am a huge fan of the 3-4 and after this season the fan base will be too.
 ICYMI we had our Redskins insider, Bryan "Big Hurt" Carr  of Hurts House on this past week and he gave us things to look for going into training camp,

  The way the NFL is set for high scores, big offensive plays and excitement it also makes it that much more difficult for defenses to play defense. We've seen all the rule changes and ways they set the offense up for success but putting the defenses at a disadvantage. To me ,the 3-4 is the remedy for the offense happy new NFL. The way they protect the QB, allow receivers to gain separation on DBs but any contact initiated by the defender is automatic Pass Interference, and we've all seen when a defender is squared up to make a big hit and the WR ducks or tries to elude the big hit and the defender gets hit with a unnecessary roughness call because the WR tried to avoid the defender....I could go on and on. Now the defenses have to adjust to what the offense does or is doing and try to stop it or atleast slow it down. As we've seen with the vaunted 3-4 Pittsburgh Steelers run, the defense has to make the offense adapt to what the defense is doing. When you change the mindset of a offense you change the whole complexion of the game.

With not knowing who is attacking the gaps or
dropping in coverage the O-line doesn't know until the ball is
snapped, which leads to confusion on blocking
  Redskins fans remember the good ol' days of the 4-3 and the high rankings in the standings, but they seem to forget that those same defenses wilted at the end of games and could not get a stop or turnover at the end of the game to save their lives. Fans and analyst get caught up in stats and rankings but it comes down to the make-up of your defense and matching up or confusing the offense into making a mistake. The 4-3 is more of a bend but don't break defense, you put a man on man and hope your player wins the battle 1 on 1 to force the action. With the 3-4 it's more of a confusion and pressure game. The offense has to figure out who's coming in to blitz or who's dropping in coverage. By doing that it confuses their blocking schemes and timing on plays. As you see in the front 7 alignment they're multiple combinations of defenders that can bring pressure or drop in coverage. With the confusion you get missed assignments which leads to turnovers. Either you get the sack by getting pressure or the QB rushes his throw to avoid pressure and the other defenders are there to capitalize on those mistakes. We witnessed in 2012 the impact of turnovers and how many the defense created the 2012 NFC East Champs when the defense forced 33 turnovers and the team had a NFL best +22 turnover ratio for the season.

Looking at how the team drafted, the defense finally got the attention it deserves after so many offense heavy drafts. Having the 2 studs from Alabama on this new revamped defense will definitely help this inconsistent unit.

  We all know what this team looks like on paper but with the quality additions through the draft and free agency this defense will be much improved from last year. With the hybrid LB/S, that we have on the roster and the more experienced versatile secondary this defense should be able to cause confusion and force turnovers. The front 7 will set the tone for the back end. If the front doesn't get pressure the back end can't make plays, it's as simple as that. With camp just starting and not knowing who the starters are going to be, I can only speculate. The fact that stands out to me is that  the team went out and got younger, stronger, faster and more athletic on defense and now just need to add a playmaker or a playmaker emerges from this talented defense.

As always I'd like to thank my readers, listeners, contributors, and fans for all the love and support. I've been writing for 5 seasons now and been on the air a little over a year and a half, without your love and support we wouldn't be possible. Be sure to check out show Sports On The Hill Podcast Monday nights at 7pm est. You can call in and listen or ask any sports questions or make comments @347.884.9299 or go like our page and get the link to stream the show live on Monday's or listen at your convenience. You can follow me personally on Facebook @ Carroll Porter III or follow me on Twitter @TattooedScorpio/Carroll Porter or follow me on IG @icarrollporter. Stay tuned for more articles and sports content soon. Will be some changes coming to this blog soon so be on the lookout. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics #SportsOTHP #OurNetworkIsBetterThenYours #TruRadioNetwork

Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Draft Report Card

This year will be a pivotal for the Redskins especially the draft class and how they produce. After two seasons of Scot McCloughan calling the shots on draft day, Bruce Allen will be in control of the draft board and the franchises future

 Hail RedskinsNation!!!! Welcome to another season of Redskins football and another year of my report cards, thoughts and observations of this team we all know and love. As always I want to thank you the fans for all the support and love throughout the last 5 seasons. If you've been following the blog and Sports On The Hill Podcast, which airs live Monday nights 7pm-9pm est.You can also check out any of our old shows or my old articles on our website We love seeing our family grow and we have just started our second season. You can follow us on Facebook @ Sports on the Hill Podcast , on Twitter @SportsOTHP , or on Instagram SportsOTHP. You can also follow me, Carroll Porter III or my co host Robbie Gross personally on Facebook and we also have Twitter pages, as you all know my handle is @TattooedScorpio and Robbie's is @eibborssorg. We would also like to announce we will be covering the new AFL team Washington Valor and possibly the Washington Mystics this season and upcoming season.

 This off-season has been....unsettled and defining. The departure of Scot McCloughan and his above average scouting/drafting skills and the still franchise tagged Kirk Cousins has showed some instability. The additions and subtractions on defense has the team looking like it's still using some of the old GM's playbook for addressing free agents and the draft. The fact that this is the first time since 1997 the Redskins drafted defensive players 1-2-3 in the draft has me optimistic for this upcoming season despite all the negative media spin during this past off-season. The team started out with 10 draft picks and drafted 10 players and signed 7 undrafted rookies, I'll just highlight the draft picks here and list the undrafted rookies:
Via Washington Redskins Official Facebook Page

