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Redskins News and Notes 3/30/09

Welcome Back......Phillip Daniels

The Washington Times is reporting that Phillip Daniels has decided to re-sign with the Skins. Daniels will sign a one year deal for the veteran minimum. Daniels' contract will only cost the Skins about $510,000 because of a clause in the CBA with veteran players.

It's a very good and very smart move by the Skins as both Daniels and newly signed Renaldo Wynn can share snaps at the LDE position and tutor younger players like Buzbee, Jackson and anybody else the Skins sign or draft. Also, it puts a little less emphasis/need on drafting a DE at #13 (again, I suggest Michael Oher or Andre Smith if Oher isn't there).

Speaking of the Cap.......

Looking at the unofficial salary cap numbers from The Warpath adding Daniels' salary should keep the Redskins about $8.4 million under the cap. With only 5 draft picks and even having a "rainy day" fund for injuries the Skins should have enough money to go after another free agent player to fill a need or depth. This includes UFA Khary Campbell or even cut Redskin Marcus Washington.

Vinny back on The Red Zone
Vinny Cerrato had a special "Inside the Red Zone" on ESPN 98o's Friday Broadcast. In it he talked about why the Skins cut Jason Taylor, the signings and re-signings of players like Dockery, Haynesworth and Hall and the draft. I'm not going into a great deal of it because you can read the partial transcripts here and here (via The Redskins Blog) and listen to the whole interview here
(via ESPN 980's audio vault).
Notable points:
- all of the remaining FA signings will be Vet. minimum deals only
- Vinny gives a great bit of detail about how the team evaluates draft candidates and how their pre-War Room evaluations work (I'm not going to list it here but it's a good read/worth listening)
- Discussed Stephon Heyer's progress and what he needs to improve upon and that he needs to win the job:
"Stephon is playing right tackle. That's it. He is a right tackle. He is playing right tackle right now. I said, 'hey, Stephon. Take that job. Go get that job."
- He didn't reveal much about who the Redskins are looking at #13 (not surprised really) stating that it's still too early in the process, but here are some notable quotes of the week about 2 players.

Notable Vinny Quotes of the Week:

On if University of Texas DE Brian Orakpo will be there at the thirteenth pick:
Cerrato: "No. He will not be there."
On Andre Smith, who Walker calls "the nastiest guy I saw on film," and if he would be a viable pick if he dropped to thirteen:
Cerrato: "He would be a definite candidate Doc."

-From Inside the Red Zone: March 27, 2009 (Transcribed by The Redskins Blog)

Meaningless Games Announced

The Redskins preseason schedule has been announced. Thankfully, there is no Hall of Fame Game this year. However, the four games will be against tough opponents:

Week 1: @ Baltimore (August 13th tentative)
Week 2: vs. Pittsburgh (August 20-24th)
Week 3: vs. New England (August 28th)
Week 4: @ Jacksonville (Spetember 3-4th)

The good news is that we don't play any of these teams this year in the regular season. The bad news, is that all four of theses teams play hard (ie injury concerns) and I personally just hope we keep the starters off the field as much as possible.

Amendment to the IIWII Consensus Pick......
Last week I announced that IIWII had selected Michael Oher as our draft pick at #13 and I still stand by it, however if he isn't there and Andre Smith is available, then I want us to take Andre Smith. Same argument for Oher goes for Smith. If neither are there, I want the Skins to a) Trade Down if possible b) Draft Robert Ayers or c) Draft Rey Maualuga.

More Draft Stuff
Interesting Mock Draft from Michael Lombardi of National Football Post and Path to the Draft
Read *Here*
While I think the Redskins drafting Michael Crabtree at #13 is insane, what I found interesting is that he left Rey Maualuga out of the first round. His explanation:

"I did not include Rey Maualuga of USC because he doesn’t play on third down. Additionally, when a team is in a three-receiver set on first down, he’s also not in the game. He will only play about 40 percent of the time, and no matter how effective he is in that 40 percent, it’s still very hard to draft someone in the first round who cannot affect third down. I know he’s a good player, but the first round requires you to pick players who can play full time, not part time."

Now you can understand why I haven't been as high on Maualuga as others.
Of course Redskins Beat Reporter (for ESPN980) Frank Hanrahan has the Skins picking Maualuga. So does Larry Michael.........

Quick Hits
The Skins are working out in the offseason program and almost everybody is there. This includes Albert Haynesworth, Clinton Portis and Devin Thomas. Thomas who was criticized for not being there at the start of the VOLUNTARY program (I have to make it clear media out there that this is voluntary!!!!!) was shown on Redskins Nation working out with Jason Campbell on the practice field. Also, major Kudos to Redskins Nation for showing the fans this and the "Wired Up" segments.

Sorry for the Hiatus......

For those readers who check out IIWII daily or a couple times a week......I haven't been well the last few days and haven't been posting.

I do have some more stuff coming.....keep checking back.


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The IIWII Concensus pick at #13

Every year I have a favorite draft candidate that I'd like to see the Redskins draft. This started around 2004 when I actually found the draft interesting and had time to actually give NFL Football the fanatical obsession that I give it now (before then school got in the way).

Anyway here are my picks from past years:
2004- Sean Taylor
2005- Antrel Rolle or Carlos Rogers
2006- (2nd rounder) D'Qwell Jackson
2007- Amobi Okoye
2008- Branden Albert

Before I announce my choice I want to write about this year's spot at #13. Personally it's a tough choice. Obviously there is/will be talent at that spot. However, each candidate isn't a "sure-fire" pick. Also, the Skins have three big areas of need: RT, DE, SOLB and despite the claims of Best Player Available it's pretty clear cut that one of these positions must be addressed with pick #13 (barring a trade back).

