Thursday, January 29, 2009

Batman (Is Not) Dead?! (Warning Spoilers)

Final Crisis just wrapped up this week and the general consensus of the series has been......WTF DC!!!

I haven't grabbed a copy of FC #7 yet but AICN talkbacker and blogger Messi has and does an amazing panel by panel breakdown of the issue. You can read his take right here.

But the big news that led me to read his review was the hint of the final page and a half of Final Crisis #7.

****This is your Last Warning if you don't want to know how FC ends or the Fate of Batman****

Ed Note: This was the final page of FC #7 obtained from another site.....I decided to delete it.

So there you have it. Batman's death lasted about 1 issue (barely a month). And this is clearly Batman (Bruce Wayne). Note the Utility Belt lying over the dead Anthro (or is that Kommandi?). The boots, the shadow of the cowl. And our shadowed "stranger" is drawing a Bat-Symbol on the cave wall. So Batman is Caught Somewhere In Time (cue Iron Maiden music).

Final Crisis' biggest effect to DC was never played up at all.......I talk about the return of the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) and Batman neither dies (RIP) or do we learn of his final fate.
DC really should have been more honest and called Batman RIP, Batman MIA.
So to conclude:
1. No dead Batman (thus, Batman [Bruce Wayne] will not probably be a part of Blackest Night and definitely not a Black Lantern)
2. Whoever takes over as Batman won't be Batman very long (he will probably be Batman #4 and my guess he'll be Batman for about a year......maybe).
3. The confusion caused by Countdown and Final Crisis has only hurt DC. Add to the fact that The Dark Knight was the #1 grossing movie in 2008 and Heath Ledger is up for a Oscar; now and the latter end of 2008 should have been DC's time to shine and try to bring in new readership. Instead we get Batman RIP and FC which IMO will lose readers, not gain them.
4. Why oh why is Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corp the only DC books that are really good right now (and yes, I am a mostly DC Comics reader).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outlook on the 2009 Redskins Season: Grim...........

.........if you go by Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider blog over at the Washington Post. Now I want to be clear on my opinions of JLC before I discuss his article. I'll pretty much tell you what I've told other Skins fans and even Redskins' Blog writer Matt Terl when I met him at the Ravens game this year: When JLC is reporting facts, his blogs and many of his articles are actually some of the better reports by Redskin-focused writers (I will say that the work of John Pappas/Brian Murphy (Skinscast) and articles by Rich Tandler are also top notch). My problem is that facts become opinions and usually invoke personal vendettas with unofficially official GM Vinny Cerrato and owner Daniel Snyder. It seems that he clearly aims to throw the Redskins "under the bus" as much as possible without giving any credit to the team when they do (on occasion) succeed. I question some of his sources (as does Larry Michael and his "source meter" on Redskins Nation- I will talk more about Larry at some point on the blog) and wonder who they are and how legitimate they really are.

I could say more but I think that is a fair assessment of my views and bias on JLC. I'm not a journalist, just a blogger, but I felt that I should be honest with the 1-2 readers out there. You don't get that nearly enough by real media outlets.

Anyway, onto the article. Here's the gist (click the above link if you wish to read the actual blog by JLC):
1. The Skins have finished their preliminary meetings evaluating talent. They will meet again this week (now) to discuss current roster moves and available free agents as the Skins debate who gets brought in, who stays and who gets cut.
2. O-Line needs to be addressed in particular the Right Tackle and both Guard positions.
3. Injuries to the O-line hurt the line's chemistry b/c they rarely had the whole line there at the same time during practice.
4. Chad Rinehart, Stephon Heyer and Jon Jansen really aren't considered to be starters at the moment. The team has concerns about Rinehart's skill and his future as a contributor.
5. Despite injury and age issues expect Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen back, primarily b/c they have huge cap numbers if cut (Ed Note: Jansen's 2009 salary: 3.413 million, if the Skins cut him: 6.188 million; Thomas' 2009 salary: 4.951 million, if cut: 9.451 million).
6. The Skins will probably try to re-sign Pete Kendall for at least another year but not Jason Fabini.
7. No extension in the works for Jason Campbell.
8. The Skins would like to add a speedy RB to the team but will probably look at a late round or a UDFA (possibly) to fill that role.
9. Cornelius Griffin will probably be back, Marcus Washington probably won't.
10. Jason Taylor will also probably be gone barring a big pay cut, that JLC reports isn't likely to happen.
11. What happens to the secondary will depend on whether or not the Skins are able to re-sign DeAngelo Hall.
12. The Skins will probably bring in other punters and kickers to compete with our current players.
13. We won't be big spenders in FA outside of trying to sign younger players that are less known.

