Friday, February 6, 2009

New Links added for you off-season fanatics

Just added some nice links to help you through the dreary NFL off-season.

1. 2009 Free Agents- a nice Google spread sheet of who's available and what is their current status
(thanks to Jrockster over at ExtremeSkins for finding the link)

2. 2009 Combine Attendees: list of all the players participating at this year's combine.
(list provided from Pro Football Talk)

3.'s 2009 Player Rankings: IIWII already has a link to NFL Draft Countdown which contains great info. on players and overall rankings. also has a ranking sheet which we posted. (I plan on taking various rankings and coming up with a consensus top 25 or top 100 ranking prior to the draft). Also note- I wonder if Scout and the Redskins were on the same page as Scout gave it's only 5 star ratings to Thomas, Kelly and Davis of all the WRs and TEs last year.

4. Draft Trade Value Chart- want to argue a trade up or down? Don't want to look like an idiot on your messageboard while doing so? This may help......but probably won't.

All the links are in the reference sites portion of the blog.

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