Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How They Draft: Rounds 4 and 5

Criteria: Player should be at least depth or a regular special teams player (thus usually on the active gameday roster, but not every game).

Round 4
1999- Nate Stimson (107)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2000- Michael Moore (129)
Comment- Started two games and played in 8 total in a three year career (rookie season only with Washington)
Grade: Bust

2001- Sage Rosenfels (109)
Comment- Didn't do much with the Redskins but has become a decent backup QB for the Dolphins and Texans. May become the starter for the Viking in 2009.
Grade: Boom

2005- Manuel White (120)
Comment- Injuries ended career.
Grade: Bust

2008- Justin Tryon (124)
Comment- Played some on STs last year.
Grade: Incomplete

So How Have They Done?

As you get later into the draft you expect a higher fail rate as the talent level begins to drop. So I'm not as surprised although I rather see a drop off in later rounds than the third or fourth.
Boom- 20%
Bust- 60%
Incomplete- 20%
Note: Of the rare O-line drafts, this is the first O-lineman of the first four rounds to get a bust grade. More argument for us drafting higher and more frequently for O-linemen.

Round 5

1999- Derek Smith (Tackle not the LB) (165)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2000- Quincy Sanders (155)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2001- Darnerien McCants (154)
Comment- Played in 41 games. Had 6 TDs in 2003. Decent Red Zone threat. Chose music career over football.
Grade: Boom

2002- Robert Royal (160)
Comment- Starter for most of his career (six seasons) with Washington and Buffalo.
Grade: Boom
2002- Andre Lott (159)
Comment- Played in 32 games as a backup corner and STer.
Grade: Boom

2004- Mark Wilson (151)
Comment- Played in two total games (started one) in only one season.
Grade: Bust

2005- Robert McCune (154)
Comment- Fan Mancrush never panned out (8 games in three seasons)
Grade: Bust

2006- Anthony Montgomery
Comment- Solid rotational player and occasional starter.
Grade: Boom

2007- Dallas Sartz
Comment- Cut
Grade: Bust

So How Have They Done?
Boom- 44.4%
Bust- 55.6%
Incomplete- 0%

Again, not too bad and two starters came out of this group. McCants is the first WR to actually get a Boom draft grade.

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