Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How They Draft: Rounds 2 and 3

Criteria: Player should be either a starter or a backup that has significant playing time (exception: #2 QB). If not a starter (rookie or vet at end of career) should be able to start and is developing into that role. More leeway will be given to round three players.

Round 2

1999- Jon Jansen (37)
Comment- Longest tenured Redskin solid career starting right tackle
Grade: Boom

2001- Fred Smoot (45)
Comment- Has been a #2 corner during most of his career. Is now the Redskins nickle corner. Still sees a large portion of playing time.
Grade: Boom

2002- Ladell Betts (56)
Comment- #2 RB to the Skins. Had 1,000yd. season in 2006. Injuries have slowed career. Some argue not used enough in current scheme and is ineffective with minimal carries.
Grade: Boom

2003- Taylor Jacobs (44)
Comment- Injures hindered his first season. Known to be excellent at practice. Never saw it in games.
Grade: Bust

2006- Roger "Rocky" McIntosh (35)
Comment- solid starter, came back after major injury in 2007 to be the #2 player in tackles for the Skins in 2008.
Grade: Boom

2008- Devin Thomas (34)
Comment- Raw player who struggled with penalties and scheme in 2008. Shined at times
Grade: Incomplete
2008- Fred Davis (48)
Comment- Rarely saw the field in 2008; hard to bench Cooley for a rookie.
Grade: Incomplete
2008- Malcolm Kelly (51)
Comment- Injuries kept him off the field
Grade: Incomplete

So How Have They Done?
Again not too bad:
Boom- 50%
Bust- 12.5%
Incomplete- 37.5%

Most of this will depend on how the 2008 draftees pan out but of the players you can give real grades to 4 out of 5 (80%) is what you can hope for when drafting.

Round Three

2000- Lloyd Harrison (64)
Comment- started only one game in his three year career. Played only rookie season with Skins.
Grade: Bust

2002- Cliff Russell (87)
Comment- primarily just a special teamer, limited WR career.
Grade: Bust
2002- Rashad Bauman (79)
Comment- backup corner and special teamer.
Grade: Bust

2003- Derrick Dockery (81)
Comment- developed into a good starting guard. Was one of the highest ranked (and paid) FAs a few years ago
Grade: Boom

2004- Chris Cooley (81)
Comment- Multiple Pro Bowler and led the Skins in receptions the past few years.
Grade: Boom

2008- Chad Rinehart (96)
Comment- Never saw the field in 2008.
Grade: Incomplete

So How Have They Done?

Not so good but not many picks either (6)
Boom- 33.3%
Bust- 50%
Incomplete- 16.7%

Now you may be able to argue that Russell (still in the league BTW) and maybe Bauman or Harrison could be considered Booms b/c they played a few years and Russell has been successful (at least somewhat) as a kick returner. But to me 2nd and 3rd rounders should eventually be starters/significant backups and not just special team players.

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