Friday, February 27, 2009

I haven't learned anything, neither have the Redskins.

If you haven't heard yet, the Redskins have signed Albert Haynesworth. Which, shows I clearly have no clue what the Redskins are doing. The Skins re-signed DeAngelo Hall as well (which I did predict). Did the Skins overpay (again)? You bet.

If you thought we had learned anything by drafting and developing players or going off of real character guys (like I had thought we had, D'Oh!!!!! smacks head) you thought wrong!!!!!!

( Gotcha, Suckers!!!!!)

Sounds like classic Snydernomics to me. So the Redskins have again won one of the most meaningless awards in a NFL season.....the offseason.
Now it's on the onus for the Redskins to win and win big (ie. deep into the playoffs and win the NFCE). Lose and fail to make the playoffs and the Skins will keep the reputation of big spenders who don't have a clue for years to come.

I hope they can win. I hope that we can have the best defense in the league and this season won't be a cluster**** like it has been in past years when the Skins have brought in overpriced free agents and things can be a mess. Haynesworth has said he's out to prove the naysayers wrong and I hope he will so you Redskins fans can buy the Haynesworth jerseys and wear them with pride. Me, I'm sticking I'm staying oldschool and going with a guy who regularly dominated while he was a Skin (just picked up a white EQT jersey of Dexter's something I've wanted for a while now without paying Authentic style prices).

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