If all of this is true then the Skins are in some trouble. I'm not fully convinced it is the case especially when there have been many times JLC has not been able to get any official statements by the team and has had to rely on sources. But for the hell of it, let's say this is all true......

The comments about Campbell's future is troubling b/c to me this means that the team and the coaches aren't convinced that Campbell is the future of this team. Colt Brennan followers may be ecstatic by this news but unless he is the next Tom Brady, the Skins will have to start over in 2010 with another QB.

Also, the O-line is a big concern. #13 would be a good spot to go after a DE/DT/OT but with Kendall's knees and Thomas' history of injury and Rinehart not ready we again may need to try and trade back and try to get some picks. Maybe pick up Duke Robinson in the late teens/early 20's and get a few more picks (possibly a OG/C type as well).

Either way, I've been kind of bummed already about the upcoming season and this report isn't helping.

New Bang Cartoon Radio episode

New episode of the radio hour is up.

Also, note that I've added some additional links to the Blog Roll have been added. Check them out if you get a chance.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Senior Bowl

I did get a chance to watch the senior bowl Saturday and for the most part didn't catch that much that makes me go "This is a stud player" or "This guy is a total bust" but I did notice a few things of interest:

1. Marvin Lewis' North coached team looked very similar to a Marvin Lewis' Bengals coached team. That's not a good sign. Their Defense struggled and the team had a lot of 3 and outs.

2. I know, I know the consensus pick at DT going into the senior bowl was BJ Raji but after the Senior Bowl, I have to go with Peria Jerry. He seemed to be getting the most disruption in the backfield of all the DTs. This will be an interesting position battle as the Redskins may go DT at #13 if we don't trade back.

3. Robert Ayers, DE had a great game and a notable fumble/sack (recovered for a TD by Peria Jerry) and may move up the draft board.

4. I was impressed by CB, Ellis Lankster. Played the run well, was physical and has good hands and a decent jump (see INT while covering Robiskie).

5. Was not impressed by Texas Tech's QB Graham Harrell. He looked great in the Tech vs. Texas game, but at the senior bowl missed many passes that a pro QB MUST make to have any success in the NFL. Arm strength and timing are major concerns.

6. Thought Alabama's QB John Parker Wilson seemed to lead his team down the field well and adapt to the situations presented to him. He could be a mid-round steal for some team.

7. The Senior Bowl's MVP: QB/WR Pat White reminds me of Antwaan Randle-El. Has a decent arm that will be very effective in some trick plays or running some option in the notorious "Wildcat" offense. He really didn't make me think franchise QB however and will have to develop as a WR to find his niche in the NFL in my opinion.

8. None of the OTs really "WOWed" me. Oher and Loadholt made a few plays by also had set backs. William Beatty also got beat for a sack.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Redskins News and Notes

Not that much going on, but here's some current Redskins news:

From the current issue of Sporting News:
"The offense lacks playmakers...... and neither of the 2008 second-round wideouts (Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly) has proved he is starting material. The trouble is the Redskins lack a second-round pick, so they have to prioritize. They could pursue a free agent such as T.J. Houshmandzadeh or take another run at acquiring Chad Johnson. They also can hope Kelly remains healthy and Thomas improves. That appears to be the way they're leaning." (1/19/09 edition, in "NFC:Offseason Priorities" pg.63- various writers contributed on the article).