Quarterback really should be a non-factor this season whether Jason Campbell succeeds or fails. This is his year to prove it one way or another.......and if he falters why not give Colt Brennan a shot (even my wife said this when I mentioned that the Skins will be having a private workout with Sanchez. "What about Colt Brennan, why isn't he playing?" she said)?

Linebacker is clearly a need. Fletcher is getting older. We don't have a starting SOLB. HB Blades looks more of a MLB than a SOLB even though he's versatile. Past him, there's little depth. Linebacker would make sense but I'm really not sold on Cushing at #13. Experts say he's very stiff and has limited pass rush ability, but he's a hard worker/blue collar type and a decent tackler. Maualuga has similar problems......injury concerns, poor Wonderlic score but a big hitter, a leader and some have compared him to Junior Seau. But he plays inside and we need a outside LB. Neither were three down LBs either which you'd hope for in a early 1st rounder.

Defensive End is another key need. If you've read my post on ExtremeSkins or here, you probably know that Dexter Manley is my all-time favorite 'Skin. So obviously I care a great deal about DEs. Matter of fact the Redskins haven't had a real elite DE since the days of Manley and Charles Mann. It would be nice to have a talented young pass rusher to go along with Albert Haynesworth and Andre Carter (when Carter is playing well he can dominate, problem is we've only seen it in 2007- 06' and 08' were not his best years). So let's look at the class of 2009.

Brian Orakpo is a monster. The only drawback to him has nothing really to do with him: Vernon Gholston. He probably will be the 1st DE/OLB 'tweener off the board and I see him going as high as #3. Everette Brown and Aaron Maybin are interesting prospects but both may struggle against the run and may be better suited for a 3-4 scheme (as a OLB). Tyson Jackson would be a great run stuffer but is limited as a pass rusher and some think he might excell the best as a 3-4 DE (more of a run stuffer and pocket collapser than a edge rusher). Then there's Robert Ayers and Larry English who are rising up draft boards but while some consider them top picks, others consider them huge reaches at the 13th spot.

So then comes the other need position.......offensive tackle. Now when you look at stats you can argue that the need at DE could be greater than OT because the Skins were 28th in the league in sacks (24) but if you look at Jason Campbell he was sacked 38 times last year (10th worst in the league; #1 was the 49ers who gave up 55 sacks). 38 sacks is a big number and that doesn't count how many times Campbell was hit. Also, you may have noticed that this team lives and dies off of the run game and as Portis got hit and the season progressed the line started showing its age. The Redskins made the right move bringing back Derrick Dockery when he became available, but the team still needs some youth especially at the tackle position.

Obviously Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are the best prospects at the position and both will probably be long gone before #13. Andre Smith has a great deal of potential. He has the frame that may make him a four position player on the line (something that Joe Bugel loves) and while there are questions about his future as a left tackle he might be a great talent at RT and either guard position. But there are serious red flags. Smith's work ethic must be questioned and unless he radically gets in shape for private team workouts it will remain a huge issue. Also, one must be concerned of his smarts/common sense and/or who's giving him advice. Preparing for the draft is nothing new and each year there seems to be more focus on training for the combine. Smith wasn't ready at all.......but he has great game tape.
This brings me to my choice: Michael Oher.

Oher has amazing upside as a talent. You can read his profile on NFL Draft Countdown here
He seems to be able to dominate and should be a valuable asset. The problems are that there are concerns about intelligence and learning the scheme, that he's inconsistent and that he needs to improve upon his technique. Well, we just learned that Oher actually had a better Wonderlic score than Andre Smith (Oher scored a 19 which is pretty good) and was close to the scores of Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe. Help with technique and learning the scheme shouldn't be that bad if he comes to Washington. I mean Joe Bugle will be coaching him. He'll be working with guys like Jansen, Thomas, Dockery, Rabach and multi-time pro bowler Chris Samuels. I think in a season or two he'd be ready to take over for Chris Samuels, but until then he'd be a great right tackle learning with some great players. In my opinion he'd be a great fit in Washington and the Redskins may be able to allow him to develop to his full potential as an all pro left tackle.

If the Skins don't trade back and he's there at #13, or if they trade back and somehow he's still there....I think he's the guy. Here's some more footage of Oher via You Tube:

Monday, March 23, 2009

We've got another pick yay!!!!!!

More reason to watch the end of the draft on April 26th.

Per PFT:
The Skins have been awarded an additional 7th rounder (243 overall) via the compensatory picks.

The Skins can use the pick as they now have 5 total picks..........

and who knows, last year's 7th round compensatory pick was a guy named Chris Horton.

The whole list is here.

How They Draft: Rounds 6 and 7

Criteria: This is harder to judge but my criteria as follows, player needs to make the team/active roster and play a minimum of two seasons. Does not have to be a starter and is expected to be depth/STer. Does not have to be on active gameday roster on a regular basis.

Round 6
1999- Jeff Hall (181)
Comment- Played in only 3 games in 2000 for the Rams.
Grade: Bust

2000- Todd Husak (202)
Comment- Played in only 1 game during his one year career.
Grade: Bust

2001- Mario Monds (186)
Comment- Never played for the Redskins, did play two seasons for the Bengals and Dolphins.
Grade: Bust (didn't make team with Skins)

2002- Reggie Coleman (192)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2004- Jim Molinaro (180)
Comment- Played three seasons for the Skins, played in 15 games
Grade: Boom

2005- Jared Newberry (183)
Comment- I think injuries ended his career
Grade: Bust

2006- Reed Doughty (173)
Comment- Solid depth and STer, took over starting role in 2007 after ST's death
Grade: Boom
2006- Kedric Golston (196)
Comment- Solid depth player and occasional starter
Grade: Boom

2007- HB Blades (179)
Comment- STer/depth LB and spot starter, very versatile and heir apparent to London Fletcher
Grade: Boom
2007- Jordan Palmer (205)
Comment- did not make active roster, now backs up his brother in Cincy
Grade: Bust

2008- Durant Brooks (168)
Comment- cut by Redskins and Packers; had mediocre 1st year
Grade: Bust
2008- Kareem Moore (180)
Comment- Played in 14 games (started 1). STer who the 'Skins plan to use more in 2009
Grade: Incomplete (if he makes the roster, he'll be a Boom in my book)
2008- Colt Brennan (186)
Comment- Had a great pre-season, has his own cult of fans, should compete for the #2 QB spot in 2009
Grade: Incomplete (if he makes the active roster, he'll be rated as a Boom).

