Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why the NFL should keep a salary cap

This say it all: (from Fox sports:,-Teixeira-reach-8-year,-$18M-deal)
"Teixeira's deal is for eight years and $180 million — a sum that would push the Yankees' offseason expenditures past $400 million.........The Yankees have now made three high-priced additions — Teixeira, left-hander CC Sabathia and righty A.J. Burnett — as they prepare for their first season at the new Yankee Stadium. Sabathia and Burnett signed earlier this offseason for a combined $243.5 million."

I was listening to Fox Sports Radio's Andrew Siciliano last night and he said that when Sabathia pitches just the infield's payroll is over 115 million. That payroll alone tops many team payrolls and is nearly 3 times the entire payroll of last years AL champion The Tampa Bay Rays.

My Point:
While I am a Redskins fan, I still like to see competitive football and no salary cap in the NFL means that smaller market teams like Buffalo have no chance to compete for higher priced players (great example is for Derrick Dockery) and that would turn the modern "Any Given Sunday" NFL to a David and Goliath NFL where the rich teams have the talent and the poorer teams struggle to develop cheaper players.

Now you can argue that price tags and having a team of "Fantasy League" players doesn't equal success (trust me the Redskins tried this in 2000 with the Waaay too over the Hill Gang) just look at the 2007 Yankees compared to the 2007 Rays. But knowing the spending attitudes of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones they would bankrupt the rest of the NFL teams just by upping the price of every player that has some level of talent.

So Roger Goodell, quit wasting time imposing fines on every NFL player for the most ridiculous and trivial things and find some way to get the owners and the NFLPA in a room to work out a new CBA and keep the salary cap.

The Fate and future success of the NFL may depend on it.

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