Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Site updates and News

By now you probably know that the Superbowl match-up is Steelers vs. Cardinals.
You may also know that I missed the deadline for the Pros and Cons AFC edition so I'm missed out on all the jokes I could throw out about purple camouflage and Ray Lewis dancing.

But as a tribute here's the classic "Ray of Light" TV Funhouse/SNL skit:

("We got to forget about that Simba **** and focus on the Pittsburgh game")
And maybe if the Ravens had won it all somebody would have done a Ray of Light 2 with Bart Scott.

Speaking of Bart Scott, I know this is a bit old but had the Ravens won it all, I think he'd been perfect to endorse the following product:

Don't worry we'll be having fun with the Steelers in the next week like we did the other Championship competitors.

IIWII hits 300+
If you check the counter below, you can tell that IIWII has been viewed over 300 times now. Granted, I'd say alot of that is me b/c the counter increases every time I do a post or check the site. But a few of you are out there reading so thanks.....and keep reading.

Shout out to PGH
Wanted to thank Dagger and the whole Post Game Heroes crew for adding IIWII to their blog roll. You can check out their site by clicking the link on the IIWII blog roll labeled Post Game Heroes. PGH is a site made by Steeler and Redskins fans and I must say they do the best post-game breakdown and analysis that I've seen on the web. If you follow the Steelers or Skins or just want to learn some X's and O's check out this site.

The Future of IIWII
Now that we're one game away from the off-season and that I could care less about the Pro Bowl (except for this one memorable play:)

IIWII may move away a bit from football and start looking at some other things as we hit that "dead zone" until free agency. I'm hoping to discuss the new Watchmen film and the Wolverine movie as well. Also I'm hoping to get you ready for DC comics' Blackest Night event coming this summer. But don't worry football (Redskin fans in particular) fans IIWII will be covering free agency and some of the coaching hires/fires as they progress. Last year I did a nice position by position breakdown of need for the Skins over at ExtremeSkins (here and here). I'll be sitting on my butt the whole weekend covering the draft as well. And if I have time I'll do the Skins UDFA signings as well like I did last year on ExtremeSkins (here).
I'm hoping to add some polls so you can be interactive with the site and IIWII may have some guests pop in and say hello or guest blog just to add other voices to the mix.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to comment if you have suggestions or whatever.

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