Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Senior Bowl

I did get a chance to watch the senior bowl Saturday and for the most part didn't catch that much that makes me go "This is a stud player" or "This guy is a total bust" but I did notice a few things of interest:

1. Marvin Lewis' North coached team looked very similar to a Marvin Lewis' Bengals coached team. That's not a good sign. Their Defense struggled and the team had a lot of 3 and outs.

2. I know, I know the consensus pick at DT going into the senior bowl was BJ Raji but after the Senior Bowl, I have to go with Peria Jerry. He seemed to be getting the most disruption in the backfield of all the DTs. This will be an interesting position battle as the Redskins may go DT at #13 if we don't trade back.

3. Robert Ayers, DE had a great game and a notable fumble/sack (recovered for a TD by Peria Jerry) and may move up the draft board.

4. I was impressed by CB, Ellis Lankster. Played the run well, was physical and has good hands and a decent jump (see INT while covering Robiskie).

5. Was not impressed by Texas Tech's QB Graham Harrell. He looked great in the Tech vs. Texas game, but at the senior bowl missed many passes that a pro QB MUST make to have any success in the NFL. Arm strength and timing are major concerns.

6. Thought Alabama's QB John Parker Wilson seemed to lead his team down the field well and adapt to the situations presented to him. He could be a mid-round steal for some team.

7. The Senior Bowl's MVP: QB/WR Pat White reminds me of Antwaan Randle-El. Has a decent arm that will be very effective in some trick plays or running some option in the notorious "Wildcat" offense. He really didn't make me think franchise QB however and will have to develop as a WR to find his niche in the NFL in my opinion.

8. None of the OTs really "WOWed" me. Oher and Loadholt made a few plays by also had set backs. William Beatty also got beat for a sack.

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