 By now we've seen the results of the draft as pictured above and I hope that RedskinsNation is as pleased as I am. I honestly have to give this draft a B+ from first look at these prospects. The fact that the team drafted 6 defensive/4 offensive players shows that the team finally understands that you need playmakers on defense and offense to compete and win. The first two picks DE Johnathan Allen and OLB Ryan Anderson look to be immediate additions to this talent and youth hungry defense. These two players out of Alabama makes the defense better in the run stop defense and pass rush/pressure. With the OLB position needing a upgrade and the DL, my thought is that Preston Smith may move to DE which will improve the DL with him playing with his hand in the dirt in college and Anderson will be a upgrade from Smith at the OLB position. The third round pick CB Fabian Moreau is a tall CB with good ball tracking skills and good size but only three career INT's in college shows he doesn't have the best hands when he does make a play. He also could be a possible replacement for Bashaud Breeland who is in a contract year. Now to me the X factor of this draft is RB Samaje Perine the 4th round pick. With his combination of size, power, speed and good hands he could really add an explosive power element to this Redskins offense and run game. My only question is his blocking ability but with his size and low center of gravity, I don't think it will be an issue. S Montae Nicholson, the second of 2 fourth round picks was another solid pick for what the defense needs in the secondary. He has size, speed, athleticism, and physicality which are things that unit desperately needs. He got benched for taking bad angles and bad tackling but has turned that weakness into a strength, he's still raw and could've benefited from another year in school but I'm sure the team can get him coached up. The fifth round selection TE Jeremy Sprinkle could be a godsend for this inconsistent redzone offense. He's a huge kid with above average blocking skills and is a big target in the tight confines in goal line situations if needed. The first of the sixth round picks C Chase Rouiller was my most applauded move. The team finally decided to draft a huge lynch pin to this improving offensive line. He's a little raw with only one year of starting at C but could be a upgrade at that position. The big WR Robert Davis was the second of the 6th round picks and could also be a great addition for the red zone with his long wing span and the ability to stretch the field with his speed. The questions on him was the strength of competition he faced. In the seventh round the team went back to addressing the defense with LB/S Josh Harvey-Clemons. He's looking to be used more as a ILB but with combination of hybrid players this team has on defense, no doubt pressure and confusion is the goal of the defense moving forward. With the final selection the Redskins drafted a risky pick with a often injured CB Joshua Holsey. He's a low expectation/high ceiling player, if he's able to rehab this summer and stay healthy he will be a diamond in the rough that could add more size, speed and play making skills to this revamped defense in the near future.We can all agree the team got bigger, faster, and more physical. Now if they could get the dysfunction out of the front office and the local sports media....everything will be right in the D.C. sports world. Here's the undrafted rookies as promised:

James Quick WR- Louisville
Tyler Catalina OL- Georgia
Zach Pascal WR- ODU
Ondre Pipkins DT- Texas Tech
Kyle Kalis OT- Michigan
Mario Yakoo G- Boise State
Fish Smithson S- Kansas
Nico Marley LB- Tulane
Levern Jacobs WR- Maryland
Jameel Jackson DB- Grambling
Cass Weitl DE- Northwest Missouri State
Verlan Hunter WR- Grambling

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Saturday, March 11, 2017


This has been a long time coming I think and the events of the past couple of weeks finally made me get off my ass and decide to write a post.

It's time to say goodbye to It Is What It Is.

Now I could go on and rant about Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, the end of Scot McCloughan's run as the Redskins GM, the Kirk Cousins contract mess and other things but I've said most of that already on my Twitter account and I don't feel like writing another 2-3 pages about power struggles and dysfunction.

The thing is that many Redskins fans have short memories. The Scot McCloughan saga is already being swept under the rug as people realize that Bruce Allen isn't going anywhere and that they might as well start to get ready to learn about the new free agents that will save the franchise (but probably leave us empty and hoping for the next group of saviors in 2018). You can only stay angry for so long before the 'Skins wave something new and shiny at you and all is forgiven........

Face it folks, DC is still a football city and despite other sports doing well in our Nation's Capital, it will remain so barring multiple championships being won by the Nationals, Capitals or Wizards.

Me on the other hand? I've just grown apathetic.

I'm a 1st generation Redskins fan. My mom grew up as a Baltimore Colts fan and then she rooted for the Dan Fouts Chargers. My dad wasn't really into pro football. I started watching the NFL in the early 80's and consider myself a Redskins fan no later than '85 or '86. One of my dreams as a kid was to get season tickets because watching RFK rock was amazing and it was damn near impossible to get tickets to a game.

I continued to try an catch every game that I could as I was growing up despite school and work taking a large portion of my free time.

In 1999, Dan Snyder bought the team. Snyder peaked my interest because he grew up a Redskins fan and was a young guy (in ownership age) when he bought the team. He also seemed to share the passion that I did for seeing the team being a annual contender. In 2001, I got to see my first ever live Redskins game and was hooked. Eventually, I purchased season tickets in 2004.

Also, during this time the internet was starting to really thrive with Redskins message boards and websites dedicated to what was going on with the team.

As time went on, things continued to sour. Poor moves by the team, coaching changes right and left and some very questionable policies made by the team towards its fans slowly started to turn me off. Again, there's no need to go into details. Go look them up yourself if you want.

By the end of the 2013 season, I had given up my season tickets. This blog that at one time I was writing almost 1-2 posts a day had fell into disarray and I had quit all of the 'Skins message boards to rant on Twitter.

There was hope though in 2015 as the team hired an actual football guy in McCloughan and I thought the franchise, it's team president and it's owner finally had figured out how to run a successful football operation. The team had back to back winning seasons in 2015 and 2016. While 9-7 and 8-7-1 aren't great records, this was the first time the Redskins had back to back winning seasons in 20 years.


And now here we are. Blame McCloughan's alcohol problem if you want but it seems like it was more ego than EtOH that ended this situation. Now the team has to rely on Bruce Allen to build the team. Allen, the son of one of the most loved Redskins coaches George Allen, will be always known as the man who was more satisfied with Redskins functions than Redskins football. "Winning off the field" will be his epitaph in DC while his father will always be remembered for "40 men together and you can't lose",  reviving  the rivalry with the Cowboys and making the team relevant on the football field.