My take- I agree somewhat about lacking playmakers and WRs in particluar getting open. Outside of Cooley and Moss most of the other players have trouble getting open. Randle-El is a #3/slot WR playing a #2 spot, James Thrash has become mostly a STer and a blocker more or less. The rookies will need to be key contributers next year. I think going out and trying to get any marquee WR is a huge mistake, especially when the Redskins have serious issues with both O and D lines. WR is not a Redskins Offseason Priority in my opinion.

Could the Redskins land a GM?
Pro Football Talk is reporting that there is a rumor at the Senior Bowl going around that former Bucs GM Bruce Allen may be joining the Redskins in some capacity.
Technically the Redskins don't have a GM and all GM duties are currently handled by Executive VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato (our officially unofficial GM).
Vinny <span class=

Mel Kiper's Early Mock:
Mel "His Hair Was Perfect!*" Kiper came out with his first Mock Draft of 2009 (of course it's only 1-16, you have to pay to see the rest) and he believes that the Redskins will select Brian Orakpo, DE- Texas. I don't have a problem with this as NFL Draft Countdown has him listed as the top DE in the draft and #12 in overall ranking. I just don't think he'll be there at #13. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if the Skins traded back to try and get more picks. * From MST3K The Corpse Vanishes

Redskins Tent Sale:
Starting Friday the 23rd and going through Sunday the 25th the Redskins are doing their annual End of Season sale on line and at the HOF store. If you look carefully, you can get some nice stuff for cheap. Last year I bought a Portis 75th burgundy authentic jersey for about $140.

other NFL stuff:
There have been some rumors going around the web that the Cowboys are very, very interested in signing soon-to-be free agent Ray Lewis. Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott are all free agents this season and the Ravens have only 1 franchise tag. While Lewis is a future HOFer and the leader of the Ravens' dominant D, you have to franchise Suggs if you can't re-sign him and try to work a deal with the aging Lewis.
Here's where the Redskins could come in- say Lewis does go to Dallas for the big bucks. The Ravens will need a new MLB. How about a trade? We get the Raven's 1st, 2nd and maybe a 2nd in 2010 (or more) for our 13th pick. Then they could draft Rey Maualuga as their future MLB.
This is all speculation by me but the Skins need some picks and hopefully if this trade happened, Duke Robinson (who sadly didn't impress me in the BCS championship game) would be there at 27.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Site updates and News

By now you probably know that the Superbowl match-up is Steelers vs. Cardinals.
You may also know that I missed the deadline for the Pros and Cons AFC edition so I'm missed out on all the jokes I could throw out about purple camouflage and Ray Lewis dancing.

But as a tribute here's the classic "Ray of Light" TV Funhouse/SNL skit:

("We got to forget about that Simba **** and focus on the Pittsburgh game")
And maybe if the Ravens had won it all somebody would have done a Ray of Light 2 with Bart Scott.

Speaking of Bart Scott, I know this is a bit old but had the Ravens won it all, I think he'd been perfect to endorse the following product:

Don't worry we'll be having fun with the Steelers in the next week like we did the other Championship competitors.

IIWII hits 300+
If you check the counter below, you can tell that IIWII has been viewed over 300 times now. Granted, I'd say alot of that is me b/c the counter increases every time I do a post or check the site. But a few of you are out there reading so thanks.....and keep reading.

Shout out to PGH
Wanted to thank Dagger and the whole Post Game Heroes crew for adding IIWII to their blog roll. You can check out their site by clicking the link on the IIWII blog roll labeled Post Game Heroes. PGH is a site made by Steeler and Redskins fans and I must say they do the best post-game breakdown and analysis that I've seen on the web. If you follow the Steelers or Skins or just want to learn some X's and O's check out this site.

