Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where do the Skins Stand With The Cap?

By now, you've seen the report on PFT that there is a rumor that the Redskins will be signing Albert Haynesworth. Most Redskins fans by now know that every player that is a big name free agent (actually any free agent) is linked to the Redskins.

I don't like the move even if the Redskins could afford it, but I'm pretty sure that they can't. This would especially be true if the PFT rumor of $15-16 million/season is the case.

Let's crunch some numbers shall we:
I'm going by the unofficial numbers created by Warpath (see link on side of blog). So these numbers may not fully be accurate, but it should be close and it's more than I can get anywhere else.

I believe that they already adjusted for Randlel-El and Carter's restructures. This has the Skins just slightly above the $123 estimated cap number: $123,624,000.

Subtract Marcus Washington's savings ($4.5 million)= $119,124,000

Subtract Phillip Daniel's deal- now voided ($2.293 million)= $116,831,000

Chris Samuels has just restructured his deal per The Post so let's just hypothetically say the Skins shaved $3 million (I'm guessing it will be less) =$113, 831,000

Now granted the Skins could still cut some players like Springs, Taylor and Griffin.
However, the Skins won't (shouldn't IMO) cut Springs if Hall hasn't been resigned. It has been reported by The Post and Yahoo that Jason Taylor will be back in 2009. That leaves Griffin who would save about $3.5 million if cut.

So let's hypothetically take that off the cap = $110,331,000
So can the Skins afford a player with a $15 million/year salary (add) = $125,331,000.
Answer: NO
Plus, the Skins would still need money to re-sign DeAngelo Hall, other players like Pete Kendall any free agents that they might be targeting (like a DE or a OLB) and have room for their rookie draft pool.

So barring something crazy, I find it highly unlikely that this is going to happen. Why aren't other folks out there crunching numbers to make the same conclusion?

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Anonymous said...

they always structure a deal in such a way that it gets them under the cap. Skins may not always have the brightest mind when it comes to selection of Draft Picks (when they have picks) or Free Agency, but they are Salary Cap GENIUSES!!

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