Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Love for the Predator

So the Associated Press announced the winner of the 2008 Rookie Defensive Player of the Year award and it goes to none other than New England's Jerod Mayo. Congratulations goes out to the rookie linebacker who had 128 tackles and 1 forced fumble.

But I have an issue with the voting. First, there are 50 votes made by various AP voters (unknown to us the fans I suppose). Second, Mayo received 49 of the 50 votes with the 1 non-Mayo vote going to Bengal's LB Keith Rivers.


(Not even 1 vote!!!! That just sucks AP)

Ok, let's look at The Predator's numbers from this year: 76 tackles, 3 INTs and a sack. Keith Rivers only had 37 tackles, 1 FF and 1 INT and he got at least one vote. Yet no votes for Horton? Let's not forget that Chris Horton was drafted in the 7th round (#249 overall) compared to Mayo and Rivers' first round selections (#10 and #9 overall). The fact that Horton made the team alone, became a starter and then put up pretty decent numbers should get him some sort of credit. You expect first rounders to be starters and be productive (if not they're called BUSTS). You hope that a seventh rounder is good enough to make the roster, play well enough on teams to keep a spot and possibly develop into a depth player who could fill in as a starter for a game or two if needed. What Horton has done in 2008 is pretty impressive.

I'm not saying that Horton should be the RDPotY, Mayo had a great season and deserves the honor. What I am saying is that I think it's a travesty that Horton didn't get at least one lousy vote.

But don't worry Chris......if it matters I just want to let you know that you are IIWII's Redskins Rookie of the Year for 2008 (other awards announced later today). So congratulations and here's hoping that 2009 will be as successful (if not better) for you and the Redskins.

Vinny Speaks....we learn very little

Vinny Cerrato our officially unofficial General Manager (actual title: Executive Vice President/Football Operations) addressed the media today and we got about what you'd expect from a GM especially right after your season ends. Basically, nothing more than a time table of evaluations and that the Redskins pick at the 13th spot in the 2009 draft.
Matt Terl over at the Redskins Blog does a great question by question breakdown and Vinny's responses of the press conference.
A few things of note that I found interesting:
  1. He currently doesn't know what is the team's biggest need (Note: He pre-empted said comment that the Skins are still in the evaluation process of each player and unit).
  2. He still thinks that there are starters in our draft class beyond Chris Horton and mentioned Kareem Moore and Rob Jackson in particular as guys who will contribute more next season.
  3. He's not disappointed in the year one progress of rookie WRs Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly. Notably b/c injuries set both of them back as they missed large portions of OTAs and training camp.
  4. The Redskins need to win more at home. 4-4 is unacceptable and that in order to make the playoffs you need to be at least 6-2 at home and 4-4 on the road.
Hmmm......who said in his 1st post on this very blog that the goal for home record is 6-2 or better? And no, I don't work for the Redskins, know Vinny Cerrato personally or am in fact Vinny Cerrato. Plus, you have tickets to sell. And if the Skins don't win at home, why waste the money, travel time and effort of going to home games?

As for needs....I think it's pretty simple. FIX THE LINES!!!!!! Now who needs to go, stay, or improve and who needs to be added, drafted.....that needs to be evaluated. But can I throw in my fan skills and put my vote in already for Duke Robinson (OG, Oklahoma) as our 1st rounder. For the third year in a row, I'm suggesting the Skins address the O and D-lines (I wanted the past 3 years: 2007- Amobi Okoye, 2008- Branden Albert and 2009- an O or D Lineman). Now will they do it? Who knows. I'll have more breakdowns on what I think we need to address and who we should go after as we get closer to the draft.

As for the rookies, generally except for the Durrant Brooks experiment I'm not that disappointed either. I really didn't expect much from Thomas this year (even though I think he has elite WR potential) because he is so green. Davis (I still question this pick, not on the player but of the need) is behind Cooley (who had another great year). Kelly had problems getting healthy (which questions the evaluation of the Redskins FO) and thus when healthy, was way behind the learning curve. Rinehart never played and should be at minimal depth in 2009. Tryon made the team and looked ok as a special teamer in the regular season, but looked horrible as a corner in preseason. Brennan looked great in the preseason and has his own cult following at many of the Redskins fan sites. Moore and Jackson both played in the regular season if only in small depth roles or on special teams. Chris Horton (our last pick in the 7th round BTW), not only made the roster but now is our starter at FS and is arguably a top candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

It's hard to really give Vinny a full grade as how he's been as "The" GM now (with no Gibbs or Snyder *supposedly* getting a vote on the final move) since there are alot of incomplete marks and unknowns with some of the moves but one can only judge by wins right now and that means a C to me since we went 8-8.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

With 2009 almost here in a mere 26 hours.....IIWII decided to take a look back and celebrate with some of players of the NFL as we welcome the new year.