It's not that losing Scot has made me mad. It's that I've finally come to the conclusion that the Redskins will probably never be much while Dan Snyder and his people (cronies is a better word) are running the team. Oh sure, we'll have a playoff appearance or two. We might even win one, like we did in 2005. The team will win the division every once in a while but it will not be anything substantial. And every 3-4 years (or less) something will come up and tear down everything that has built the team up. Still not understanding my point? Think RGIII and Mike Shanahan. 2010-2013 overall were pretty mediocre for the Redskins. Yet, 2012 the fans got excited. We went 10-6, won the division and went to the playoffs. Some fans are still living in the 2012 season, despite it's now 2017 and Shanahan and RGIII are both no longer on the roster (nor does either currently have a job in the NFL). You can now start to wonder when the Jay Gruden era is coming to an end? Sure, he was extended to 2020 but I wonder if another 6 win season will give him his pink slip despite being hired by Allen. Of course, this will be Jay's fault and not that of the team president or the owner.

There's still nothing wrong about being a Redskins fan. I consider myself still one. That said, I don't have to spend my money to go to games, buy and wear merchandise, spend hours on Twitter checking transactions or debating with fellow Redskins fans about the most stupid of topics. I now enter the world of casual fandom.

So what now?

Well, there are plenty of blogs out there that cover the Redskins and in some cases do a much better job than I ever did or could do with my time. So find them and check them out. I want to thank again the 12 or so constant readers of the site and all the folks that I've debated over the years on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, the IIWII account will probably be shut down in the next week or two as I set up my new account. I don't plan on leaving Twitter, I just plan on dropping off of Redskins Twitter (mostly) and there is no need to plug a blog that is done.

IIWII at least for the short term will remain up on Blogger. I want Tattooed Scorpio's stuff to remain available to read. I haven't talked to him about this but he is still welcomed to write if he wants and plug his stuff here if it helps his writing career.

So consider me officially retired as a Redskins blogger. Again, thank you for reading this or any of my posts. I hope you enjoyed them and if you didn't I hope you got something out of them.

This is The Burgundy Ghost......aka Walking Deadman signing off.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 11: Observations Of The Redskins Vs Packers

Kirk Cousins and Rob Kelley powered the offense behind a effective O-line and timely play calling. The rout of the Packers was a total team effort for a whole 4 quarters. Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Cowboys will be a big test.

 Hail RedskinsNation!!! It's another #VictoryMonday after a 42-24 blowout of the Green Bay Packers on the prime time stage. The Redskins played in my opinion the most complete game of the season, from the play calling, the execution, and the game plan were flawless. The confidence Jay showed in Kirk throwing the ball in those windy conditions paid off big time. I have been critical of Gruden's football I.Q and coaching ability and of Kirk Cousins being the answer for this team. Last night was a major step for this team and that duo. Jay's gutsy 4th and inches call on the Redskins 40 with 5 mins left was a confidence boost for the team and a feather in his coaching cap. Kirk making the throws he made, the control of the offense, his knowledge of the system and his flawless execution has sold me. All I have to say is "Pay that man his money". The defense played its role in the victory also. Ryan Kerrigan got his 8th sack of the season, Josh Norman had a timely forced fumble late in the game, Chris Baker collapsed the pocket frequently and for long stretches of the game had Green Bay on their heels offensively. Now this game wasn't perfect by any stretch but after exorcising the demons of prime time games, (lost 7 straight prime time games) you won't hear me complain this week. The third game in 12 days will be on Thanksgiving versus the NFC East leading Dallas Cowboys. A victory on Thursday would no doubt let the league and world know that the Redskins are serious and legit. Be sure to tune in for tonight's episode of Sports On The Hill Podcast starting at 7pm est. Will start talking #Redskins at 8pm est, call in at 347-884-9299 or can stream it live  Now for my observations:

The offensive line deserves a game ball. They protected Kirk well, opened up huge holes for Rob Kelley and controlled the line of scrimmage for the duration of the game. With Trent Williams missing his second game Ty Nsekhe stepped up again by containing Clay Matthews. Bill Callahan deserves plenty of credit for turning this inconsistent line into a dominate unit. The run game and pass protection will be key against Dallas. Controlling the clock and grinding it out will be the recipe for success.

Kirk Cousins has sold me. I've been critical of him and watching his progress throughout the season and after last nights performance, I believe he is the quarterback for this team going forward. His knowledge of the offense, command of his team, his calm demeanor, and his attitude are all things we need in a QB. With a victory against the Cowboys, I believe he would have earned his long term deal. I know it's early and making the playoffs matters but this guy is ready to become a top 5 quarterback in this league. His latest viral quote is "How u like me now!!".....well Kirk.....I like you as my quarterback. This is about the time last season when he got in his zone and went on a offensive tear, looks like we should buckle up and enjoy the upcoming ride...starting Thanksgiving.

I believe the Redskins have solved their red zone issues, I say that because of the undrafted rookie Rob Kelley. His three touchdowns in the red zone, ability to gain positive yards, ball security and north/south running style all compliment this offense. His 66 yard run in the fourth quarter just shows how sticking with the run all game will eventually break a big one. Kelley is getting more and more comfortable being the starter. His production is rising along with his carries, his 137 yards last night just solidified him as the starter. He still has to work on his catching out the backfield, but that will come with more touches.

The depth at the WR/TE position on this team should be considered top quality and one of the best in the league. You can list them from DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed, Pierre Garcon, Ryan Grant, Jamison Crowder etc etc. This team is deep with skill, size and game breaking ability. With DeSean and Pierre becoming free agents at the end of the season, I'm not sure if either will re-sign with the team. But you also have to remember Josh Doctson is on IR and has the size and speed to be a quality NFL WR (pending his Achilles healing fully). I would like to see one of them return but with Kirk earning his big payday, it might not be in the cards. With Jordan Reed locked in for the next 5 seasons it makes their possible loss not hurt as bad (matchup wise). This unit will only get better with more field experience, being battle tested and Kirk spreading the ball around to all of these weapons, the sky is the limit for this offense.

