Thursday, January 22, 2009

Redskins News and Notes

Not that much going on, but here's some current Redskins news:

From the current issue of Sporting News:
"The offense lacks playmakers...... and neither of the 2008 second-round wideouts (Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly) has proved he is starting material. The trouble is the Redskins lack a second-round pick, so they have to prioritize. They could pursue a free agent such as T.J. Houshmandzadeh or take another run at acquiring Chad Johnson. They also can hope Kelly remains healthy and Thomas improves. That appears to be the way they're leaning." (1/19/09 edition, in "NFC:Offseason Priorities" pg.63- various writers contributed on the article).

My take- I agree somewhat about lacking playmakers and WRs in particluar getting open. Outside of Cooley and Moss most of the other players have trouble getting open. Randle-El is a #3/slot WR playing a #2 spot, James Thrash has become mostly a STer and a blocker more or less. The rookies will need to be key contributers next year. I think going out and trying to get any marquee WR is a huge mistake, especially when the Redskins have serious issues with both O and D lines. WR is not a Redskins Offseason Priority in my opinion.

Could the Redskins land a GM?
Pro Football Talk is reporting that there is a rumor at the Senior Bowl going around that former Bucs GM Bruce Allen may be joining the Redskins in some capacity.
Technically the Redskins don't have a GM and all GM duties are currently handled by Executive VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato (our officially unofficial GM).
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Mel Kiper's Early Mock:
Mel "His Hair Was Perfect!*" Kiper came out with his first Mock Draft of 2009 (of course it's only 1-16, you have to pay to see the rest) and he believes that the Redskins will select Brian Orakpo, DE- Texas. I don't have a problem with this as NFL Draft Countdown has him listed as the top DE in the draft and #12 in overall ranking. I just don't think he'll be there at #13. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if the Skins traded back to try and get more picks. * From MST3K The Corpse Vanishes

Redskins Tent Sale:
Starting Friday the 23rd and going through Sunday the 25th the Redskins are doing their annual End of Season sale on line and at the HOF store. If you look carefully, you can get some nice stuff for cheap. Last year I bought a Portis 75th burgundy authentic jersey for about $140.

other NFL stuff:
There have been some rumors going around the web that the Cowboys are very, very interested in signing soon-to-be free agent Ray Lewis. Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott are all free agents this season and the Ravens have only 1 franchise tag. While Lewis is a future HOFer and the leader of the Ravens' dominant D, you have to franchise Suggs if you can't re-sign him and try to work a deal with the aging Lewis.
Here's where the Redskins could come in- say Lewis does go to Dallas for the big bucks. The Ravens will need a new MLB. How about a trade? We get the Raven's 1st, 2nd and maybe a 2nd in 2010 (or more) for our 13th pick. Then they could draft Rey Maualuga as their future MLB.
This is all speculation by me but the Skins need some picks and hopefully if this trade happened, Duke Robinson (who sadly didn't impress me in the BCS championship game) would be there at 27.

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