Thursday, January 29, 2009

Batman (Is Not) Dead?! (Warning Spoilers)

Final Crisis just wrapped up this week and the general consensus of the series has been......WTF DC!!!

I haven't grabbed a copy of FC #7 yet but AICN talkbacker and blogger Messi has and does an amazing panel by panel breakdown of the issue. You can read his take right here.

But the big news that led me to read his review was the hint of the final page and a half of Final Crisis #7.

****This is your Last Warning if you don't want to know how FC ends or the Fate of Batman****

Ed Note: This was the final page of FC #7 obtained from another site.....I decided to delete it.

So there you have it. Batman's death lasted about 1 issue (barely a month). And this is clearly Batman (Bruce Wayne). Note the Utility Belt lying over the dead Anthro (or is that Kommandi?). The boots, the shadow of the cowl. And our shadowed "stranger" is drawing a Bat-Symbol on the cave wall. So Batman is Caught Somewhere In Time (cue Iron Maiden music).

Final Crisis' biggest effect to DC was never played up at all.......I talk about the return of the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) and Batman neither dies (RIP) or do we learn of his final fate.
DC really should have been more honest and called Batman RIP, Batman MIA.
So to conclude:
1. No dead Batman (thus, Batman [Bruce Wayne] will not probably be a part of Blackest Night and definitely not a Black Lantern)
2. Whoever takes over as Batman won't be Batman very long (he will probably be Batman #4 and my guess he'll be Batman for about a year......maybe).
3. The confusion caused by Countdown and Final Crisis has only hurt DC. Add to the fact that The Dark Knight was the #1 grossing movie in 2008 and Heath Ledger is up for a Oscar; now and the latter end of 2008 should have been DC's time to shine and try to bring in new readership. Instead we get Batman RIP and FC which IMO will lose readers, not gain them.
4. Why oh why is Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corp the only DC books that are really good right now (and yes, I am a mostly DC Comics reader).

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