So How Have They Done?
Boom- 31%
Bust- 54%
Incomplete- 15%
If you assume Brennan and Moore make the 2009 roster then the Boom/Bust ratio is about 50/50, which is actually pretty good for late round picks to pan out. Also, the Skins have done much better in finding talent in the 6th round since 2004 (only 3 Busts out of 9 players).

Round 7

1999- Tim Alexander(217)
Comment- who?
Grade: Bust

2000- Delbert Cowsette (217)
Comment- Played 2 seasons for the Skins playing in 32 games (recorded 2 sacks)
Grade: Boom
2000- Ethan Howell (250)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2002- Rock Cartwright (257)
Comment- Special Teams Ace and depth RB, team leader
Grade: Boom
2002- Greg Scott (234)
Comment- Played in 4 games in two seasons, technically fits the criteria as a Boom player
Grade: Boom
2002- Jeff Grau (230)
Comment- played two seasons for other teams, never made the Skins roster.
Grade: Bust

2003- Gibran Hamdan (232)
Comment- Played in one game for the Skins has bounced around the NFL since as a 2nd/3rd string QB. Still in the NFL.
Grade: Boom

2005- Nehemiah Broughton (222)
Comment- Played in 6 games in 2 seasons for the Skins, was on practice squad in 2008
Grade: Boom

2006- Kili Lefotu (230)
Comment- Was cut after getting arrested in a bar fight
Grade: Bust
2006- Kevin Simon (250)
Comment- none
Grade: Bust

2007- Tyler Ecker (216)
Comment- IRed in 2007, was cut in 2008
Grade: Bust

2008- Rob Jackson (242)
Comment- Played in three games in 2008
Grade- Incomplete (will be a Boom player if makes 2009 roster)
2008- Chris Horton (249)
Comment- played in 14 games, became a starter and should be the incumbent starter heading into traing camp
Grade- Boom (became a starter in rookie season, should have been a DRotY candidate)

So How Have They Done?

Boom- 46%
Bust- 46%
Incomplete- 8%

Again, not bad for what you expect in the 7th round. Also, note the Skins have found two significant contributors from the 7th round.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

With the 13th Pick, The Washington Redskins Select.......

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Add another possible candidate to the list of players the Redskins could draft at #13. has the full story but here is the interesting tidbit for the Redskin fans:

"On Wednesday afternoon, March 25, the 6-foot-2, 227-pound quarterback is scheduled will have a private workout for the Washington Redskins at USC."
-Ed Thompson
(2009 NFL Draft: Busy week ahead for Sanchez)

So what does this mean for the Redskins?
Could be a bunch of different things.

We know that the team doesn't have full confidence in Jason Campbell's future as they have yet to give him a contract extension (Campbell will be either a *Restricted Free Agent or a Unrestricted Free Agent in 2010). The Redskins have also have shown some interest (or at least have/may inquire) in disgruntled Broncos QB Jay Cutler according to DC Examiner's John Keim. Yet, Campbell has received glowing praise from head coach Jim Zorn this off season. Campbell has also been present during off season workouts and Vinny Cerrato ('Skins officially unofficial GM) has said that Campbell is the starter and that they're not going after Cutler.

Of course this leaves many questions if the Redskins went after Sanchez:
What happens to Jason Campbell (trade him, cut him, bench him)?
Does Colt Brennan get a shot (trust me, drafting Sanchez will piss off more Redskins fans/Cult of Colt worshippers wanting Brennan to start than possibly setting the franchise back with a rookie QB or not finding out if Campbell could succeed here)?
Who fills the vacancies at SOLB, DE and RT (I'm not convinced Jansen or Heyer is the guy at this point)?

The other thought is that this is a smokescreen. Maybe the Skins want to know if there is anybody interested in trading for Jason Campbell. Maybe the Skins want the demand for Sanchez to go up if they are in the group of teams interested in Sanchez (ie. if the Skins trade back, could they get more value from a team that wants to trade into their spot). Maybe the Skins don't want teams to think they're going after a OT or a DE or LB (all positions of need).
Maybe the Skins just want to bring him in and meet him just in case.........
All teams do this. Wine and dine potential draftees and show them how great it would be to play for that team. If there is good chemistry and the player isn't drafted by the team, he may join the team in the future as a FA (or possibly a trade).

Maybe Zorn just wants to see another new QB.......who knows.

Heck, Sanchez may not even be there at #13. He might go #1 overall to the Lions. He's also been on some mocks at #8 to the Jaguars (also working Sanchez out this upcoming week) and #10 to the 49ers.

If the Skins didn't have needs at SOLB, DE and RT (which I hope in 2 seasons or less will be our future LT) I'd be all for it. Sanchez has impressed me on how he handles himself and his workouts. He comes from a great program in USC and looks like he has the drive and desire to be an elite (or at least successful) QB in the NFL. My only problem is that we need starters now either at #13 or later in round 1 or early round 2 and taking a shot on Sanchez and scrapping all the work on Campbell after one year under Zorn just seems to be a huge waste.

