Thursday, December 25, 2008

Battle for the Cowl teasers:

DC loves to tease it's fans about upcoming storylines. It's normally a fun way to allow fans to guess what may happen in the storyline based on the clues that are in the pics.

So I present to you the next teaser images for the upcoming Battle for the Cowl storyline:
(I did get the images from a thread at comic bloc)

In Color (official advertisement):

and the non-colorized version:

My Take on what I'm seeing:
1. Robin on the far left appears to be Tim Drake (aka Robin 3, or the current Robin). Note the Bo Staff and the costume (it looks similar to the costume Bats wore when he met Tim).

2. Look at the Joker's Card. Note the Inverted J.......
Now may I remind you: Post Knightfall the Joker was still the Joker. He kidnapped some Hollywood producers to make a Joker movie and he was confronted by AzBats (see Knightquest arc in Detective Comics done by Dixon and Nolan). During this story the Joker went ballistic wanting to know where the real Batman was........then there was the "Going Sane" story in LotDK where the Joker had thought he killed Batman in a bomb explosion and well....went sane and became a "normal" man named Joe Kerr.
So does the Joker think Batman really is dead? And what will it do to him?

3. Alfred as James Bond? Well, not really but he is rumored to become the field leader of the current Outsiders team.

4. Batman in Center- is probably Dick Grayson (Nightwing, aka Robin #1). It just makes sense and others on some of the message boards have suggested that the belt is the same one Dick Grayson wore as Red Robin in the Kingdom Come mini-series.

5. Bat-suit/Cape and Cowl- So is Batman really dead? This was done for Jason Todd's (Robin #2) costume after he was killed at the hands of the Joker (and stayed dead for about 20 years).

6. The Giant Penny- Notice somebody/something has cut three lines into it highlighting the letters D, E, R. Now maybe its a reference to the outsiDERs. Maybe if reversed it spells RED. Heck, maybe it's supposed to be DRE. So maybe Dr. DRE' is coming to the DCU? And the three slices? The standing joke is that Wolverine made it.

7. The inverted-Batman: Look at the B&W picture in particular.......notice the face. Remind you of somebody? I won't give it away here, but here's two hints: He just recently filled in for Batman as Gotham's protector during the missing year of 52. Look at the costume, does it remind you of any Bat-character that has an issue with duality?

8. Batman on the Box- If you've been reading the Morrison run of Batman, then you probably recognize this as the Hell-Batman (one of the three cops posing as bastardized versions of the dark knight) but I'm guessing this is Jason Todd (note the guns and Todd's recycling of other character's costumes since his return). The hand sticking out of the box? My guess is Batman's ex-lover (Baby mama of Bat-kid Damien and daughter of Ras al Ghul).......

9. Damien and Bruce Wayne- Well, note the bandages that are binding them together.......add to the fact that Hush changed his appearance to look like Bruce Wayne in the Heart of Hush storyline and Mr. Wayne has a doppelganger. Note that Batwoman is in the background solving the mystery.

10. No clue about what's going on with Harley Quinn and the Bang gun.

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