Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh Yeah, We Signed Some Other Guys and Forgot to Tell You.....

Giving a shout out to ExtremeSkin poster ABSTRACT who mentioned a few days ago that the Skins signed a few other players to the roster. For some reason, nobody else has reported this (as far as I am aware- yes, I did look) the players in ABSTRACT's thread are listed on the Skins roster and are the following (click on player name for more info):
P-Zac AtterBerry

LS-Jeremy Cain

FB-Jonathan Evans

DB-Michael Grant

WR-Marques Hagans

OL-Rueben Riley

OL-Isaiah Ross

LB-Tyson Smith

Granted, Smith and Ross have been on the Skins roster before the end of the season (per their profiles) and many of them won't be on the final 53 man roster but who knows one of these guys could be the next Marcus Mason or Anthony Mix or Robert McCune that people can complain about why the Redskins cut.

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