Saturday, February 21, 2009

Combine Updates

I am still behind in watching the combine (about a day, I'm about to start watching Friday's coverage) but here is some early news.

- Watched brief interviews of Baylor's Jason Smith and Alabama's Andre Smith. Jason Smith seemed like he had no problem talking to the media and was very charismatic. Andre Smith on the other hand didn't seem ready for the questions. He tried to dodge the media questions of why he was suspended and missed the Sugar Bowl (his response was "bad decisions)........

......add to this, he skipped the combine!!! A. Smith is out of shape (per Pro Football Talk) and then he left early making combine officials search for the missing player. This may drop him out of the top ten and even further as character is a big issue when you're paying a draftee so much money when they haven't even taken a snap.

- Michael Crabtree has a stress fracture and will not be able to work out at the combine. I'm still guessing he'll either go #2 overall to the Rams or #4 overall to the Seahawks.

- Finished watching the OL/TE workouts (since I hope the Skins have no intention of drafting a TE, I skipped most of the TE workouts). After watching the combine drills it looks like there are two top OTs in Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe. Michael Oher still looked good in certain drills but struggled in others. I still think Andre Smith will be drafted high IF he does well in his Pro Day workouts, but he may fall some. Nor do I think he'll be the first OT taken off the board (some Mocks had him going #2 overall).

- Brian Orakpo has met with the Redskins and discussed the possiblity of him playing SLB in at least 3rd down passing situations. Orakpo seems to be a real upbeat guy in his interviw and mentioned he'd love to rush the QB every down if he could. Also, he's real versatile and would play any position. Also, Rob Rang of considers him the best run stopper of the pass rushers coming out. Maybe I'm warming up to this pick after all (if he's there and if it happens).

Keep checking back as I'll continue updates as I watch more.

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