Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars: Who Cares?

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Do you really care? I sure don't. I haven't seen any of these movies up for the big award. Apparently neither have most of you. Hardly any of these films have made any real money (ie. people saw said film) and even The Curious Case on Benjamin Button hasn't made it's production budget back yet.

The only movie that made serious dough (ie. people actually saw said film and liked it) and was considered Oscar worthy The Dark Knight has been almost completely snubbed. I guess Warner Bros., Chris Nolan and DC Comics can take solace that the film has made $1 billion dollars worldwide (cue Dr. Evil!!!).

Oh and Heath Ledger will win Best Supporting Actor. Count on it. It's the only reason people will be watching......'cause it's the only movie that people have seen.
Right, Slumdog Millionare.....Please.

No Clint Eastwood, no The Wrestler and no The Dark Knight = really boring crappy Oscars if you ask me.

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