Monday, March 23, 2009

How They Draft: Rounds 6 and 7

Criteria: This is harder to judge but my criteria as follows, player needs to make the team/active roster and play a minimum of two seasons. Does not have to be a starter and is expected to be depth/STer. Does not have to be on active gameday roster on a regular basis.

Round 6
1999- Jeff Hall (181)
Comment- Played in only 3 games in 2000 for the Rams.
Grade: Bust

2000- Todd Husak (202)
Comment- Played in only 1 game during his one year career.
Grade: Bust

2001- Mario Monds (186)
Comment- Never played for the Redskins, did play two seasons for the Bengals and Dolphins.
Grade: Bust (didn't make team with Skins)

2002- Reggie Coleman (192)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2004- Jim Molinaro (180)
Comment- Played three seasons for the Skins, played in 15 games
Grade: Boom

2005- Jared Newberry (183)
Comment- I think injuries ended his career
Grade: Bust

2006- Reed Doughty (173)
Comment- Solid depth and STer, took over starting role in 2007 after ST's death
Grade: Boom
2006- Kedric Golston (196)
Comment- Solid depth player and occasional starter
Grade: Boom

2007- HB Blades (179)
Comment- STer/depth LB and spot starter, very versatile and heir apparent to London Fletcher
Grade: Boom
2007- Jordan Palmer (205)
Comment- did not make active roster, now backs up his brother in Cincy
Grade: Bust

2008- Durant Brooks (168)
Comment- cut by Redskins and Packers; had mediocre 1st year
Grade: Bust
2008- Kareem Moore (180)
Comment- Played in 14 games (started 1). STer who the 'Skins plan to use more in 2009
Grade: Incomplete (if he makes the roster, he'll be a Boom in my book)
2008- Colt Brennan (186)
Comment- Had a great pre-season, has his own cult of fans, should compete for the #2 QB spot in 2009
Grade: Incomplete (if he makes the active roster, he'll be rated as a Boom).

So How Have They Done?
Boom- 31%
Bust- 54%
Incomplete- 15%
If you assume Brennan and Moore make the 2009 roster then the Boom/Bust ratio is about 50/50, which is actually pretty good for late round picks to pan out. Also, the Skins have done much better in finding talent in the 6th round since 2004 (only 3 Busts out of 9 players).

Round 7

1999- Tim Alexander(217)
Comment- who?
Grade: Bust

2000- Delbert Cowsette (217)
Comment- Played 2 seasons for the Skins playing in 32 games (recorded 2 sacks)
Grade: Boom
2000- Ethan Howell (250)
Comment- Who?
Grade: Bust

2002- Rock Cartwright (257)
Comment- Special Teams Ace and depth RB, team leader
Grade: Boom
2002- Greg Scott (234)
Comment- Played in 4 games in two seasons, technically fits the criteria as a Boom player
Grade: Boom
2002- Jeff Grau (230)
Comment- played two seasons for other teams, never made the Skins roster.
Grade: Bust

2003- Gibran Hamdan (232)
Comment- Played in one game for the Skins has bounced around the NFL since as a 2nd/3rd string QB. Still in the NFL.
Grade: Boom

2005- Nehemiah Broughton (222)
Comment- Played in 6 games in 2 seasons for the Skins, was on practice squad in 2008
Grade: Boom

2006- Kili Lefotu (230)
Comment- Was cut after getting arrested in a bar fight
Grade: Bust
2006- Kevin Simon (250)
Comment- none
Grade: Bust

2007- Tyler Ecker (216)
Comment- IRed in 2007, was cut in 2008
Grade: Bust

2008- Rob Jackson (242)
Comment- Played in three games in 2008
Grade- Incomplete (will be a Boom player if makes 2009 roster)
2008- Chris Horton (249)
Comment- played in 14 games, became a starter and should be the incumbent starter heading into traing camp
Grade- Boom (became a starter in rookie season, should have been a DRotY candidate)

So How Have They Done?

Boom- 46%
Bust- 46%
Incomplete- 8%

Again, not bad for what you expect in the 7th round. Also, note the Skins have found two significant contributors from the 7th round.

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