Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey, Leave a comment.

IIWII is trying to put out some great stuff for it's readers.......

Matter of fact, I have some stuff planned in the next few months including some guest blogs, more Mock Madness, Redskins News and Notes, the conclusion of How They Draft and other non-football stuff (I swear post-draft, IIWII will start talking about other stuff than Redskins Football).

But you can help with the content......if there is something you would like to see IIWII cover in football, sports, movies, tv, comics leave a comment......think I'm missing something?......leave a comment. Doesn't mean that I will cover the topic you've asked or that I'll agree with you but I might. You never know.

I have made the comments section open to those who don't have a blogger/g-mail account so anybody should be able to drop a line.

Oh and thanks again for voting on the polls.... I know somebody out there is reading.

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