Friday, February 6, 2009

Important Dates and Weekend Updates/Other Crap

If you're bored and the other blogs out there have nothing new, keep your eyes on IIWII this weekend as I plan to have some more articles coming up about football, the draft, season tickets, comics, Ray Lewis and other things. I have plans to do a Live Blog during the Pro Bowl (as meaningless as it is you might get a tidbit of info. here or there).

Here's some dates of interest for the upcoming months (mark your calenders accordingly)
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Now - 2/19/2009: Franchise Tag/Transition Tag can be applied to upcoming Free Agents
2/8/2009 (4:30EST, NBC): Pro Bowl
2/18/2009- 2/24/2009 (NFLN)- Scouting Combine (more info. coming on IIWII)
2/27/2009: Free Agency Begins
3/6/2009: Watchmen (US theater and IMAX release)
3/22/2009: NFL Annual Meeting (Compensatory draft picks allotted during this)
4/25/2009-4/26/2009 (NFLN, ESPN): 2009 NFL Draft
5/1/2009: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the Wolverine movie)
5/21/2009: Terminator Salvation (Batman is John Connor!!!; written by Jon Nolan The Dark Knight)
5/29/2009: Up (Pixar goodness)
5/2009 and 6/2009: NFL Team OTAs (TBD based on team schedule)
6/26/2009: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Michael Bay makes it AWESOME!!)
7/1/2009: Public Enemies (Has Michael Mann made a bad film other than Miami Vice?)
7/2009: DC Comics- The Blackest Night (when actually starts TBD)
Late 7/2009- NFL Training Camps (TBD based on team schedule)

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