The Future of IIWII
Now that we're one game away from the off-season and that I could care less about the Pro Bowl (except for this one memorable play:)

IIWII may move away a bit from football and start looking at some other things as we hit that "dead zone" until free agency. I'm hoping to discuss the new Watchmen film and the Wolverine movie as well. Also I'm hoping to get you ready for DC comics' Blackest Night event coming this summer. But don't worry football (Redskin fans in particular) fans IIWII will be covering free agency and some of the coaching hires/fires as they progress. Last year I did a nice position by position breakdown of need for the Skins over at ExtremeSkins (here and here). I'll be sitting on my butt the whole weekend covering the draft as well. And if I have time I'll do the Skins UDFA signings as well like I did last year on ExtremeSkins (here).
I'm hoping to add some polls so you can be interactive with the site and IIWII may have some guests pop in and say hello or guest blog just to add other voices to the mix.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to comment if you have suggestions or whatever.

Friday, January 16, 2009

For Your Viewing and Listening pleasure

Bang! Cartoons have been busy.

First, there's a new cartoon about the Lions and their perfect season:

and of course there's the new episode of the Bang! Cartoon Radio hour:

Metallica Still F****ing Rocks!!!!

I have a few nice posts coming up about the Pros and Cons of the NFC and AFC teams left winning it all. Hopefully you will get a good laugh out of it.

But I had to stop early on one b/c last night Metallica came to town and yours truly drove down to the Verizon center with the Mrs. to catch them.

I've already seen Metallica once during the 2003 Summer Sanitarium at the former hellhole known as Veterans Stadium (be thankful it was torn down and the Linc. was built). And they were just amazing to watch live.

(There were some draw backs about going to Philly- 1. It's Philly: The City of Brotherly Hate. 2. You're around Eagles fans who like to chant E-A-G-L-E-S during sets. 3. Some A-hole left wads of gum on our car).'s a taste of what we listened to last night Broken, Beat& Scarred (this song was NOT from our concert but from one in 2008 on the World Magnetic tour):

and here was the entire play list (approx. 2:04:33)

That was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
The Four Horsemen
Harvester of Sorrow
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Sad, But True
Wherever I May Roam
All Nightmare Long
Kirk Solo #1
The Day That Never Comes
Master of Puppets
Kirk Solo #2
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Die, Die, My Darling
Seek and Destroy

Nice variety and normally when you see a band you'd rather hear older songs than the new stuff which you either don't know as well or like as much. Six Death Magnetic songs however were great and actually were better live than studio. Also note the highlighted Wherever I May Roam.......this is actually my favorite Metallica song and that alone was worth the cost of admission (and it wasn't played in Philly in '03) for me. Thanks Metallica for coming to DC and like many of the Redskins games, I have lost my voice singing along and shouting.

1. If you're a fan of the Capitals, Wizards, Hoyas or just want to see a show playing at the Verizon Center take my advise and GO. The Verizon Center is a really nice venue. Good food (that was reasonable in price), friendly staff, clean bathrooms in a nice location of DC (with alot of bars and restaurants next to it) and parking was easy and pretty cheap as well. Getting there off of Rt. 50 was cake.
2. Lots of Ravens fans showed wearing their gear. Saw a nice verbal sparring match between some Ravens fans and a Steelers fan (also in Steelers colors). Not as many Redskin garbed fans (I wasn't wearing Redskin gear- I came to see Metallica and was wearing Metallica gear).
3. Even though this was a DC 101 sponsored event, 98 Rock played the entire playlist of the we basically got to hear the concert for a 2nd time on the way home.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pros and Cons NFC Edition- Cardinals

So, maybe you're like me and your favorite team has already been eliminated or you're a Steelers or Ravens fan and could care less about the NFC (for one more week). Well here's a little Pro and Con segment if either the Cardinals or the Eagles win the NFC and go on to win the Super Bowl. But no more picking for me this season. I had two teams going and one has already been eliminated.

