Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pros and Cons NFC Edition- Cardinals

So, maybe you're like me and your favorite team has already been eliminated or you're a Steelers or Ravens fan and could care less about the NFC (for one more week). Well here's a little Pro and Con segment if either the Cardinals or the Eagles win the NFC and go on to win the Super Bowl. But no more picking for me this season. I had two teams going and one has already been eliminated.

Arizona Cardinals

1. They kept the Eagles out of the Super Bowl (and thus a Superbowl victory) so that alone is the biggest pro one can imagine.
2. Proof that God/Jesus must exist. If the Cardinals: a team with a history of losing on a regular basis, a team with a former MVP quarterback who most had thought his career was long over, a team that can't win on the East Coast (until they destroyed Carolina in the playoffs and they would have to win in Tampa to win it all), a team who's D looked porous until the playoffs, a team that has been losing badly since they locked up the NFCW early in the season and no Anquan Boldin since early in the Atlanta playoff game. There must be some divine assistance right?
And Kurt's drawing God in his off time....makes sense to me.

3. ESPN/FOX/SI don't care. If this is the Eagles, Steelers or even the Ravens you will see the occasional segment when you want to know about your team or baseball or something else. Sal Pal. will be reporting if Andy Reid has eaten a cheesesteak or if Mcnabb is talking about nobody liking him but the Eagles are the best. Or Rachel Nichols will cast a spell of glamor and report about Ray-Ray dancing in Timonium or that Big Ben likes shiny things and beer. But you won't hear much about the Cardinals. Only drawback is that they will continue to waste our time about what the Cowboys are doing (other than failing), if TO is complaining or if Tom Brady or Darth Hoodie has done something.

1. Less cheap seats for opposing team fans who watch their team play against the Cardinals (lots of Redskins fans for some reason exist in California and go the the Cards games)
2. Kurt Warner Disney commercial- Bound to happen and will be played ad nauseum. Nothing says wholesome like Kurt Warner and Disney.
3. Cardinals fans could be the next "12th Man" fans. Seattle started to win and now after going to a Superbowl and having the refs beat them, well they've (many) joined the ranks of douchebaggery. Note the Giants-Seahawks game from this year just to mention an example.

Philadelphia Eagles

Do you really think if the Eagles win a Superbowl it will make the Eagle fans better? Yeah, me neither.
You'd probably just get this in a Philly jersey (NSFW) or worse...........

(Superbowl win for the Giants really helped this guy)

Eagle fans Post-Super Bowl Celebration in Philadelphia:

Then Philly would have to be walled off from the rest of the world and one day we'd have to send in Snake Plisken to rescue the President's daughter from the mutant hordes.......

Even if that didn't happen can you imagine Philly fans if the Eagles and the Phillies both win it all in the same year? You think Boston fans are bad? Philly fans would show up everywhere spouting off. Baseball games not featuring a Philly team, football games too. Matter of fact there would probably be some Eagles fan showing up at your kid's soccer game to chant "E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!" me, they will.

And what a great loss for any NFL team fan to shut up or at least stymie a Eagle fan by asking them about their trophy case.

AFC teams up next.

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