Campbell did improve a great deal last year even though he didn't throw a great deal of TDs and regressed as the season progressed. 2009 is a contract year. For Campbell it's really a do or die scenario. If he has a pro bowl caliber season (or a entire season of how he played when the Skins were 6-2 in 2008) he will get paid by the Skins or another team. If he falters, he'll be the next Patrick Ramsey.

Anyway here's some highlights of Sanchez via You Tube:

* If 2010 remains an uncapped year, Campbell becomes a RFA. If there is a new CBA, Campbell will be a UFA.

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March Madness, Terps Advance!!!!

I'm not the biggest follower of basketball (either pro or college) but I do follow it enough to root for some of the local college teams (namely Georgetown and Maryland) when the NCAA tourney starts. Maryland advanced today beating Cal. 84-71. It's enough for me. I was surprised that they made it, but they won enough important games to get in and now they took out a team that basically was Maryland's mirror image. Now they go on to play Memphis. But if you're a Terps fan or alumni of Maryland, you should be proud of your men's basketball team today.

Draft Trade Scenarios

Obviously, the Skins could use more draft picks.
Currently they have only a 1st (13), 3rd (80), 5th (142) and a 6th (173).
The Skins have three starting positions currently up for grabs or unfilled (DE, RT, SOLB) and could use depth at various positions (OL, DE, LB, CB, S).

One way to help is by trading #13 overall and get more picks. The result? More players (maybe less talented, maybe not) that are probably cheaper but in some cases quantity is better that quality and with the draft being a very popular guessing game, this could be a smart move.

Plus, Oher and A. Smith are Boom/Bust guys. Some of the other players aren't considered worthy of going that high......etc. etc. I'm not fully convinced that at #13 in 2009 the Redskins will be finding the next elite player (like we found in a Sean Taylor at #5 in 2004). Not saying that this is the right move but it is very plausible. So here are some scenarios (note I based overall moves based on the value trade chart from Huddle Report) and feel free to share them with your friends/message board pals (and you can blame me for the stupid concepts).

Chicago Bears
Why Trade: The Bears are considering an upgrade to QB or they need to improve upon their O-line and Andre Smith's versatility fits the need. The Skins aren't sold on Smith's work ethic and don't feel the need at drafting a QB this season.
Who must be there at #13: Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Josh Freeman
Give/Get: Redskins give up #13 overall (1150)/ Get #18 overall (900), #84 overall (170) and #115 overall (64)
End Result: The Redskins recoup a 4th rounder and get an extra 3rd rounder to move back 5 spots.

New York Jets
Why Trade: Much like the Bears, the Jets may want an upgrade to QB. They might try to move up to prevent Chicago and possibly Tampa from making the move.
Who must be there at #13: Mark Sanchez, possibly Josh Freeman
Give/Get: Redskins give up #13 overall (1150)/ Get #17 Overall (950), #76 Overall (210)
End Result: Skins get an additional 3rd to move back 4 spots.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Why Trade: Bucs may be looking for a QB, also may have interest in Rey Maualuga or if Maclin or Crabtree fall to #13
Who must be there at #13: Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman, Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree, Rey Maualuga.
Give/Get: Redskins give up #13 overall (1150)/ Get #19 overall (875), #81 overall (185), #116 (62) and #200 overall (12.4)
End Result: Skins get an extra 3rd rounder, recoup a 4th rounder and 7th rounder to move back 6 spots.

Miami Dolphins
Why Trade: Dolphins could use another corner, may have interest in a LB like Maualuga or Cushing
Who must be there at #13: Rey Maualuga or Brian Cushing, Malcolm Jenkins.
Give/Get: Redskins give up #13 overall (1150) and #142 overall (34)/ Get #25 overall (720) and #44 overall (460)
End Result: Skins move back 12 spots and give up a 5th to regain their 2nd round pick. All this for one sub-par year of Jason Taylor.

Detroit Lions
Why Trade: Remember the Brady Quinn move by the Browns a few years ago? Well, Detroit may pull this either by taking Monroe or J. Smith at #1 and then trying to trade up for Sanchez or Stafford (or even Freeman possibly). Or draft Stafford at #1 and then get your LT by trading down for Michael Oher or Andre Smith.
Who must be there at #13: Either Andre Smith/Michael Oher or Mark Sanchez/Matt Stafford/ Josh Freeman.
Give/Get: Redskins give up #13 overall (1150) , #80 overall (190) and #173 overall (23.2)/ Get #20 overall (850), #65 overall (265), #82 overall (180), #161 overall (28) and #179 overall (20.8) (Skins could try and get #129 of the Lions instead of #161 and #179)
End Result: Skins get the 1st pick of the third round and either an extra fifth rounder or two six rounders for 7 spots back in the first, 2 spots back in the third and their 6th rounder.

New England Patriots
Why Trade: The Patriots are pushing for another Super Bowl run and they are rumored to trade for Julius Peppers. The Panthers want a higher pick than what the Pats have. Enter the Washington Redskins.......
Who Must be the at #13: Nobody really, depends on what the Panthers want.
Give/Get Scenario #1 (Pats trade 1st rounder in deal): Redskins give #13 overall (1150)/ Get #23 overall (760), #58 overall (320), #120 overall (54) and #217 overall (5.6)
Give/Get Scenario #2 (Pats keep their 1st rounder): Redskins give #13 overall (1150)/ Get #34 overall (560), #47 overall (430), #89 overall (145) and #186 overall (18)
End Result: The Redskins get 4 picks by either moving down 10 spots or out of the 1st. Most of these picks recoup the other picks lost. NE still has a bunch of top picks and Julius Peppers and Carolina gets #13 overall and back into the 1st round.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Wasn't This a Super Bowl Commercial?

It's funny, it's catchy. It has a singing plastic fish and music from a Casio.
And I normally don't eat Fillet O' Fish sandwiches but maybe I will.......

