Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outlook on the 2009 Redskins Season: Grim...........

.........if you go by Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider blog over at the Washington Post. Now I want to be clear on my opinions of JLC before I discuss his article. I'll pretty much tell you what I've told other Skins fans and even Redskins' Blog writer Matt Terl when I met him at the Ravens game this year: When JLC is reporting facts, his blogs and many of his articles are actually some of the better reports by Redskin-focused writers (I will say that the work of John Pappas/Brian Murphy (Skinscast) and articles by Rich Tandler are also top notch). My problem is that facts become opinions and usually invoke personal vendettas with unofficially official GM Vinny Cerrato and owner Daniel Snyder. It seems that he clearly aims to throw the Redskins "under the bus" as much as possible without giving any credit to the team when they do (on occasion) succeed. I question some of his sources (as does Larry Michael and his "source meter" on Redskins Nation- I will talk more about Larry at some point on the blog) and wonder who they are and how legitimate they really are.

I could say more but I think that is a fair assessment of my views and bias on JLC. I'm not a journalist, just a blogger, but I felt that I should be honest with the 1-2 readers out there. You don't get that nearly enough by real media outlets.

Anyway, onto the article. Here's the gist (click the above link if you wish to read the actual blog by JLC):
1. The Skins have finished their preliminary meetings evaluating talent. They will meet again this week (now) to discuss current roster moves and available free agents as the Skins debate who gets brought in, who stays and who gets cut.
2. O-Line needs to be addressed in particular the Right Tackle and both Guard positions.
3. Injuries to the O-line hurt the line's chemistry b/c they rarely had the whole line there at the same time during practice.
4. Chad Rinehart, Stephon Heyer and Jon Jansen really aren't considered to be starters at the moment. The team has concerns about Rinehart's skill and his future as a contributor.
5. Despite injury and age issues expect Randy Thomas and Jon Jansen back, primarily b/c they have huge cap numbers if cut (Ed Note: Jansen's 2009 salary: 3.413 million, if the Skins cut him: 6.188 million; Thomas' 2009 salary: 4.951 million, if cut: 9.451 million).
6. The Skins will probably try to re-sign Pete Kendall for at least another year but not Jason Fabini.
7. No extension in the works for Jason Campbell.
8. The Skins would like to add a speedy RB to the team but will probably look at a late round or a UDFA (possibly) to fill that role.
9. Cornelius Griffin will probably be back, Marcus Washington probably won't.
10. Jason Taylor will also probably be gone barring a big pay cut, that JLC reports isn't likely to happen.
11. What happens to the secondary will depend on whether or not the Skins are able to re-sign DeAngelo Hall.
12. The Skins will probably bring in other punters and kickers to compete with our current players.
13. We won't be big spenders in FA outside of trying to sign younger players that are less known.

If all of this is true then the Skins are in some trouble. I'm not fully convinced it is the case especially when there have been many times JLC has not been able to get any official statements by the team and has had to rely on sources. But for the hell of it, let's say this is all true......

The comments about Campbell's future is troubling b/c to me this means that the team and the coaches aren't convinced that Campbell is the future of this team. Colt Brennan followers may be ecstatic by this news but unless he is the next Tom Brady, the Skins will have to start over in 2010 with another QB.

Also, the O-line is a big concern. #13 would be a good spot to go after a DE/DT/OT but with Kendall's knees and Thomas' history of injury and Rinehart not ready we again may need to try and trade back and try to get some picks. Maybe pick up Duke Robinson in the late teens/early 20's and get a few more picks (possibly a OG/C type as well).

Either way, I've been kind of bummed already about the upcoming season and this report isn't helping.

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