Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun with Infomercials

So you're at home and in the middle of a good movie or show and of course the channel goes to an endless supply of commercials to get you to buy something. Normally, it's tolerable (or a great time to go take a leak, grab some food or beverage) but sometimes you see some of the most ridiculous things on these commercials.

But the really goofy ones (or very annoying) ones have a guy hosting some "not sold in stores" item.
So here's a nice little parody/edit/mix of one of those "not sold in stores" guys Billy Mays.

There are other funny ones on You Tube including some featuring the ShamWow/SlapChop guy but most of them have some NSFW language and for the moment IIWII is staying profanity-free.

Oh yeah- Eagles defeated the Vikings, so the brackets are set for next week.

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