Redskins News and Notes

Welcome Back:
Renaldo Wynn- #97 returns to DC. Wynn will help stuff the outside run and work well in rotation, he won't be that elite pass rushing DE the Skins would like opposite of Andre Carter but I expect a sack or two from him.

Maybe Phllip Daniels as well soon........

Skins Trade Entire Team for Jay Cutler?

DC Examiner has a report that the Redskins have interest in getting Jay Cutler in a three way trade possibly involving the Broncos and the Chiefs. Of course that's not stopping other sites claiming the trades are going down involving Chris Cooley or other Redskins. And that's not including some of our dear friends at ExtremeSkins who don't mind giving up Jason Campbell, Laron Landry, Cooley and/or multiple draft picks for Cutler. Here's an example:

"JC + Laron Landry + 3rd Rounder for Cutler"
ExtremeSkins also has a thread about what should the Skins give up for Cutler (if anything at all).
More on the Haynesworth Indictment
From PFW:
They basically mention that the Skins were aware of the charges and don't feel it will be significant.
I think that Haynesworth has more to worry about from Roger Goodell or a civil suit than anything else.
I also love how some in the media have been critical of the Redskins for not addressing the Haynesworth situation or talking about it. My question to them is did the Ravens have front page coverage of Ray Lewis' indictments a few years ago? Or the Falcons and Mike Vick? Or Pacman and the Titans? If your a football team, you try to talk about player legal issues to a minimal. But speaking of the Redskins talking about Haynesworth.............

Notable Vinny Quote of the Week:

Larry Michael: "What's the deal with that.....story we saw about Albert with his car accident?"

Vinny: "Yeah, I don't know much about it. Y'know it's um...reckless driving."
-From Redskins Nation March 13th, 2009

My Final Take on Jason Taylor

IIWII asked it's readers how they felt about the move to cut Jason Taylor and here was your response:
77% Good Move
23% Bad Move

(13 votes made)

If anybody uses this as a source, feel free. But I'd like to make this clear this is my opinion and my opinion only.

The entire Jason Taylor situation (from his acquisition to his departure) has been based on situation and need.
Yes, the Redskins made the move and they gave up a 2nd (2009) and a 6th (2010) in order to get him and are currently being ripped by many for giving up so much to get in the end so little (20+ tackles, 3.5 sacks 5 batted balls or so in only 8 starts/13 total games). But the real question is would have the Redskins made the move if Phillip Daniels and Alex Buzbee hadn't gone down with season ending injuries?

I don't think so. Evans (who wound up being the main starter) was considered a solid depth player and spot starter, but had never been asked to be a full-time starter. Chris Wilson has been nice as a pass rusher but is not the every down DE. Nobody else were locks to even make the roster (Erasmus James and rookie Rob Jackson were pretty much question marks). So the move had to be made. Now should there be criticism about the lack of roster depth at the time? Yes, that's pretty fair assessment and that should be where the main finger should be pointed at the front office. Give the Redskins some credit, they were desperate and the Dolphins knew it but the Dolphins only got a 2nd and the 6th in 2010. Remember at the 2008 draft and before, the Dolphins wanted at minimum a 2008 1st rounder to get Taylor.

Now move to late February and now........
The Redskins made it clear that they wanted Taylor to stay and with the money from the restructures and cuts was enough to make the three moves they wanted to make. It's here that the story sounds a bit basic. The Skins cut Taylor when they asked him to add a clause that he'd come to Ashburn 3 days a week for off season workouts (thus, about a 75% participation rate). Sounds kind of trivial right?

I think there's much more to it than this:
Like I said before, it seems that the Redskins did want Taylor to stay. It makes sense. How many fans were salivating at a healthy Jason Taylor on the same line with Albert Haynesworth? I know I was curious to see it and I'm sure that Daniel Snyder did as well. I mean this sounds like something Snyder would do right (despite if there was any chemistry or if the player fit the scheme). So what happened?

Here's what I think happened:
1) The Redskins wanted Taylor to be in their program so they could work on his size. Taylor is in amazing shape, but a football athlete trains differently than a ballroom dancing athlete. Did it look to you that Taylor looked thinner and lanky than he had in past years? It did to me. The Skins probably wanted Taylor's shape to look more like pass rushing defensive end with a little more bulk to help in the run game.

2) The Redskins planned on having him play a large portion of SOLB. Let's forget about whether this would have worked or not, the Skins have a hole at SOLB since Washington was released and they would have brought him during the workouts to get him to learn the position then bring back a run stuffer DE like Daniels or Wynn. At worst, the Redskins would have known if they had to sign a FA OLB or try to draft one if Taylor didn't like the move or it wouldn't have worked.

3) The Skins wanted Taylor committed to the team and the scheme. Obviously if you pay Taylor $8.5 million, you want him there to be a teammate and you want to make sure that he wants to be there and that his mind isn't on the future but on the 2009 season. Taylor wanted to stay at home and be with his kids. Nothing wrong with that, but if you just signed guys like Haynesworth and Hall (both having character issues in the past) you want other veterans to be there and to send a message that there is no favoritism and that even highly paid FAs are expected to show up (Ed: Off season workouts are voluntary, but many teams put roster bonuses in player contracts that are paid if said player comes in and workouts for a few hours a few days a week. Only OTAs and mini-camps are mandatory. So I'm using "expected" loosely but many teams do unofficially expect their players to participate in off season workouts - thus the big deal reported by the media when a player doesn't show like what Jay Cutler is doing now.) and workout.

In the end, the Skins felt that the lack of participation would be a detriment and did the right move by cutting Taylor. Not only did they get rid of a player that didn't fit the scheme (in my opinion he just didn't) but it saved them cap money that helped bring in a guy that wanted to be back in DC.......Derrick Dockery.

