Thursday, February 26, 2009

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

What do you the viewers at home think?

Ray Lewis has a tough decision to make in the next few days: Re-sign with the Ravens or look elsewhere to another team (possibly the Jets or the Cowboys) for the bigger, better deal.
There are pros and cons on each possible choice and IIWII decided to look into what is Ray's best move.

If He Stays:
Ray Lewis is worshipped as a Baltimorian God. I was talking to a Ravens fan today and he and I both agreed that if there was a sports Mt. Rushmore for Baltimore it would probably have Cal Ripken Jr., Johnny Unitas, Ray Lewis and Brooks Robinson (we debated Brooks, or Michael Phelps etc.). Hell, Lewis could probably run for Mayor of Baltimore and probably win (he's had much less indictments than current Mayor Sheila Dixon). Lewis will have many years of being able to do endorsements for local car companies and anybody else (including Maryland based Under Armour) which will make up for the less up front monies that he wouldn't get if he stays. He'll have his tearful farewell (much like Ripken had) and will still be the locker room leader.

If He Goes:
He will make the big, big bucks. His jersey sales will probably jump (like Owens did in Dallas or Favre's did when he joined the Jets) and he will get a ton of media buzz and attention. But, will Lewis still be able to have his "entrance"? Will Lewis be allowed to run the locker room and will his new teammates respect his leadership or just ignore him. If he struggles he will be thrown under the bus by the same media that adored him earlier.

I think his best bet is to retire as a Raven........we'll know soon enough.

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