Friday, February 13, 2009

Skins land a Snapper; Other Redskins news

The Redskins have announced that Ethan Albright will be back with the Redskins as he signed another one year veteran minimum deal today. Good Long Snappers are hard to come by and the 2007 Pro Bowler and "worst ranked Madden player" is a player you usually can't miss and are always glad to have back in Burgundy and Gold.

Another Speedy Back Signed
The Skins also grabbed RB/KR Anthony Alridge off of waivers from Denver.
Alridge is a smaller speed back (5-9, 185lbs.) but may fill that "home run" speed back that the Skins have been looking for.
Alridge was signed as a undrafted rookie, IRed and then released. But it seems like the FO may have another diamond in the rough potential player here. Let's hope so.

The move isn't that suprising as the Skins add at least one RB to the team to allow Portis to keep the touches to a minimal in pre-season (and Betts to an extent as well). What is surprising is the type of backs being acquired. First the Skins signed Dorsey from the CFL (a speedster) and then Alridge (a speedster). This makes me think two things 1) the Skins want to bring in a few guys to be the 3rd down speed back and the best one gets the job. or 2) Maybe the Skins are changing the run scheme again. Moving away from the Gibbsian power run and slowly into a more zone scheme that would allow faster players (like Portis and these guys) an opportunity to cut back with less set up and pulling. Which also would be beneficial to the Skins if they drafted a OT like Jason Smith who many experts think would excel in a zone scheme.
Just throwing the theory out there.

My Take on Vinny's Hollywood Career

This has been discussed on message boards and other places for awhile now. Matter of fact some guy named Walking Deadman brought it up on ExtremeSkins almost two years ago on this thread, of course that thread didn't have pictures and scenes from a really bad (I mean MST3K or worse bad...."it's an insult to the word horrible, it stars no one.") movie. It's amazing how many people absolutely hate Vinny. I'm still giving him a chance (even though I wonder about some moves as well) since we're only in year two of Vinny Cerrato: Officially Unofficial GM.
Oh well, if the Skins continue to fail maybe Vinny can ask Mr. Snyder to get some acting lessons from Tom Cruise.
"Sure he can be in Valkyrie 2: Hitler Strikes Back"

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