Who Should the Redskins Take at #13? (3/18/09)

I did this about a month ago and had all four of the offensive tackles, two defensive tackles and a few defensive ends as possibilities. Since the Skins have made some moves, there are obviously some here are some possibilities (with highlight films).

Andre Smith:

Michael Oher:

Tyson Jackson:

Rey Maualuga:

Brian Cushing:

Everette Brown:

Aaron Maybin:

Larry English:

Robert Ayers:

A new poll has been added- so vote on who you like (if any).
Note: I left Brian Orakpo off the list b/c I think he'll be long gone before #13. He'll go either at #3 or #5 which sounds about right since other top DE/OLB prospects(Gaines Adams-2007, Vernon Gholston-2008)have gone right around there the past few seasons.

FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! (I Am Back)

(Me- Yesterday Evening)

So, after 7 of the last 8 days of working at my real job (Between 9 and 12 hour days mind you), I have returned to IIWII to give you 1-2 readers out there more insightful redskins info. and other goofy things I can come up with.

I have some stuff coming up today as soon as I get over this post-work hangover (it's like a real hangover without the fun and blurred memories of the night before).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meaningless Mock Madness 1.0

Ok, here we first ever Meaningless Mock. Don't be that surprised there probably won't be that many shocking picks here also note that I'm only doing picks 1-13 b/c frankly I don't care who the Steelers are picking at #32 as of right now. It means Nothing.......Nothing!!!!!! to the Redskins fan wondering who we get at #13 and has no 2nd rounder.

This is called Meaningless Mock Draft for a reason. Because nobody has a clue what will happen when the draft gets here. Will the Skins trade down again? Will the Eagles make a ballsy move and trade their two 1st rounders for Anquan Boldin? Who knows. That's what makes it fun. That's why we watch the draft, right? Just remember, who thought that the Skins would trade out of the 1st to get multiple 2nd rounders and then draft 2 WRs and a TE last year? Not me who wanted the Skins to address the O and D lines.

So without further ado.... Meaningless Mock 1.0 (be gentle)

1. Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford, QB
Why: Stafford is not the top talent in the draft but he's close (some would argue top 5-10 overall) and you must remember that this is a critical move for the Lions. Not only do they need talent but they need a new "face" of the franchise. Right now they don't have one. Now I know you're thinking "But Deadman, the 1-15 Dolphins drafted Jake Long. What's different with Detroit?" Simple. When the Dolphins hired Bill Parcells, he became the face of the Dolphins. The Lions need to get fans to buy jerseys (especially with a new color scheme and logo to premiere as rumored) and to raise their AiS (Asses in Seats) ratio at Ford Field. Stafford seems to fit that profile as he'll be the team leader and field general. Stafford has been saying the right things as well (he actually wants to play in Detroit and throw to Calvin Johnson). If he has a great pro day, he'll be a lock at #1.
Other Options: Aaron Curry, Jason Smith, Any position except WR.

2. St. Louis Rams- Jason Smith, OT
Why: You release Orlando Pace and have access to every available OT on the board including the two elite prospects in Smith and Monroe. This could be Eugene Monroe and it really depends on what the Rams are looking for and what they like better after watching the game tape and combine/pro days. I give a slight edge to Smith. Also, with Crabtree's injury this move just makes the most sense.
Other Options: Eugene Monroe, Michael Crabtree, Aaron Curry

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Brian Orakpo, DE/LB
Why: The Chiefs struggled with pass rush and sacks last year. Orakpo provides a better pass rush than that of Curry. Also, it appears that the Chiefs will be running a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 which might be a perfect fit for Orakpo. Could he be the next Shaun Merriman? I did have Aaron Curry here for a long time as it would be a great pick and Scott Pioli coming from New England knows how to get valuable talent.
Other Options: Aaron Curry

4. Seattle Seahawks- BJ Raji, DT
Why: Let's look at some of their options. They could go QB and draft Matt Hasselbeck's heir apparent in Mark Sanchez. Mora gets his new franchise QB. This is a possibility, but does Seattle make the move here and do they think Hasslebeck is done after this year? I don't think so. They could take LT Eugene Monroe (to eventually replace the aging Walter Jones) but the team is so deep in OT that Monroe may not crack the starting line-up this season. They could take Michael Crabtree here and it would make sense to pair him with TJ to have a nice 1-2 punch. However, taking a WR this high is risky. Raji is probably the safest pick that would start right now and would shore up a front line that struggled against the run in 2008.
Other Options: Mark Sanchez, Eugene Monroe, Michael Crabtree

5. Cleveland Browns- Aaron Curry, LB
Why: They need a LB and they get one of the top rated players overall to fill the spot. If the Chiefs take Curry, they take Orakpo. Either way it should be a win-win situation.
Other Options: Vontae Davis, Malcolm Jenkins

6. Cincinnati Bengals- Eugene Monroe, OT
Why: If he's there, they take him in a heartbeat. The Bengals need somebody to protect Carson Palmer's blind side.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Oher

7. Oakland Raiders- Jeremy Maclin, WR
Why: Al Davis has a top drafted QB, a top drafted RB and now they need a WR. Maclin has the size and most importantly the speed that Al Davis loves.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Crabtree

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Crabtree, WR
Why: Crabtree is the WR that they never got from Matt Jones.
Other Options: Mark Sanchez, Darrius Heywood-Bey

9. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Maybin, DE/LB
Why: The Packers are trying to bring players to form their new 3-4 scheme. Maybin would be a great addition as a pass rushing OLB.
Other Options: Everette Brown, Rey Maualuga

10. San Francisco 49ers- Mark Sanchez, QB
Why: I'm not convinced Alex Smith or Shaun Hill are franchise quarterbacks. Sanchez would be a great fit for the 49ers.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Everette Brown