The defensive front held its own versus the depleted O-line of the Packers. Chris Baker constantly collapsed the pocket an created pressure and got a sack of the elusive Aaron Rogers along with Ryan Kerrigan. The 2 sacks look low for all the pressure that was created, but Rogers is very pocket savvy and definitely made some folks miss on more then one occasion. As long as the line keeps getting pressure the sacks will come. The defense has holes but are making plays when needed. There's room for improvement but they are growing as a unit.

The linebacker corp is becoming one of the more steady units on this team. From the inside playcaller Will Compton to the outside pressure with Ryan Kerrigan, who is leading the team with 8 sacks. Trent Murphy is quietly having a good season and Preston Smith is finding his way with a increased role. Wit 18.5 sacks between those three shows how dynamic they can be even with holes on this defense. The foundation is there to make the LB group one of the best going forward and in the future. The possibility of Junior Galette's return will only bolster this group. It's a long shot that he can come back from two Achilles injuries but it would be a pleasant surprise.

The secondary has taken injury hits all season but it's been next man up and that's whats been happening. With the quality of depth improving, every player that has come in has stepped up in one way or another. Josh Norman had a crucial forced fumble late n the game to help keep the lead an extend it. Su'a Cravens in his hybrid LB/S role is getting more reps and responsibilities. He made some good impact plays but also had a few rookie mistakes. Bashaud Breeland has been playing better and gaining his confidence back. With the coverage being better it leads to more sacks and the more sacks helps the coverage. The defense is finding that balance and it's showing week in week out. The numbers might not be where fans want them...but on the field is what matters.

 After this victory the Cowboys are the next on the schedule for a classic Thanksgiving Day game at 4:30pm. Should be a epic NFC East battle as always. The Redskins have to get the W after losing in week 2 at home to the division leading Cowboys. If the Redskins want to repeat as NFC East Champs, this win is key for that to happen. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm for our Redskins coverage. Call in and tell us how you feel about this game and Kirk going forward. Can always call in at 347-884-9299 or stream it live and just listen to us here starting at 7pm: . As always #HTTR4LIFE

Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Mid-Season Thoughts

(Josh Norman has been hunting DBs and making his new team be a winner. Image courtesy of RedskinsGraffix. Please check out more work over @RedskinsGraffix)

We're 4-3!!!!

I still have a hard time grasping that concept as I think about the game on Sunday and look back at the first seven games of the season.

Seriously, think about it for a second.

The Washington Redskins have played seven games and have a winning record. Heck, there's a good chance that they enter the BYE week with a 5-3 record. Two games above .500!!!

I know what you're thinking. "So what? We had a winning record in 2015 and 2012."

True. But in both of those season, the Redskins were 3-4  through seven games. The last time the Redskins had a record above .500 through seven, Jim Zorn was the head coach.

Jim F***ing Zorn (Hip, Hip, Hooray!)

Look, it's a pretty big accomplishment. I know the Browns are looking well, like the Browns and the Ravens are having an off year but the Giants and Eagles are playing well at the moment. The NFC East is back and pretty dominant with it being the only division where no team has a losing record. So as we get ready for a London game, let's take a look back at the 2016 season. What has made this team good? What has made this team look dreadful? Where is this team going this year and what's to come in 2017 and beyond? It's time for some Mid-Season analysis Good, Bad and Ugly style.

The Good

1.  Josh Norman
Sometimes when you are trying to change a team's culture from accepting losing to becoming winners, it helps to have someone who knows what it's like to win and what it takes to get there. The Redskins jumped at the chance to get a player like Josh Norman who could bring that attitude to the team. While many in the national media (and non-Redskins fans) claimed that this was another classic Dan Snyder move, the 'Skins fans trusted the wisdom of GM Scot McCloughan and rarely has Scot made a wrong move in his tenure.

Norman has gotten into the heads of some of the best WRs currently in the game. He has made an impact on the field whether he's covering a player or stripping out a ball. Teams do have to game plan for him and it's clear that he makes his teammates around him better. I love the chip on his shoulder and despite being hounded by the NFL each and every week, he brings a flare to the game that makes it fun to watch.

2. Halftime Adjustments
When I think of Joe Gibbs as a coach, the first thing I think of is his ability to make adjustments in a game. It was damn near impossible to beat Gibbs 1.0 teams once they figured out your game plan and how to counter it. What always drove me nuts about Mike/Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett was their inability to make in-game changes (if they did, I sure didn't notice them). I would have said the same things about Jay Gruden and his coaching staff, but that's not the case anymore.

They make adjustments and it is noticeable. In their four wins, the defense came out and held the opposing offenses to no touchdowns. A perfect example of an offensive adjustment was last week when the coaches noticed the Detroit DEs crashing in on every play. They called a read option run between the RB and Kirk Cousins late it the 4th quarter while trailing. Cousins kept the ball, fooling the DE who tackled the RB. This lead to Cousins running practically untouched for a 19 yard TD, giving the Redskins the lead.

Jay Gruden has improved as a head coach. The players like him and fight hard for him. Most importantly, I think he's starting to master the little nuances of the game. He's become a pretty good coach so far ( I can't say great just yet or the Gruden haters out there on Twitter will crucify me) and I look forward to his and the other coaches progress as the season continues.

3. Trent Murphy
If I had told you that Trent Murphy would be tied for 5th in the league with sacks, would you have laughed at me a few months ago? I probably would have. That however, is the case as Murphy is tied with a few others (including our own Ryan Kerrigan) with six sacks.