So have fun, drink plenty and have somebody to drive your silly drunk-self home.
IIWII will be up and running during New Year's Day (hopefully not too hung over) with some more stuff about the Skins and the NFL.

Now the pics:

One of my all time favorites

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I Left ExtremeSkins......

Some of the one or two people that visits the blog here may be posters at the official message board of the Redskins: aka ExtremeSkins.

First, welcome.
Second, you may have saw my signature over at ES basically saying: "I have left ExtremeSkins please visit my blog".
So do you want to know the juicy, dirty secrets as to why I left?
Was it the evil Mods forcing me out? Dan Snyder maybe?


Are you sure you really want to know?

Ok, here it is:
I got tired and decided to move on.
Nothing much more than that.
I never had any real problems with any of the MODS at ES during my 4+ years there. Nor, was I much of a problem either (I think maybe once Pete warned me for going too far on a post and I think I had one thread closed by Die Hard for complaining about Lavar Arrington).
But as time moves on things change, people come and go and well, it was my time.
I got really tired of textually sparring with fellow frustrated Redskins fans when no matter who was right, it wouldn't change anything.

Welcome to the world of the message board right?

Plus, I got tired of defending the Skins to Skins fans and becoming a stereotypical "blind homer".
Trust me, this team drives me crazy.......literally pull hair out of my head, throw stuff across the room, scream at the refs/tv announcers crazy. And there have been many times that like others, I have been bitter about the drought this team has gone through for almost 20 years. But yet, on ES I felt like I was becoming the Redskins PR guy to some of the other posters defending/supporting players, coaches and ownership.
As I told one of the MODs on my intention of leaving:

"'Cause I'll probably just get banned here anyway and I'd rather go out like
this than via the ban hammer."

Yep, banned for getting in a text war with somebody I really don't know.....kinda stupid, huh?

And I was wasting alot, I mean ALOT of time at's like crack to the Redskins football junkie. Instead, I started IIWII- started to catch up on some reading (reading Criminal Macabre stories by Steve Niles), work on my comic collection (there will be a entry on that one day) that had been neglected and just do other stuff.

So that's the story....pretty boring. Not really TMZ worthy.

As for ES, I probably will pop on there now and then and lurk or maybe PM a few people from time to time- but I don't plan on being an active member again anytime soon.

Thanks for reading and I wish all of the ESers well.....HTTR.

I have to watch the Skins/49ers game, but I plan on doing a commentary on that soon (Monday) and I still plan on doing a post about SnyderNomics and a year in review for the 2008 Redskins (and the rest of the NFL).

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Battle for the Cowl teasers:

DC loves to tease it's fans about upcoming storylines. It's normally a fun way to allow fans to guess what may happen in the storyline based on the clues that are in the pics.

So I present to you the next teaser images for the upcoming Battle for the Cowl storyline:
(I did get the images from a thread at comic bloc)

In Color (official advertisement):

and the non-colorized version:

My Take on what I'm seeing:
1. Robin on the far left appears to be Tim Drake (aka Robin 3, or the current Robin). Note the Bo Staff and the costume (it looks similar to the costume Bats wore when he met Tim).

2. Look at the Joker's Card. Note the Inverted J.......
Now may I remind you: Post Knightfall the Joker was still the Joker. He kidnapped some Hollywood producers to make a Joker movie and he was confronted by AzBats (see Knightquest arc in Detective Comics done by Dixon and Nolan). During this story the Joker went ballistic wanting to know where the real Batman was........then there was the "Going Sane" story in LotDK where the Joker had thought he killed Batman in a bomb explosion and well....went sane and became a "normal" man named Joe Kerr.
So does the Joker think Batman really is dead? And what will it do to him?

