Thursday, January 15, 2009

Batman (is) Dead?!

**Spoilers Ahead for those who have not Read Batman RIP or Final Crisis**

**Last Warning for Spoilers**

So after the Commando Codyesque* "cliffhanger" ending that occurred at the end of the Batman RIP storyline (Batman, Dr. Hurt and the phony "Hell" Batman wind up missing after a helicopter crash), we have been told for weeks that the "Final Fate of Batman" will occur in Final Crisis #6 and I guess we finally have the answers we've been waiting months for. Troy Brownfield at Newsarama has a brief review and discussion of Final Crisis #6 which you can read right here.

Personally, I was 50/50 on the whole RIP saga. Parts of it confused me. Parts didn't make a whole lot of sense and kind of had that trippy Grant Morrison feel that makes you think you're on some kind of acid or sensory deprivation. Parts of it was really really good (especially the ending right up until the cliffhanger). And some parts of RIP were just campy- the Black Glove members (not their actions or motivations per Se, but their gimmicks/costumes/names) belonged on the 60's TV show.

And now the whole RIP saga had do with Batman's "death", just a decent story that just didn't feel as epic to me as a previous "death" storyline in Knightfall.

As for Final Crisis I haven't read much of it yet. I read issue #1 but got bummed by the cheap death of Martian Manhunter and to be frank, I got a feeling I'm not going to really enjoy it much. I never was a big fan of Jack Kirby's 4th world characters (Blasphemy shouts comic fans) except for Darkseid and Mr. Miracle (Scott Free) and this story is all about the 4th World (same was large portions of the ill fated Countdown.

At least if Bruce Wayne was going out it would be t the hands of DC's most powerful villain/God Darkseid. So I applaud Morrison for going that route and not death by vehicle.

Well, at least Blackest Night is the next "Big Event" for the DCU and I'm rather hyped for it (If you haven't been reading Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corp. NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!). Maybe we'll see Batman/Bruce Wayne sooner than we think as a Black Lantern?

Wait and see.........

* Commando Cody was a serial movie that was played in short episodes usually on a weekly basis at movie theaters usually ending in some big cliffhanger where the lead "dies" but next episode, extra footage is added to show how he escapes from said "death". MST3K did a bunch of shorts of Commando Cody in their first season. Here's a clip, enjoy!

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