When the Redskins announced during the off season that Murphy was going to put on some weight and move inside to DE, myself and other fans thought that this would be a good move as Murphy is more of a power guy with height than a speedy, pass rushing OLB. Murphy, then had to make the transition back to OLB after Junior Gallette had a season ending injury for a second year in a row.

While fans started shaking their heads, Murphy dominated. Not only did he lead the team in sacks until week six (Ryan Kerrigan tied Murphy during last week's game vs. the Lions), but Murphy has had a solid season as a containing run stuffer and tackler. It took a couple of seasons, but Murphy is turning out to be a highly valuable player from the 2014 draft.

4. Next Man Up
Will Blackmon, Vernon Davis, Spencer Long, Ty Nsekhe are just a few names of players who have had to step up and play significant roles for the team this year. Most of the players listed were not week one starters, but have come into those roles and shined because of need. Injuries happen in the NFL and the Redskins have been plagued with them. Despite this, the team appears to finally have the depth to make up for most of the losses. Credit the front office and GM Scot McCloughan for finding free agents that can start if needed and drafting players that can at least provide depth in their rookie years.

The irony of having the "next man up" mentality has been that some of the backups have played better than the starters that were ahead of them. I'll let the readers come to those conclusions, but I can think of at least 2-3 positions that are better now than they were a few weeks ago.

5. Hogs 2.0
It's nice to have an offensive line that can pass block but is big enough to drive defensive players off the ball enough to get one or two yards when they need it (usually). The run game isn't exactly where I'd like to see it (I'm from the Joe Gibbs era of football, so I expect the team to pound it for 150 yards or more a game) but it has gotten much better. I'd love to see more games like we did against the Eagles this year.

Without a doubt, Trent Williams is the best OL in the league. Moving over to play LG when injuries occurred, a position he had never played before, and dominated. I also really like the youth that is on the line with Long, Scherff and Moses. There is a great deal of depth on the OL and hopefully this will be a strong unit for years to come with the talent on the roster and great coaching by Bill Callahan.

6. Cousins' Confidence
Kirk Cousins has not had the stellar run this season like he had in the final 10 games last season, but he has done things that he couldn't do in the past. Cousins has beat winning teams as a starter, teams that are likely to keep their winning records by the end of the season. He also has gone against some of the better QBs in the league and has fared well against them. Is Kirk perfect? No. Does he have work to do to get better? Even Kirk says yes.

However, Cousins seems to fit well and understand the Gruden/McVay scheme pretty well. As long as the team continues to build around him, Cousins should be able to lead this team to many victories.

7. No Drama
Well, except for some issues with ESPN blowhard Stephen A. Smith, it's been pretty quiet at Redskins Park this season. Yes, there has been some commentary by Chris Baker and Ricky Jean Francois questioning Joe Barry's play calling. However, fans have been doing the same thing all season long. It's nice to have little to no controversy happening daily. Maybe there finally has been a culture change with the franchise.

The Bad

1. Injuries
The Redskins have about 10 players currently on IR. Of those, 5 were originally supposed to be starters. Another big name on this list is 1st round pick Josh Doctson. The good news is that most of these injuries are just unavoidable. The ironic thing is that many of the players filling in have played better than the original starters. This makes me wonder about talent evaluation from the coaches and front office.

2. Joe Barry and His Defense
The defense has improved a great deal during the four game win streak. They even looked pretty decent for most of the Detroit game. That said, I'm still not sold on a one gap 3-4 scheme that is primarily a 4-3 because the team runs mostly in nickle packages. I'm still not convinced that the team currently has the players to run this scheme. Also, I know the draft is about the Best Player Available but it will be crucial for the team to focus on defensive talent in the 2017 draft.

3. Matt Jones
Matt Jones averages 1 fumble per 30 carries. That is just unacceptable for a player drafted in the 3rd round who has been given the starting job. What's worse is that Jones is a big back that should be plowing through defenders. Instead, Jones stops his feet, tries to cut and juke away from defenders and generally is stopped. Other backs on the roster keep driving their feet and plow through players when needed. Even a smaller back with a history of injuries, Chris Thompson, plays more like a power runner than Jones. It's very frustrating because you see flashes of potential followed by fumbles and poor running.

4. Kirk's Inconsistencies 
Kirk has not made it easy to support a long term deal during the first seven games. While his numbers are good in some categories and great in others, he has left a great deal of plays and points on the field. For almost three straight weeks, he threw the same interception to the same spot. Kirk has more work to do to be that 20 million/ year caliber QB.

5. Clock Management
It's gotten better over the last seven weeks, but there have still be questions on use of timeouts and stopping the clock sooner than later.

The Ugly

- Sadly, I don't the the offense has come close to scratching the surface of its potential. The Eagles game was not a fluke or a bad performance by Philadelphia. That is what the Redskins offense should look like when things are clicking and working.

- I'm not worried about Josh Doctson as much as others. Nor am I upset that Scot took him with the 1st round pick. People forget that it's likely that both Garcon and Jackson could be gone by 2017. Doctson is a type of WR that fits the Redskins offensive scheme. But the 'Skins really need to get some upgrades on defense in the off season.

- Still torn about Kirk's future and a long term deal. Is Kirk worth 20 million/year? I really don't think so at this point. Will Kirk get 20 million/year somewhere? Yes. So the biggest question is whether the Redskins should be that team to spend the money or do you start over with a new player. The ramifications are significant on either move.

- Can this team win 10 games this year? Yeah, I actually think it is possible. On the remaining schedule, Dallas is the strongest team. Everybody else has some weaknesses that can be exploited by the Redskins. Weird thing is that a 10-6 record may not win the NFC East in 2016.

