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How They Draft: Round 1

There has been an general consensus by many Redskin fans that the Redskins need to keep their focus on the draft and pay much less attention to free agents (or at least the high priced variety of free agent). So obviously this begs the question: How good are the Redskins at actually drafting NFL players? and Is it really worth it to the Redskins to keep draft picks (or trade them for other players)?

So being that I'm bored with the combine I decided to look at the Snyder tenure of drafts from 1999 to 2008* and determine how well the Redskins draft NFL players.
* Note: 2001 was a Marty Schottenheimer led draft but it will also be counted in the mix.

Each round will be broken down into three categories: Boom, Bust and Incomplete.
Boom- Player meets criteria in said round to be considered a successful draft pick.
Bust- Player fails to meet criteria in said round to be considered a successful draft pick.
Incomplete- Not enough data or years in league to determine if a Boom or Bust player.

Criteria to be successful in said round obviously varies (ie. you don't have the same expectations for a round 1 draftee vs. a round 7 draftee) and will be mentioned in each post before the breakdown.
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Round 1
Criteria: Players should be starters, play most of the snaps at their position and are significant impact players (team is not as good when player is not out on the field).

1999- Champ Bailey (7)
Comment- Considered one of the top corners in the league for almost the last decade.
Grade: Boom

2000- LaVar Arrington (2)
Comment- Rare highlight in many mediocre Redskin seasons. Made many ESPN highlight reels. Never lived up to the hype as being the next Lawrence Taylor (injury, coaching turnover and attitude played roles in this) but was a three time pro bowler and a impact player.
Grade: Boom
2000- Chris Samuels (3)
Comment- Has been the strength of the Redskins O-line ever since drafted. A six time pro bowler who has missed very few games.
Grade: Boom

2001- Rod Gardner (15)
Comment- Had a promising 2001 and 2002 that led to inconsistency and eventually an exit in the NFL. Had problems holding onto catches (easy and tough). Earned the nickname 50/50.
Grade: Bust

2002- Patrick Ramsey (32)
Comment- Powerful arm that struggled reading the entire field and held onto the ball too long. Has become a career backup journeyman.
Grade: Bust

2004- Sean Taylor (5)
Comment- Prototypical size and speed that hit like a Mack truck. Developed into a real ballhawk. Tragically died protecting his family from burglars. Two time pro bowler.
Grade: Boom

2005- Carlos Rogers (9)
Comment- Slowly developing into one of the better corners in the league. Only the lack of INTs has him not being mentioned with the more elite corners in the league.
Grade: Boom
2005- Jason Campbell (25)
Comment- Has shown moments of greatness and moments of inconsistency. 2009 will determine where Jason Campbell stands and whether or not he'll be with the Redskins in 2010 and beyond.
Grade: Incomplete

2007- LaRon Landry (6)
Comment- Started all 32 games in 2 seasons. Plays center field eliminating deep passes. Similar skill set to that of Sean Taylor.
Grade: Boom

So How Have the Redskins Done?
In the 1st round not bad.
In 10 seasons the Redskins have drafted nine 1st round picks.
Boom- 67%
Bust - 22%
Incomplete - 11%

And the numbers will change depending on what Campbell does this year. The success rate could be as high as 78%. The Redskins tend to do well with their first round picks. It will be interesting to see what they've done with the other rounds.

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Anonymous said...

You need a mediocre between boom and bust.
LA, ST and Rogers.
La bust, ST incomlete and Rogers incomplete.

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