Sunday, February 8, 2009

Live Blog: Pro Bowl

Not a whole lot going on really.
Tony Gonzalez caught a TD pass from Manning.
Manning got sacked once.......

Will continue coverage on this post.

7-3 AFC

Nice 16 play drive that went for 0 by the AFC.

AFC scores again right before half.......14-3. NFC has looked pretty horrible.
Now an interview with Captain Obvious himself, John "Boom" Madden (yay!!!, shakes head).

Best play of the game........Drew Brees Hail Mary to Larry Fitzgerald.

Now more talking about the Super Bowl.....blah, blah, blah.

Collins picked by Winfield.
Eli still in there.

Eli gives up 1 handed INT. Is it just me, or is everybody else bored to tears?

Jared Allen with the strip fumble/sack. Kerry Collins is having a bad day (especially against Viking players).
17-14 NFC on A Peterson carry.

21-17 McClain on crappy trick play.
Man, the NFC looks horrible.

Larry Fitgerald is the MVP IMO.......TD NFC 24-21

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