Team MVPs So Far

Offense- Trent Williams
Defense- Josh Norman
Special Teams- Dustin Hopkins

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week Seven: Observations Of The Redskins vs Lions

This was a game of missed opportunities and missed calls left the Redskins a little short of extending their winning streak. Here's a screenshot of the hold that wasn't called on the 53 yard completion that helped swing the momentum of the game in the 2nd quarter. 

 Hail RedskinsNation!! After playing a game of missed opportunities, the Redskins came up just a bit short of extending to a five game winning streak. Last week I questioned Jay Gruden's football I.Q after a win and this week after a loss of a winnable game...... My questions and criticisms stem from the lack of running out of the two TE formation, not giving Robert Kelly more touches and not finding ways to get DeSean Jackson the ball. Philly got him the ball in so many different ways for him to make an impact yet the Redskins only try to get him the ball deep. Last week the team put up over 200 yards of rushing offense, yet only ran out of the two TE formation 10 of 29 rushes. The run:pass ratio last week was split 50/50 (34 pass/33 rush), this week it was 39 passes to 29 rushes and had a 10 minute advantage in time of possession. The team had a 10 minute advantage again this week but the two turnovers, Detroit's ability to be diverse with their offense by using misdirection, screens, a few lucky bounces and Drew Stafford's ability to buy time with his feet.. The loss of Josh Norman and Bashaud Breeland on the final drive of the game didn't help the defense either. The costly fumbles by Matt Jones (1 lost, 1 recovered)  and Kirk Cousins (1 lost) can not happen and swings momentum in close games like it did in this one. Now I've stated several times in previous articles, I don't blame the refs for wins and losses. Now that doesn't mean that they don't effect the outcome of a series or a game. The 53 yard completion that Josh Norman got hurt on, there was a blatant hold by the right tackle of Ryan Kerrigan, yet no call and a big play and momentum swing. It wasn't all bad yesterday, but like I stated earlier this season, this team is improving but can't afford penalties and turnovers and expect to win on a regular basis. Be sure to tune in to Sports On The Hill Podcast tonight at 7pm est to give your thoughts on the game or my observations of the game.You can call in at 347-884-9299 or stream it live: . Start talking Redskins and football around 8pm est. Now let's get to the observations:

 Kirk Cousins looked good in some spots but in other situations...not so much. His ball placement when throwing away from him with a trail defender isn't as accuarte and he tends to throw low of behind. This slows down the receiver either having to wait for the ball or adjust to it and allows them to get caught and limit the yards after catch. Other then that and the fumble he had a decent game returning home, just wish the team got the W.

 Chris Thompson is finally showing his full potential after his first couple of injury plagued seasons. He led the team in rushes and yards, that's not good to lead in rushes when you have two 200 plus pound backs to be bruisers and wear down the opposing defense. For some reason he stops running and passing out of the two TE set that the team had so much success in the running and play action passing game. Matt Jones fumbling issues should open the door for rookie Robert Kelly to get more touches.The rookie scored his first NFL touchdown yesterday on a 1 yard TD catch in the third quarter.

The offensive line is playing well even with the occasional injury. This week it was Brandon Schreff going down with a apparent shoulder injury but he later returned. I wrote about Shawn Lavauo and him having to step up his run blocking.....well he needs to step it up again. I feel he is the weak link in this unit and he's aided by being beside Trent Williams (MRI scheduled for today his knee). If either can't go next week in London, it will be yet another chance for someone to step up and help this team win.

With Jordan Reed out for a second game, Vernon Davis and Jamison Crowder have been huge. Crowder had his first 100 yard receiving day of the season and made some great catches. Vernon Davis blocking has helped with the injuries to the O-line and being a safety blanket for Kirk in the passing game. With Vernon playing well and Niles Paul contributing when he gets the chance on offense, why isn't Jay using this formation more like he did last week. That's where I question his football I.Q. Including getting DeSean some screens, slants or atleast some quick hitter plays to get this game changer the ball in his hands. Pierre as always made some tough catches in the game to help move the chains.

 The front seven got inconsistent pressure on Drew Stafford but did get three sacks. But at some times during the game I counted him having almost six seconds to throw the ball. But by saying that you have to give credit for the secondary for playing solid coverage, if not this game would've been a real shootout. Trent Murphy is having a great start to his season, Ryan Kerrigan manhandled the RT for his sack and Preston Smith just showed determination with his sack. Still need a big man in the middle to consistently get push and pressure. Few times the LBs didn't stay gap disciplined and that's what aided Stafford's scrambling by running there they were supposed to be but weren't. The sack fumble by Trent showed the ball just wasn't bouncing the Redskins way yesterday, like it was the previous four weeks.

The LBs, ILB and OLB played well but didn't get the stop or the key turnover the team needed to win this game. The play calling of the Detroit offense had them on their heels with all the misdirection plays, screens, quick throws etc etc. Jay Gruden needs to take tips from the their offensive coordinator on mixing up his play calls. The OLB's got all three sacks which is what you want but the lack of consistent pressure kept the Lions in the game. I showed the holding call that didn't get called which also aided the lions, but the team can't control that.

The secondary played well for the most part, except for the failed int attempts. On two separate crucial times in the game the DBs had a chance to take the ball away but failed to do so. With the Lions offense sputtering, losing Breeland and Norman late in the game really made the difference. The TD throw was a perfect pass to Anquan Boldin but before that 18 yard TD catch he had 2 catches for 10 yards. The safeties have been playing week together. Since Duke and Will have been the safety duo the secondary as a whole has stepped up. The defense gave up it's first touchdown after 25 straight series. That's an impressive stat for any defense. Just have to find a way to create more consistent pressure.

For the second week in a row the special teams weren't special. Dustin Hopkins missed a make able FG. The team already had to overcome a 10 point swing with fumble on almost a sure TD drive into 3 points for the Lions. Hopefully next week against Cincinnati in London the unit will be special for all the right reasons and helps the team win and get another streak going.