3. Alfred as James Bond? Well, not really but he is rumored to become the field leader of the current Outsiders team.

4. Batman in Center- is probably Dick Grayson (Nightwing, aka Robin #1). It just makes sense and others on some of the message boards have suggested that the belt is the same one Dick Grayson wore as Red Robin in the Kingdom Come mini-series.

5. Bat-suit/Cape and Cowl- So is Batman really dead? This was done for Jason Todd's (Robin #2) costume after he was killed at the hands of the Joker (and stayed dead for about 20 years).

6. The Giant Penny- Notice somebody/something has cut three lines into it highlighting the letters D, E, R. Now maybe its a reference to the outsiDERs. Maybe if reversed it spells RED. Heck, maybe it's supposed to be DRE. So maybe Dr. DRE' is coming to the DCU? And the three slices? The standing joke is that Wolverine made it.

7. The inverted-Batman: Look at the B&W picture in particular.......notice the face. Remind you of somebody? I won't give it away here, but here's two hints: He just recently filled in for Batman as Gotham's protector during the missing year of 52. Look at the costume, does it remind you of any Bat-character that has an issue with duality?

8. Batman on the Box- If you've been reading the Morrison run of Batman, then you probably recognize this as the Hell-Batman (one of the three cops posing as bastardized versions of the dark knight) but I'm guessing this is Jason Todd (note the guns and Todd's recycling of other character's costumes since his return). The hand sticking out of the box? My guess is Batman's ex-lover (Baby mama of Bat-kid Damien and daughter of Ras al Ghul).......

9. Damien and Bruce Wayne- Well, note the bandages that are binding them together.......add to the fact that Hush changed his appearance to look like Bruce Wayne in the Heart of Hush storyline and Mr. Wayne has a doppelganger. Note that Batwoman is in the background solving the mystery.

10. No clue about what's going on with Harley Quinn and the Bang gun.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why the NFL should keep a salary cap

This say it all: (from Fox sports:,-Teixeira-reach-8-year,-$18M-deal)
"Teixeira's deal is for eight years and $180 million — a sum that would push the Yankees' offseason expenditures past $400 million.........The Yankees have now made three high-priced additions — Teixeira, left-hander CC Sabathia and righty A.J. Burnett — as they prepare for their first season at the new Yankee Stadium. Sabathia and Burnett signed earlier this offseason for a combined $243.5 million."

I was listening to Fox Sports Radio's Andrew Siciliano last night and he said that when Sabathia pitches just the infield's payroll is over 115 million. That payroll alone tops many team payrolls and is nearly 3 times the entire payroll of last years AL champion The Tampa Bay Rays.

My Point:
While I am a Redskins fan, I still like to see competitive football and no salary cap in the NFL means that smaller market teams like Buffalo have no chance to compete for higher priced players (great example is for Derrick Dockery) and that would turn the modern "Any Given Sunday" NFL to a David and Goliath NFL where the rich teams have the talent and the poorer teams struggle to develop cheaper players.

Now you can argue that price tags and having a team of "Fantasy League" players doesn't equal success (trust me the Redskins tried this in 2000 with the Waaay too over the Hill Gang) just look at the 2007 Yankees compared to the 2007 Rays. But knowing the spending attitudes of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones they would bankrupt the rest of the NFL teams just by upping the price of every player that has some level of talent.

So Roger Goodell, quit wasting time imposing fines on every NFL player for the most ridiculous and trivial things and find some way to get the owners and the NFLPA in a room to work out a new CBA and keep the salary cap.

The Fate and future success of the NFL may depend on it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Skins Beat Eagles, Season Ends

(Football is a game of inches. photo

After suffering week after week of miserable losses that turned the Redskins from a 6-2 possible playoff contender to a 7-7 squad that had fans wanting to pull off Lion and Bengal-like fans stunts (Like give your tickets to Eagle fans) we can take some solace as the Skins defeat the Eagles 10-3. It was another, close and ugly game that depended on the Defense and the Special Teams to carry the team. This game gave me a flashback to last year as the Eagles tried to make a final drive to tie/take the lead and Laron Landry nails a WR to end the game.
Despite the win however, the Redskins were officially eliminated from the playoffs. This overall doesn't bother me that much since the chances of us making the playoffs after the Bengals loss were slim-to-none. And frankly, I don't think this team deserves to be there. The 2008 Redskins are not ready for prime time. Now for the game breakdown Good, Bad and Ugly style.
The Good

  • Jason Taylor- After stating that he wasn't worth the 8 million and possibly didn't fit in the scheme of what the Skins do, JT has the best game as a Redskin with 2 sacks and a forced fumble (that led to the only TD of the game). It may be too little, too late however as I'm not convinced he's worth another 8 million in 2009. But if he'd be willing to take a pay cut...........who knows?