11. Buffalo Bills- Brandon Pettigrew, TE
Why: Everette Brown's draft stock has dropped a bit and Pettigrew despite and average 40 is still considered the top TE in the draft.
Other Options: Everette Brown, Tyson Jackson

12. Denver Broncos- Rey Maualuga, LB
Why: The Broncos need linebackers to fit their scheme and Maualuga can provide both the skills and leadership to fill that need.
Other Options: Tyson Jackson, Vontae Davis, Malcolm Jenkins

13. Washington Redskins- Andre Smith, OT
Why: If he can get in shape and play with passion, he can be a four position player and a dominant force on the field. Has alot of red flags and one has to hope that if the Redskins make this move that they will have things in place to make sure Smith is in shape and ready to play. I still see the Redskins trading out of this spot if the right deal comes along.
Other Options: Tyson Jackson, Michael Oher, Everette Brown

Friday Afternoon Videos

Let the madness begin shall we.....
The Redskins Blog is asking fans to suggest music for gameday to be played at FedEx.
Since I plan on being there for most of the games again this season I had to share my thoughts (of course I can't type apparently just read my post over there).

Anyway IIWII starts off our Friday Night Videos early with some songs I want played at FedEx:

There are more- I'd like to see MIA's Paper Planes and the Talking Head's This Must be the Place (Naive Melody) come back as well.
What do you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Redskins sign thoughts on the #13 pick

PFT (via The Washington Times) is reporting that the Skins have re-signed Safety Reed Doughty to a 1 year deal.
I'm happy about this move since Doughty is a good special teamer and has shown that he can start if needed. Now there was part in the story about how Doughty will compete for the starting job with Chris me this should be Horton's job to lose. Horton was a beast in 2008 and barring an injury or a real horrible sophomore slump should be the starter.

Yeah, I'm a big Chris Horton fan, after last year can you blame me?

The Redskins are also announcing that they have re-signed Alfred Fincher to the team. Fincher played well on special teams and may compete for the SOLB spot (I know that the article mentions HB Blades as the probable SOLB but despite Blades impressive efforts last year, I still feel he's London Fletcher's heir apparent at ILB- Blades reminds me alot of Fletcher and I think he'll eventually excel as a ILB, just my 2 cents.....). I didn't realise that Fincher was a 3rd rounder of the Saints in 2005.

Redskins might have gloomy outlook at #13.
#13 is an unlucky number and it might just be an unlucky spot for the Redskins when the draft gets here.
Here's why:
1) It is unlikely that one of the elite tackles will be there at #13. We can all admit that J. Smith and Monroe are solid LTs. Oher and A. Smith are more Boom/Bust players but are probably worth a shot at #13 (I'd argue Smith is and I think Buges could turn Oher into a beast). Problem is that there are more than 4 teams before the Skins that could be looking for a starting elite tackle (St. Louis, Seattle, Cincy, Oakland, Jacksonville and San Francisco).

2) D-line prospects kind of iffy at #13. Orakpo will be gone (possibly as high as #3).Aaron Maybin's stock has plummeted. Everette Brown (along with Maybin) might be better suited as a 3-4 OLB. Tyson Jackson is a stretch at #13 (and some consider him more of a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DE). Robert Ayers is moving up some draft boards, but is he really worth a pick at #13? Some consider him a one year wonder (which means he'll be a work in progress like Devin Thomas). BJ Raji will probably be gone and no other DT is worth going this high (makes you understand even more why the Skins addressed the DT position with Albert Haynesworth).

3) Will Sanchez be trade bait? Teams know that the Skins could use more picks and might get a reasonable deal to move up and snag Sanchez but will Sanchez even be there at #13? The 49ers, Broncos, Bills and even Seahawks could make a play for him. Also in 2007 we thought the Skins could move back as teams made a big offer to move up and grab Brady didn't happen (although I'm pretty happy with Laron Landry......).

4) Are any LBs worth taking at #13? Well there's Aaron Curry. But I think it's pretty much slim to none that Curry will fall to #13. I'm not sold on Cushing or Matthews and think taking either would be big reaches at #13. There is Rey Maualuga. The guy looks like he'll be a real leader in the NFL. Big hitter who could play outside (even though he's been more of an ILB). He's Larry Michael's choice (as he's said many times on Redskins Nation) and you wonder if Larry is speaking for Larry or the team. Plus he's got good taste (see video below- that's ESPN's Erin Andrews).

But he might not be there at #13 either.

Best bet IMO is for the Redskins to possibly trade completely out of the 1st. Pick up a few second rounders and look for solid talent in round two. I mean Duke Robinson, Robert Ayers, Eric Wood, Phil Loadhold and Sintim should all be there and that is some quality talent that would be cheaper for the Skins......

Of course the point will be moot if somehow A. Smith or Orakpo fell to #13.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Consensus top 20 draftees

They keep on updating every day or so and I haven't fully added all the database scores yet........
But I just decided (out of boredom) to come up with a consensus ranking of players from some major media guys and some draft sites. This includes Mayock, Scouts Inc.,, CBS, NFL Draft Countdown, Draft Tek, Pro Football Weekly and National Football Post.

Again this is older material but here you go:
1. Aaron Curry
2. Michael Crabtree
3. Jason Smith
4. Eugene Monroe
5. Matthew Stafford
6. Brian Orakpo
7. BJ Raji
8. Malcolm Jenkins
9. Jeremy Maclin
10. Mark Sanchez
11. Everette Brown
12. Andre Smith
13. Michael Oher
14. Knowshon Moreno
15. Chris Wells
16. Rey Maualuga
17. Brian Cushing
18. Vontae Davis
19. Aaron Maybin
20. Percy Harvin

If I get a chance, I will update the list and my database as we get closer to draft day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Campbell and Rogers Getting Paid......Updated Cap #

Redskins Insider is reporting that both Jason Campbell and Carlos Rogers salaries are increasing.
Campbell is set to earn about $2 million more and Rogers about $800,000 more.