Arizona Cardinals

1. They kept the Eagles out of the Super Bowl (and thus a Superbowl victory) so that alone is the biggest pro one can imagine.
2. Proof that God/Jesus must exist. If the Cardinals: a team with a history of losing on a regular basis, a team with a former MVP quarterback who most had thought his career was long over, a team that can't win on the East Coast (until they destroyed Carolina in the playoffs and they would have to win in Tampa to win it all), a team who's D looked porous until the playoffs, a team that has been losing badly since they locked up the NFCW early in the season and no Anquan Boldin since early in the Atlanta playoff game. There must be some divine assistance right?
And Kurt's drawing God in his off time....makes sense to me.

3. ESPN/FOX/SI don't care. If this is the Eagles, Steelers or even the Ravens you will see the occasional segment when you want to know about your team or baseball or something else. Sal Pal. will be reporting if Andy Reid has eaten a cheesesteak or if Mcnabb is talking about nobody liking him but the Eagles are the best. Or Rachel Nichols will cast a spell of glamor and report about Ray-Ray dancing in Timonium or that Big Ben likes shiny things and beer. But you won't hear much about the Cardinals. Only drawback is that they will continue to waste our time about what the Cowboys are doing (other than failing), if TO is complaining or if Tom Brady or Darth Hoodie has done something.

1. Less cheap seats for opposing team fans who watch their team play against the Cardinals (lots of Redskins fans for some reason exist in California and go the the Cards games)
2. Kurt Warner Disney commercial- Bound to happen and will be played ad nauseum. Nothing says wholesome like Kurt Warner and Disney.
3. Cardinals fans could be the next "12th Man" fans. Seattle started to win and now after going to a Superbowl and having the refs beat them, well they've (many) joined the ranks of douchebaggery. Note the Giants-Seahawks game from this year just to mention an example.

Philadelphia Eagles

Do you really think if the Eagles win a Superbowl it will make the Eagle fans better? Yeah, me neither.
You'd probably just get this in a Philly jersey (NSFW) or worse...........

(Superbowl win for the Giants really helped this guy)

Eagle fans Post-Super Bowl Celebration in Philadelphia:

Then Philly would have to be walled off from the rest of the world and one day we'd have to send in Snake Plisken to rescue the President's daughter from the mutant hordes.......

Even if that didn't happen can you imagine Philly fans if the Eagles and the Phillies both win it all in the same year? You think Boston fans are bad? Philly fans would show up everywhere spouting off. Baseball games not featuring a Philly team, football games too. Matter of fact there would probably be some Eagles fan showing up at your kid's soccer game to chant "E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!" me, they will.

And what a great loss for any NFL team fan to shut up or at least stymie a Eagle fan by asking them about their trophy case.

AFC teams up next.

Batman (is) Dead?!

**Spoilers Ahead for those who have not Read Batman RIP or Final Crisis**

**Last Warning for Spoilers**

So after the Commando Codyesque* "cliffhanger" ending that occurred at the end of the Batman RIP storyline (Batman, Dr. Hurt and the phony "Hell" Batman wind up missing after a helicopter crash), we have been told for weeks that the "Final Fate of Batman" will occur in Final Crisis #6 and I guess we finally have the answers we've been waiting months for. Troy Brownfield at Newsarama has a brief review and discussion of Final Crisis #6 which you can read right here.

Personally, I was 50/50 on the whole RIP saga. Parts of it confused me. Parts didn't make a whole lot of sense and kind of had that trippy Grant Morrison feel that makes you think you're on some kind of acid or sensory deprivation. Parts of it was really really good (especially the ending right up until the cliffhanger). And some parts of RIP were just campy- the Black Glove members (not their actions or motivations per Se, but their gimmicks/costumes/names) belonged on the 60's TV show.

And now the whole RIP saga had do with Batman's "death", just a decent story that just didn't feel as epic to me as a previous "death" storyline in Knightfall.

As for Final Crisis I haven't read much of it yet. I read issue #1 but got bummed by the cheap death of Martian Manhunter and to be frank, I got a feeling I'm not going to really enjoy it much. I never was a big fan of Jack Kirby's 4th world characters (Blasphemy shouts comic fans) except for Darkseid and Mr. Miracle (Scott Free) and this story is all about the 4th World (same was large portions of the ill fated Countdown.

