Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who Should the Redskins Pick at #13?

As you probably know by now, I think the Skins have big needs on the O and D lines (alot of Redskins fans would agree with me). So here's the deal: The Skins only have 4 picks to try and build our depth we have our 1st round pick at #13 which means we may have a chance of getting some sort of top tier OT, DT or DE.

So what should we do and who should we pick?
As to who I'm not sure just yet and of course it depends on who's still on the board.
But I have a few guys in mind.
I look at it this way scenario-wise:
1. If any of the top four OT prospects are still on the board (Andre Smith, Jason Smith, Monroe or Oher) we have to take who's available. Chris Samuels isn't getting any younger and we could use depth and a solid starter at RT. If we draft one of these guys, we start him at RT and eventually rotate him to LT (in a year or two) and either Heyer or another player becomes our new RT.

2. I think it might be considered a reach (at least right now) but if Peria Jerry is there at #13 I think we take him. Yes, I know BJ Raji is considered the top prospect and that Jerry in many rankings is in the late-teens/early-twenties but after watching some highlight reels and watching his performance at the Senior Bowl, I think he'd be a perfect fit for the Skins 4-3. The Skins really lack a double-teaming disruptive force that prevents a QB from being able to step up in the pocket. Raji looks like he'll excel as a 3-4 NT and may not be as effective in what the Skins are running.

3. Elite DE- I'm not fully convinced that Orakpo or Brown really fit the Redskins defensive scheme. Remember Skins fans, Greg Blache (and formerly Gregg Williams) wants DEs that can contain the run and pressure the QB. We've tried the lighter DE packages with Taylor and Carter and it has been a struggle.It seems like the Skins really want a Phillip Daniels type of DE that can get the sack (with good down field coverage) and stuff an outside run. Tyson Jackson fits that mold (at least in size) but again is about a 20th ranked player........if DEs are only on the board, maybe we should trade down and try to get more picks.

4. Crazy scenario- Somehow an Aaron Curry falls to the Skins or the Skins are convinced that Jason Campbell will not succeed and Brennan isn't a starter and Sanchez or Stafford falls to #13. Maybe you go BPA. But I seriously doubt it will happen.

In conclusion I think if one of the top four OTs or Raji or Jerry is there, we take them. If none of these guys are down maybe take a Tyson Jackson or Duke Robinson in the mid-twenties and get some extra picks (maybe another 3rd and a 4th?). That's my take, for now. This will all probably change after the combine.

Anyway I found some nice highlight reels of some of the players I just mentioned....enjoy!

Andre Smith:

Eugene Monroe:

Michael Oher:

Peria Jerry:

BJ Raji:

Brian Orakpo:

Could not find any footage of Jason Smith OT

Tyson Jackson:

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