Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I Left ExtremeSkins......

Some of the one or two people that visits the blog here may be posters at the official message board of the Redskins: aka ExtremeSkins.

First, welcome.
Second, you may have saw my signature over at ES basically saying: "I have left ExtremeSkins please visit my blog".
So do you want to know the juicy, dirty secrets as to why I left?
Was it the evil Mods forcing me out? Dan Snyder maybe?


Are you sure you really want to know?

Ok, here it is:
I got tired and decided to move on.
Nothing much more than that.
I never had any real problems with any of the MODS at ES during my 4+ years there. Nor, was I much of a problem either (I think maybe once Pete warned me for going too far on a post and I think I had one thread closed by Die Hard for complaining about Lavar Arrington).
But as time moves on things change, people come and go and well, it was my time.
I got really tired of textually sparring with fellow frustrated Redskins fans when no matter who was right, it wouldn't change anything.

Welcome to the world of the message board right?

Plus, I got tired of defending the Skins to Skins fans and becoming a stereotypical "blind homer".
Trust me, this team drives me crazy.......literally pull hair out of my head, throw stuff across the room, scream at the refs/tv announcers crazy. And there have been many times that like others, I have been bitter about the drought this team has gone through for almost 20 years. But yet, on ES I felt like I was becoming the Redskins PR guy to some of the other posters defending/supporting players, coaches and ownership.
As I told one of the MODs on my intention of leaving:

"'Cause I'll probably just get banned here anyway and I'd rather go out like
this than via the ban hammer."

Yep, banned for getting in a text war with somebody I really don't know.....kinda stupid, huh?

And I was wasting alot, I mean ALOT of time at's like crack to the Redskins football junkie. Instead, I started IIWII- started to catch up on some reading (reading Criminal Macabre stories by Steve Niles), work on my comic collection (there will be a entry on that one day) that had been neglected and just do other stuff.

So that's the story....pretty boring. Not really TMZ worthy.

As for ES, I probably will pop on there now and then and lurk or maybe PM a few people from time to time- but I don't plan on being an active member again anytime soon.

Thanks for reading and I wish all of the ESers well.....HTTR.

I have to watch the Skins/49ers game, but I plan on doing a commentary on that soon (Monday) and I still plan on doing a post about SnyderNomics and a year in review for the 2008 Redskins (and the rest of the NFL).

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Anonymous said...

My experience was much worse. I was permanently put on "read only" without being told. I posted for weeks and no one could read my work. Despicable treatment for a long time poster. Won't go back.....ever.

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