Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who Stays and Who Goes? (Part 2 of 3)

Players on the Bubble

Phillip Daniels- 2009 Salary: $2.607 million, release fee $314 thousand; Net Savings $2.293 million
To me, Phillip Daniels is the prototypical DE in the 4-3 scheme that the Skins run. A bigger lineman that can contain the run and is strong enough to shed blockers. His numbers the last few years have been pretty consistent and except for injuries in 2004 and the ACL injury last year, he's been healthy for the most part. Age (his 14th season) and coming off an ACL injury may lead the Skins to look elsewhere, but I doubt it. Since I am convinced that Taylor will probably be gone, if Daniels goes that pretty much leaves Carter, Evans (who is a UFA), Wilson, Jackson and Buzbee. Not much depth there as Jackson and Buzbee have little experience. Barring a starting DE free agent being signed or a DE drafted on day one of the draft I think Daniels stays.

Cornelius Griffin- 2009 Salary: $6.166 million, release fee $2.549 mill.; Net Savings:$ 3.617 mill.
I just don't think this happens. First, we have three DTs currently who will be FAs (Golston, Montgomery and Boschetti). Griffin still is one of the all around best DTs on the team. Only issue is injuries and he's missed less games than you may think. Barring a radical turnover and influx of a lot of new defensive tackles I expect him back and a starter.

Rushing through a few more players:
- Rock Cartwright: Our #3 RB may have some competition with newly acquired (and cheaper) PR/KR/RB Dominique Dorsey. The Skins may not want to keep 4 RBs on the team, but even though Rock lacks that 5th gear he is a very talented KR and averaged 25.6 yds/return last year (24. 4 yds/return career). Even though a release would save the Skins some money (approx. 800 thousand) it's not worth the loss of a very valuable special teams player

- Jon Jansen: His starting ability is a serious point of concern. While Jansen still is a mauler and can dominate in the run game, he has struggled a great deal in pass protection the last few seasons. He has also had two season ending injuries in the last few years. Jansen could be a player on the bubble if it came to a roster spot issue. However, with the lack of depth on the O-line and veterans like Jason Fabini and Pete Kendall becoming free agents I doubt Jansen is going anywhere. My guess is that if the Redskins draft an OT Jansen will play a Jason Fabini role and be the main backup RT/RG (Jansen has said before that he is willing to learn the Guard position to extend his career). If not I expect him to be battling with Heyer for the RT spot again. Plus, cutting Jansen would cost the Redskins an additional 3 million. So I expect the longest current tenured Skin to be here in 2009.

Note: all cap numbers obtained from the Warpath's Redskin's Cap database/spreadsheet

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