  • The D- Alot of kudos should be handed out for this game to the D as everybody for the most part made plays. Taylor, I already mentioned and Landry as well (I swear one play he nearly decapitated a Eagle WR). But again London Fletcher played inspired ball. DeAngelo Hall has earned a new contract in my mind and hopefully will be a Redskin for awhile; DC/VA/MD seems to be a good fit for him. Purple Heart award goes to Lorenzo Alexander for trying to keep up with Westbrook on the Eagles only big play. For some reason he was covering Westbrook (why?).

  • Jim Zorn- He will have at worst a .500 season and possibly a winning season after next week. Not bad for a guy who was never a HC before (or a O-coordinator for that matter) and was taking the over the reigns from a HOF Legend (Joe Gibbs) that went 9-7 in 2007. Zorn also made a key challenge in the game that forced the Eagles to punt (turning a 1st down to 4th and inches on the Eagles 30), killing another drive. There may be times when he's felt like the "Worst Coach in America" and there will be times people will try to make him feel that way, but he's not.

  • Chris Cooley- Add 4 more catches to his total. It's been a quiet year but catch-wise it's been his best as a Redskin.

  • The O-Line- No Jansen, no Samuels and they didn't look that bad. Yes, Campbell got sacked and hit, but there were times when Campbell actually had time to throw and had a pocket. I plan on going back through the game and focusing on Heyer to see where he stands. O-line still needs work and I'm hoping that Heyer and Rinehart and who we draft (Vinny, we need a 1st rounder OL this year, thanks) this year will be key to the Redskins youth movement on the lines.

  • Ryan Plackemeier- Can a punter be the player of the game for two weeks straight? Last week, he boomed kicks in Cincy. This week he punted 5 of 8 punts inside the Eagles 20. His special teams performance (that and a nice return by Randle-El) forced the Eagles to go long distances to score and our D shut them down.
The Bad

  • We Still Can't Score!!!!!- I'll give the Eagles D some credit on this b/c they also have a great defense and can stop alot of good teams, but we can't score. We have a few very long drives and yet they die b/c we can't recover from A) a sack, B) a loss of yards on 1st down, C) a penalty. The team still doesn't have alot of "go-to" guys at WR. Moss gets double covered and then everybody else has problems getting open. Jason Campbell struggles with consistency (the wind didn't help) and the O-line still has issues. Plus, no big plays (20+ or more yards) and some of the plays are predictable and thus no points.
The Ugly

  • Bring out the Brooms- The Redskins sweep the Eagles with this win and end the season with a 3-3 record against the NFCE. Not bad overall since the Giants are the best team in the NFC and current NFL champion and the Cowboys were again this years "paper champion" (ie. the pundits pick to win it all). Despite beating the Eagles twice, Donovan McNabb thinks the Eagles were the better team. If the Eagles didn't drop so many passes and a possible Samuels INT...then maybe he'd be right.

  • Home Field Advantage?- The win finishes up a home record of 4-4 this year at FedEx. If the Skins beat the 49ers on Sunday, they will have a road record of 5-3. That's pretty sad. Add to the Steeler fans invasion and then two weeks of "rally rags" after the fans wanted it for the Steelers game. Even Vinny Cerrato said on his radio show today that they needed to improve upon that record. 6-2 should be the home goal every year. The reason I mention this? I got a call from the Redskins today with a recorded Larry Michael message asking me to "upgrade" my season tickets (upgrade means buy club level seats). The irony to this is that after 5 years of being a season ticket holder, I'm think about giving them up and going through Stub Hub. I'm still debating this and I guess I'll make up my mind by the time invoices come out.

  • Bang's Take on the Season: Bang, has a great take on the Redskin's season in his new cartoon. You have to laugh no matter how bitter the season has made you. Check out his new cartoon here:
Updates: This blog is about two days old, so I plan to add links to some of the other sites I read and obviously have some more entries going. There will be a great blog about SnyderNomics coming by the end of the week.