At least if Bruce Wayne was going out it would be t the hands of DC's most powerful villain/God Darkseid. So I applaud Morrison for going that route and not death by vehicle.

Well, at least Blackest Night is the next "Big Event" for the DCU and I'm rather hyped for it (If you haven't been reading Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corp. NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!). Maybe we'll see Batman/Bruce Wayne sooner than we think as a Black Lantern?

Wait and see.........

* Commando Cody was a serial movie that was played in short episodes usually on a weekly basis at movie theaters usually ending in some big cliffhanger where the lead "dies" but next episode, extra footage is added to show how he escapes from said "death". MST3K did a bunch of shorts of Commando Cody in their first season. Here's a clip, enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NFC Championship Weekend

The saddest thing about all of this is that the Redskins are 3-0 this year vs. the two teams fighting for NFC Supremacy and a Super Bowl birth. This is why all you Redskins fans who think that missing the playoffs this year might have not been a bad thing were wrong. Look at the Eagles- The Skins swept them! The Ravens demolished them and they tied the hapless Bengals. Yet, they are one win away from reaching a Super Bowl. 1 lousy win.

Just something to think about......also some pros and cons about this upcoming week's matchups coming up.

Friday, January 9, 2009

CP on the radio.......

via Pro Football Talk:

Clinton Portis came on the John Thompson show for his weekly appearance and of course added some more words of wisdom about why the Redskins struggled down the stretch here's a bigger quote from PFT:

“I think we was healthy in the 6-2 span and playing smashmouth football. And through that span of whatever we went, 2-6, I think we just lost the identity of what we were trying to do. I think when the running game was our focal point, I think Jason [Campbell] was playing great, I think Santana [Moss] was playing great and [Chris] Cooley as well and everybody else was getting involved. And once we got away from that and just started slinging the ball, nobody did anything. Jason’s play fell off, my play fell off, ‘Tana’s play fell off, Cooley’s play fell off. So I think we’ve just got to stick with what’s working . . . You know, I mean, that’s on them. That’s on the front office, you know, that’s on them to decide if our offensive line was good enough, if I was good enough, if anybody else was good enough.”
I've read the whole PFT article a couple of times just to read the quotes and make sure I interpret them correctly. One thing you have to understand about Clinton Portis that many in the media don't get is that Portis speaks with dry wit and sarcasm. So every comment made by the Redskins franchise rusher shouldn't be take literally.

As for the season for the most part I agree with him to a point. The team was playing strong smashmouth football through their first 5 games. After that, the team really seemed to struggle and it all came to a head at the 6-2 mark vs. Pittsburgh.

Here's what I saw:
1. Injuries: Once Portis got really hurt (I'm talking MCL sprain hurt), there was no run game anymore. Portis came in but was out the next play or two and lacked any significant burst. Betts was still ailing and when healthy still couldn't do much. Alexander was a punchline to a joke, not a former MVP. Rock didn't set the world on fire when he carried the ball a few times either. Thus, no more smashmouth.
2. O-line got old....quick: They really struggled down the stretch in both pass and run blocking. Holes closed quickly and there was little if any consitant pass blocking (maybe Samuels and that was it). And I'm talking our five starters: Samuels, Kendall, Rabach, Thomas and Jansen.
3. No more respect for Jason Campbell: I think initally teams did respect the pass a little and didn't stack the box as much. Giving Campbell a moment to do his reads and find an open guy. Once teams decided to stop the run (the Rams started this not the Steelers). That was it 8 men in the box and the entire scheme fell apart quickly.
4. Zorn and the scheme: It seemed that the Skins became less aggressive as the season went on. What I liked about Zorn was the fearless attitude that the Skins initially played with. However, when he stuck with the run and it failed, it seemed like he had no back-up plan or adjustment. Teams knew that we were going to dink and dunk and played in. The deep pass seemed to either not be called or not thrown b/c (a) Campbell checked down, (b) Campbell was on his back, (C) the skins stuck with short passes to help out options a and b. Zorn is still learning on the job. Not really an excuse but an explanation to how things were poorly handled (including Portis' benching which still is on his mind).
5. Nobody else got open: It was a given that Moss would eventually get double and triple covered but who then would step up as the go-to WR. Nobody. Even Cooley who lead the team in receptions and had a career year in catches would disappear in parts of games.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