Interestingly enough in the comments section of the RI article a commenter mentions a similar thread over at Warpath where poster PCinOZ looked up the data via the NFLPA's site and then updated the Redskins unofficial salary numbers stating that the Skins have about $8 million in cap room.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Redskins Weekend News and Notes

As I sit here gearing up to go see Watchmen.....I know I should be outside doing yard work (a rare day I'm off work and the weather is amazing!) but I decided to catch you up with some Redskins news and notes.

For Your Listening Pleasure......
Quick shout out to They have a new podcast up (at this link) and they are always worth hearing. This episode is about the free agent moves and the cuts made in the process.

Bye Bye........
-Shawn Springs signs with the Patriots. It's a good move for the Pats who get the most out of aging veterans. I expect Springs to do well there and probably play in about nine games. At least he's not with the Eagles, I was worried he'd go there or Dallas.......

- Demetric Evans. Solid player during his tenure here and the occasional spot starter at DT/DE. Went to the 49ers and is hoping to compete for the starting DE spots there (they run a 3-4 BTW). I think the Skins just didn't think he was the long term solution as the Skins DE and didn't make a serious play for him that way. That and losing his #92 to Haynesworth was probably enough to convince him to head to San Francisco. The Skins lose a very good depth and rotational guy, but if you read The Post or some of the comments on ExtremeSkins you'd think we just let Reggie White go (WD shakes head again).

Big Free Agent News!!!!!!
Well not really.........compared to the Haynesworth, Hall and Dockery signings but the Skins did address a need that people haven't discussed much because it's not a sexy topic unless the player plays poorly (like we saw in most of 2008). Dirk Johnson who's played for a few teams over the years (notable was an Eagle for a few seasons). Looking at his numbers, they aren't really stellar but they look better than Plackemeier's numbers so that's a start. Let the camp battle between Johnson and Atterberry begin.

Redskins are still needy.........
Even with all the big moves made, the Skins still have a few positions to address before training camp and the regular season gets here. Here's the positions of need as of now as I see it: LB, DE, OT, C, OG, CB, S. The Skins need a starting SOLB and a starting DE (opposite Carter) and depth everywhere else listed. Now depth wise the Skins will probably re-sign players like Pete Kendall and Khary Campbell. They may also re-sign Fincher, Green or Doughty. So I'm not that worried about finding depth. Now the starting spots will be the issue. There are a few guys out there as FAs and the Skins will probably address some of this in the draft (I'm still guessing if they can, they'll trade back and try to get some more talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds). OT might be put on the backburner and not addressed at #13 b/c I'm convinced that J. Smith, A. Smith, Monroe and Oher all may be off the board by then. The Skins have suggested that Jansen and Heyer will compete for the starting job.......look for D positions to be addressed at the draft primarily.

Cap News
If the Skins wanted to sign another FA to a small deal it would be possible. Redskins Insider is reporting the Skins have about $7 million in cap room. The Warpath's unofficial Cap Summary has the Skins at about $11 million under the cap. If you figure about $5 million for the rookie pool and as a rainy day fund (injuries) it gives the Skins about $2-6 million (depending on your source) to play with. Looks like Phillip Daniels, some of our depth guys and possibly a LB like Angelo Crowell or a DE like Anthony Weaver could come here easily and the Skins would have cap room.

Worst Marketing Idea.....Ever
Ah, Comic Book Guy (from The Simpsons) what isn't the worst issue, episode or event?
Well, this is a pretty bad one. The Redskins, probably with a warehouse full of Jason Taylor #55 jerseys are now trying to GIVE them away if you buy a Albert Haynesworth or DeAngelo Hall jersey (see below).
(Why? Who wants a Jason Taylor jersey now?)

My guess, some village in a 3rd world country will one day be running around in Jason Taylor jerseys. If you really want to get a Haynesworth or Hall jersey, you might as well get one for 20% off when you checkout with the Redskins ( put in the code: Agent09
The code is for all Redskins items at the store....pssst it's a super duper VIP Redskins fan only offer and if you want to see the offer video go here
Offer is good thru the 15th, also there have been rumors that there will be some good deals/discounts on draft day as well.

My Season Tickets
I was up in the air about renewing them, but did it anyway not much longer after I got my invoice. If anybody from the Redskins reads IIWII can you please upgrade me to closer to row 1 of section 403? Or how about closer to the 50? C'mon I re-upped before you guys brought in Haynesworth. This will be my sixth season now as a STH and I'm hoping sometime before I croak, I'll get to see a home playoff game at FedEx. Stay Tuned to IIWII, I'm tempted to lure a reader to do a guest blog by giving out tickets to a preseason game or something. Wait and See........

Notable Vinny Quote of the Week:
“[Owens’s representatives] called us three years ago before he went to Dallas, and we didn’t have interest then,” Cerrato said. “Why would we have interest when he’s three years older now? We have no interest.”
- Vinny on Just Saying No to T.O.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Night Videos: William Shatner

Where would the world be without William Shatner? Oh sure, we wouldn't have the "Price Line Negotiator", TJ Hooker or the guy from Boston Legal (sorry, I don't watch it so I have no clue who he plays) and of course Captain James T. Kirk (not to mention he was in some great episodes of The Twilight Zone). But we would have never gotten to see William Shatner...............Singer!!!!!!!

What can't you do Mr. Shatner? Watch the videos, I swear you can learn the secrets to world peace alone in his version of Elton John's Rocketman........or something, I guess.