Thursday, February 26, 2009

12:01: guess who's coming to DC?

Of course you know at 12:01 Free Agency will start and of course the Redskins are lined to each and every player out there.

Here's some of the bigger suggestions and my take on if we bring them in:

Albert Haynesworth- Adam Schefter is reporting that the Redskins are currently $8.1 million under the $127 million cap (I do not know if that includes Daniels' 2+ million cap number which will be voided at the start of free agency) so again, there is no way to pay for a player expecting around $15 million a year to come to DC(Tampa could afford him easily however).
My guess: Not happening.

DeAngelo Hall- The Redskins have less than two hours to get him re-signed before Free Agency. They still might......but I think he tests the market. We know Atlanta and Oakland aren't interested. Hall is very high risk for many teams and with exception to the Skins, he hasn't fared well with NFL teams. He will either sign a crazy deal with another team or after a few days/weeks will probably take the reasonable deal with Washington.
My guess: He'll be back in B&G eventually

Chris Canty- In theory seems to be a good idea. Bigger DE that fits the Redskins scheme of run control with some minimal pass rush skills. This would allow Jason Taylor (and possibly Andre Carter as well) to play the Strong LB position (vacated by Marcus Washington) and be more free to pass rush. Really depends on whether or not they re-sign Evans.
My guess: Maybe. Depends on the offer.

Jason Brown- Has what the Redskins need, can play Guard and has been a strong Center. But I don't see him as the guy primarily b/c he would be a Center a despite mixed reviews by fans about Casey Rabach (also a former Raven) he seems to be given pretty positive reviews by his coaches. Plus, Brown is expecting top dollar (something he's angry that the Raven's wouldn't give him) which another team can afford to give him. Washington shouldn't because the can't afford him.
My guess: Not Happening (although expect the Skins to make a call).

Derrick Dockery- Now this was a surprise move and potentially a great move for the Skins. Similar to Fred Smoot, Dockery took a big free agent deal with Buffalo (smart move by the big man BTW) which paid him about $18 million in two years before being cut. Much like Smoot, Dockery is still close to many Skins in DC and might be willing to come back to his old stomping grounds. The Skins would love to have him back for a reasonable price.
My guess: Get Redskins One ready, a former Skin is coming home.

Ray Willis- Redskins Insider is reporting that the Skins may opt to target Willis' who has played mostly as a backup in Seattle. He's young and affordable and Zorn and Mitchell were coaches there when he played.
My guess: If the Skins feel that he could start and fits the scheme he'll be here (this does make you wonder about the futures of Stephon Heyer and Jon Jansen however if the move is made).

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