News and Notes

Last Chance at College Football
BCS Championship game is playing as I type this blog. If you're a Skins fans and are looking at O-linemen, now might be a good time to watch.

PFW Redskin Rumor
There has been a lot of discussion about the fate of Shawn Springs as well as other older players on the Skins and their cap ramifications. Pro Football Weekly however has an interesting tidbit in their Whispers section (link at end of post) as they report that Springs may stay with the Skins and remain a corner. Why you ask? Well, PFW is reporting that the Skins may try to trade Carlos Rogers to get more draft picks. The Skins currently only have 4 picks (1, 3, 5, 6) in the upcoming 2009 draft. I'm not a cap guy by any stretch, but I'd rather trade Springs (with 1 year left) for a 2nd or a 3rd (he's worth that IF he can stay healthy) and keep Rogers, Smoot and Hall as a tandem. And of course good corners are needed by a few teams.
Link to article
Bye-Bye Dallas Bad Boys
You probably know by now that the Cowboys released Pac-Man Jones. It's also been reported that the Cowboys probably will not re-sign Tank Johnson. Don't let the stories fool you about bad character.......blah, blah, blah. Pac-Man got cut b/c he's a headache and wasn't worth the effort in keeping (babysitting) and most importantly he wasn't producing on the field. He was getting beat by receivers and wasn't doing anything special on special teams. Tank Johnson wasn't much of an impact either. Expect more changes coming in Big D.

Does the Media Even Follow the Redskins?
The Redskins Blog has been covering what the media is thinking the Redskins need or should at least look at in off season acquisitions. You can read both articles here and here. Basically, here's the gist: Think of all the positions that the Skins could improve upon. Got your list? If you said Safety and QB, then maybe you should be a sportswriter.

they suggest.......

wait for it........

Brian Dawkins and Mike Vick should be candidates to join the Redskins in 2009. Huh?
Guess they've never heard of Laron Landry and Chris Horton (or Shawn Springs for that matter). And if the fans have issues with Jason Campbell missing open WRs, reading Ds and other things, why would you want Mike Vick? Cult of Colt followers back me up here.......


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deadman gotta eat.....

Just a quick update- I've been working for the last few days, and IIWII has had to go on the side-burner. But there will be a few new entries tomorrow including a letter to Norv Turner, the long awaited post on SNYDERNOMICS and the return of my GRAPHIC column as I review Green Lantern #36 (vol.4).

Also, if you have a comment or question, please feel free to post your opinions.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun with Infomercials

So you're at home and in the middle of a good movie or show and of course the channel goes to an endless supply of commercials to get you to buy something. Normally, it's tolerable (or a great time to go take a leak, grab some food or beverage) but sometimes you see some of the most ridiculous things on these commercials.

But the really goofy ones (or very annoying) ones have a guy hosting some "not sold in stores" item.
So here's a nice little parody/edit/mix of one of those "not sold in stores" guys Billy Mays.

There are other funny ones on You Tube including some featuring the ShamWow/SlapChop guy but most of them have some NSFW language and for the moment IIWII is staying profanity-free.

Oh yeah- Eagles defeated the Vikings, so the brackets are set for next week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wild Card Weekend pt.3

(I'm in the playoffs, Gotta dance!!!)

