Friday, February 13, 2009

Redskins Restructure Two: Cuts One

via Pro Football Talk, via The Washington Post

Here's the gist: The Skins restructured and extended the contracts of Antwaan Randle-El and Andre Carter. They're now signed through 2015 (which to me means they will probably end their careers in DC barring a release by the team). Basically, the Skins guaranteed money (via bonus) up front and lowered base salary thus lowering the cap hit now and spreading it out in future seasons.

This saved the Redskins about $4.4 million.
I'm not sure what I think about the move really. I'm not surprised by the restructuring because this is Redskins Front Office 101. Any Redskins fans surprised by this or that we're over and find ways to get back under hasn't been following the Skins the last few years.

As for the players, I think Carter is kind of an up and down player. In 2007 he had a great season sack-wise and did a better job containing the run (2006 he struggled in run coverage, although the Redskins in general looked horrid in most of '06). Last year his sack production dropped even with Jason Taylor on the other side (could it be b/c Carter wasn't on his normal side?) but the run coverage was fine. Still not sure if Andre Carter fits the DE profile that the Redskins scheme really calls for (see Phillip Daniels) but he has done it better than other smaller DE/LBs on the roster.
Randle-El gets a bad rap as a WR. He's essentially a #3 WR with some gadget ability and punt return skills. Problem is that he's become our #2 (and is being paid similar salary) because we failed miserably with Brandon Lloyd. His punt return skills have radically diminished (Dorsey, Tryon, Thomas or Hall ought to be our PR from now on when Moss isn't back there) and so the Redskins extend him? I don't want ARE gone, but I'd like to see him used correctly. Put him in the slot (hopefully Kelly and/or Thomas will make the jump to starter this year), give him opportunities to go one-on-one with a nickle DB or LB- he will make plays. Let's see some Wildcat formations. Hell, if the Ravens with Flacco as a WR can put in Troy Smith and run it why can't we do that with Randle-El (or Portis for that matter) and try to keep some teams on their toes?
Use him correctly that's all I ask.

Now for a segment called:

I don't get this move. The Redskins cut Ryan Plackemeier yesterday. Now, you can say the move makes sense based on stats. Overall, he had a lousy average (41.5) numerous touchbacks (10 with Washington) a very rough start (after we signed him and jettisoned rookie Durrant Brooks). But he came on strong at the end of the season and frankly had the best performance of most of the Skins in two of the last three weeks ( vs. the Bengals and the Eagles). He also earned special team player of the week honors.
So who do the Redskins acquire to replace him? One year player Zac Atterberry (a former Bear). And I know Atterberry is going to be so much better, just look at the stats. Oh, yeah HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY!!!!!!!! All we have to go on is this You Tube footage of one punt in the preseason (found by The Redskins Blog):

I'm really hoping this isn't the Durrant Brooks experiment all over again. Maybe this guy will be a huge steal.....god, I hope so.

I was hoping the Skins would have brought Plackemeier and Atterberry and maybe even one other guy in and have them battle it out in OTAs and training camp. Maybe the Skins still will do never can tell.

Update: Plackemeier has been signed by the Bengals.

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