At (4-3) this next game is huge. Cincinnati coning off a beatdown of the Browns and a chance for the Redskins to go into the bye week 2 games above .500 would be a great way to start the second half of the season. As always thanks for reading and sharing. Don't forget to tune in, call in or stream it live starting at 7pm est and talking Redskins starting at 8pm est. Be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @SportsOTHP. Thanks for all the support for my blog and Sports On The Hill Podcast. Just got in Sports On The Hill T-shirts. Show some love for the D.C sports teams and help support our show. White, Grey available now Black coming soon. Inbox me on Facebook at Carroll Porter III or on twitter @TattooedScorpio #HTTR

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week Six: Observations of the Redskins vs Eagles

From the  first snap of the ball the Redskins defense was all over the rookie Carson Wentz and made him look like one.

 Hail RedskinsNation!!!!! It's the fourth #VictoryMonday for the Washington Redskins and a second division win. At (4-2) the team is in second place and ahead of most analyst predictions. Yesterday's game was the most complete the Redskins have played all season. Steady improvement and progress are helping make this team look like the NFC East defending champs. Jay Gruden almost found a way to give the game away, like he did the momentum of the 2nd quarter. I'm starting to question his football I.Q. In the second quarter after the kickoff return by Philly after a excessive celebration penalty by Vernon Davis which put the Redskins up 14-0. The offense had just run the ball down the Eagles throat, just returned a kick so the defense wasn't rested and what does Gruden do....comes out passing. This helps the Eagles defense out so they can just pass rush instead of trying to stop the run. Philly having no choice but to blitz and it pays off by forcing Kirk out the pocket and making a ill advised throw which turned into a Pick-6 and a tie ball game. After that the offense went back to running the ball and the end result was 230 yards rushing as a team and Matt Jones had his second 100 yard game of the season. As I've been stating the last few weeks about Joe Barry and his defense, they've been playing well but the stats didn't back it up....well yesterday the performance and stats backed it up. Giving up under 100 yards rushing, under 200 yards passing and 5 sacks says alot. The Eagles offense was top 5 coming into this week....I have a feeling it wont be after this game. Be sure to tune into Sports On The Hill Podcast tonight at 7pm est as we start off talking #Capitals, #Wizards and recap the Redskins game starting at 8pm est. You can call in to listen or to give your feedback at 347-884-9299 or can stream it live here . Now let's get to my observations:

Kirk Cousins is improving in his confidence and commanding the offense but he still makes the bad decision in a crucial situations occasionally. The pick 6 could've been the beginning of the end but I enjoyed seeing him brush it off and step up after that mistake. With the schedule getting tougher he will have to limit and eliminate those mistakes going forward. He made some impressive throws in tight windows but didn't try to force the issue which is when he gets in trouble. Still haven't connected long with DeSean Jackson but it's only a matter of time.

Since Spencer Long has taken over at center you can see and improvement in protection and run blocking. Shawn Lauvao has got to get more consistent at LG. I constantly see him on the ground or getting pushed into the backfield. He's a great pulling guard, that's when he's on the move and coming around and sealing the edge but straight up run blocking needs improvement. Once again you have to give credit to Bill Callahan for his stellar work improving this offensive line.

 The wide receiving corp was supposed to be one of the stronger units on this team this year and it's proving to be true. With Jordan Reed out there was more pressure on the WRs to perform and they answered the call. Jamison Crowder is becoming a real weapon in the slot with teams doubling DeSean Jackson and zoning Pierre Garcon. Kirk and D Jax working on their timing but was still a bit off on the deep pass that should've been a TD. All in all this unit is becoming one of the best in the league.

 With 34 passes and 33 rushed Jay finally learned what balance is. Even if you don't get the big hitters early, you have to stick with it to wear the defense down. In the second quarter he got away from it but quickly realized in the third quarter once Philly had gotten back in the game.It definitely got the best out of Matt Jones with 16 carries for 135 yards and a TD. His best run was also his longest of the day, a 57 yard gain on a 3rd and 7 to seal the game in the fourth with a minute left to seal the victory.

 With Jordan Reed out there was a big void (25% of the passing offense) and someone was needed to step up in the passing game and the running game to take some of the pressure off of Kirk. Vernon Davis stepped up with two huge catches for 50 yards and a TD. Both catches were just what the offense needed at the time. Robert Kelly is pushing Matt Jones to be better and I've been saying since
preseason that Kelly would be the starting back this year. Matt is not going to let that happen without putting up a fight as we saw. Kelly's 59 yards on five carries certainly wore up the Eagles and woke up Matt. The 45 yard long was a great effort run and shows how hard "Fat Rob" is to bring down once he gets going.

The front seven has been most impressive over the last two weeks by getting pressure, collapsing the pocket and actually getting to the quarterback. Trent Murphy is making a statement this year and I like what he's saying. I wrote earlier in the year that if he didn't start showing improvement in getting to the QB or even getting pressure he could be labeled a bust and wouldn't be resigned when his contract was up. He's startring to look like a 2nd round pick. Ziggy Hood is looking to be a great signing. His experience, leadership and work ethic are showing in his results.His impact might not show up on his stat line but it shows up on the field. With 5 sacks as a defense with pieces missing, imagine when the defense gets the other pieces back.

 The ILB corp has been solid in pass coverage, stopping the run and being in the right alignments which is very key for the whole defense to be successful. Will Compton is proving why he's the captain and play caller. Mason Foster has fit in seamlessly and the OLB's are doing their thing
wreaking havoc and causing confusion. Preston Smith got his first sack of the season, if he can get locked in he can help this defense become even more effective. Ryan Kerrigan had a 2 1/2 sack day abusing the rookie RT and forcing the Eagles to keep a RB or TE on that side to chip him to slow him down.