We continue the weekend as the Dolphins are hosting the Ravens. I expect much dancing in this one as we get to see the classic Dancing With the Stars re-match of Joey Porter vs. Ray Lewis.
So who wins this one? Don't ask me. I'm 0-2 so far this weekend. Home teams have won their games so far in the playoffs.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild Card Weekend Pt. 2

Well, hope you didn't bet based on my predictions. But the running game was pivotal in the Cards/Falcons game.

Anyway, now to game 2.
This game stinks of Norv Turner letdown for Chargers fans. Trust me, I had to put up with Norv Turner as the coach of my team for years (BTW if the 4th place Skins were in the AFCW we possibly would be the champs of that division, says a lot doesn't it?).

Let the game begin.......

Wild Card Weekend pt.1

Probably one of the more entertaining games on the schedule this week starts in about 25 minutes as the Cardinals hosts the Falcons. This is a hard game to pick since Atlanta has been hot for awhile now and Arizona has been calling it in for weeks now. I give the edge to Atlanta because of the running game.

More coverage throughout the weekend......and more Skins and other stuff.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Redskin Player Awards

A few months ago I did a thread over at ExtremeSkins giving out a few Mid-Season awards to the Skins players and now that the season is over and we're in 2009, here's the awards for the entire 2008 season.

Offensive MVP:
Clinton Portis: 1,487 yds, 9TDs, 4.3 avg.
Despite the comments about the O-line and that Zorn is a "genius", when it came to game day there seemed to be no one tougher or more effective than Clinton Portis. Nagging injuries and injured O-linemen kept CP from his fourth 1,500 yard performance but without his efforts the Skins wouldn't have been close to an 8-8 record.
(Honorable Mention: Chris Cooley)

Defensive MVP:
London Fletcher: 133 Tackles, 0.5 sacks
Once again leads the team in tackles (next is Rocky McIntosh with 87) and is tied for sixth place in the entire league for tackles. But stats alone don't describe what Fletcher is to this team and the defense. He has been the leader and heart of this team and a tremendous play maker.
(Honorable Mention: Chris Horton, Rocky McIntosh)

Special Teams MVP:
Santana Moss: (PR)- 6/20.7 avg, 1 TD; (KR)- 1/26
Every time Moss goes back for a kick-off or a punt return, opposing teams have to cringe because of his explosiveness once he gets into the open field. Even his one TD against Detroit should have been a play for a loss as Moss collided with fellow teammate Devin Thomas and then two Lion tacklers. Yet, Moss remained on his feet and took it for the touchdown. Also, the numbers could have been even better if not for some stupid penalties made by the Skins that negated a few returns.
(Honorable Mention: Rock Cartwright)

Redskins Rookie of the Year:
Chris Horton: 76 tackles, 1 sack, 3 INT
The only starter currently in the 2008 draft class of 10. Led the team in interceptions (3) and was third place in total tackles (76). Pretty easy choice.
(Honorable Mention: Devin Thomas)

The Sean Taylor Memorial Award :
Carlos Rogers: vs. Cleveland Browns (Josh Cribbs)
There weren't that many massive hits this year that makes you go "WOW" but this one was one of the few:

(Honorable Mention: Laron Landry vs. Eagles at FedEx)

Most Improved Player Defense:
DeAngelo Hall: 25 tackles, 2 INTs (In 7 games with Redskins); 73 tackles, 5 INTs (2008)
After being traded from Atlanta to Oakland, Hall struggled during his tenure with the Raiders and was eventually cut. Hall signs with the Skins and seems to fit in immediately. Hall ends the season with 2 INTs that ties him with 2 others (Rogers, Landry) for 2nd place on the team INT list. He looks like he's regained his elite status and now has become a top re-signing priority in the minds of many Skins fans
(Honorable Mention: Carlos Rogers)

Most Improved Player Offense:
Stephon Heyer
He looks better than he did in 2007 and has improved upon his run blocking skills. His pass blocking has also continued to get better. Heyer also seems to be able to play both RT and LT which is a key for an offensive lineman. There is a very good chance that he'll be the Skins starting RT in 2009.
(Honorable Mention: Jason Campbell)