Joe Barry has finally got his scheme and play-calling right after all the injuries and substitutions have been figured out. In case fans didn't notice it's been 6 straight quarters without a offensive touchdown and 3 straight games of not allowing a TD in the second half. Fans were calling for his firing and now look at this unit. It's a marathon not a sprint and Joe Barry is showing why he deserves this job. The tackling has also improved. Still room to get better, but definitely improving week to week.

                                                                             The secondary has been playing well the last two weeks shutting down the opposing WRs, The competition hasn't been elite but the fact that they shut them down shows how talented they are. Bashaud Breeland came back this week which put most players back in their usual roles which is why I believe the unit looked and played so well yesterday. Josh Norman playing with a soft cast on the hand that he hurt last week vs the Ravens. The safety combo of Duke Ihenacho and Will Blackmon are working well as a tandem and will only improve when Su'a Cravens comes back from concussion protocol.

The special teams unit gave up a kickoff return for touchdown but for the most part was solid. The excessive celebration penalty forced Dustin Hopkins to kickoff from the 20 instead of the 35 which led to shorter kick which got returned. Hopkins hit a 50 yarder to extend the back to 10 to help keep the Eagles comeback at bay.

 Next week is a winnable game in my opinion and going on the road is always a challenge but Detroit has a good team but the Redskins are better. Be sure to go follow @SportsOTHP on twitter, Sports On The Hill Podcast page on Facebook or go check out our website for my blogs and a archive of our shows. You can call in at 347-884-9299 to listen live or call in and give your opinion or feedback on my articles or any DC sports team starting at 7pm est.. We cover it all. "DC sports without the politics "You can stream the show live at 7pm est here:     #HTTR4LIFE

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week Five: Observations Of The Redskins vs Ravens game

Jamison Crowder made my prediction of a special teams TD come true with a 85 yard punt return. Special teams once was a  weakness for this team but now it's becoming a asset thanks to Coach Ben Kotwika.

Hail RedskinsNation!!! It's #VictoryMonday for the third week in a row. Unfortunately I was under the weather last Victory Monday and couldn't get out my observations. I wanna thank all of RedskinsNation for the well wishes and prayers. Sunday was a big day for the Redskins and the Nationals. Redskins beat a winning team and are now over .500 and the Nationals evened the series with the Dodgers 1-1 heading to LA for two. The Capitals even had a shut out it's final preseason game 4-0. This was another ugly win for the Redskins but a win is a win. The offense has looked much more consistent with Sean McVay calling plays from the box up top but the lack of offensive balance is still an issue. The ratio of 41 passes to 22 rushes is usually a recipe for disaster but with the special teams making huge contributions, the team was able to be victorious. One thing that gets me about RedskinsNation is that we don't know how to handle success. The defense may not be lights out or rank in the top 10 in any category but the name of the game is scoring not rankings. The last three games the defense has made adjustments at halftime that shut down the other team. Next week is a HUGE match-up with the Eagles and we will discuss that and this game plus more on Sports On The Hill Podcast at 7pm Est Monday night by streaming it live here or calling in at 347-884-9299. Now here are my observations from this latest victory:

The offense was once again dominated in the early going, on the field and time of possession. It took until the 3rd quarter until the offense found some type of rhythm.

Spencer Long playing center the last two weeks seems to solidified the middle of the offensive line. Only giving up one sack (which was on the qb) and controlling the line of scrimmage....for the most part.

Matt Jones lost another fumble on Sunday. It's only his second lost fumble of the season but he can not continue to put the ball on the turf. Robert Kelly needs to get more touches to show what he can do.

The three TE set should be utilized more in the play action passing game along with the running game. With the talent and speed at the TE position, it's a match-up nightmare especially with DeSean Jackson on the outside.

Chris Thompson has finally learned how to stay healthy and becoming a steady contributor to the passing, running and blocking game. He's turning into a smaller version of Clinton Portis. Clinton was one of the best at picking up the blitz and Thompson is developing into a quality all around back,

The defensive front caused havoc on the Ravens injured offensive line. Coach Harbaugh made one of the bonehead coaching decision of the game before halftime by taking a timeout with one second left with no chance of scoring, The play led to a sack and injury to another lineman which put them in a bad position for the rest of the game.

Ziggy Hood and Trent Murphy stepped up big time this game. Now with Ryan Kerrigan lining up on the left side, he is now going up against the best lineman and not getting the numbers he was on the other side. This is the same thing I spoke bout when Brian Orakpo was on that same side of the line when he was here.Have to move your OLB's around to make it harder on the O-lineman to pickup the blitzers.

The safety tandem of Duke Ihenacho and Will Blackmon played superbly together. With 11 tackles combined and solid coverage all day, you have to be pleased at the way they stepped up.

The ILB's Will Compton and Mason Foster are also working well together, at the point of attack and in coverage. They combined for 16 tackles with three for loss. Will Compton made a hell of a play in coverage that the refs called pass interference. He's been one of my favorite players since we signed him.

The tackling was much better this game but still needs improvement. As a unit they have to sure up the middle of the defensive line but the team is leading the league in forced fumbles. Joe Barry is doing a hell of a job with all the missing bodies and second half adjustments.

Special teams has been very impressive the last few weeks, Executing fake punts, hitting long field goals, pinning teams deep and now returning punts for touchdowns. Will Blackmon had a 45 yard kickoff return and Jamison Crowder started the scoring with a 85 yard punt return touchdown. That ended the longest streak in the NFL without a punt return TD. If you read my previous article after the Giants game....I predicted a special teams TD.

 This is one of my favorite times of year. Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and soon to be Wizards. Be sure to read my observations here and hear Robbie and myself talk about all DC pro sports teams on Monday nights starting at 7pm Est. You can call in at 347-884-9299 or just listen. Go like Sports On The Hill Podcast page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @SportsOTHP for the link to stream the show live. As always #HTTR4IFE #dcRising and hope to hear from you tonight.