Monday, March 2, 2009

Jason Taylor Gone......Makes Sense to Me

So, I came home after a long day of work and braving the weather (and the icy, snow bound roads) and the Mrs. says "so what you think about the move with Jason Taylor?" and I said "What move?" and my wife with a big grin (she rarely EVER out scoops me with football news, especially Redskins news) says "Oh, they cut him."

Oh, they cut him........I was surprised, now. Because the Redskins were so adamant about keeping him at the start of free agency. How Taylor was going to play some SAM linebacker and be a force to be reckoned with (With Haynesworth in the middle). The Skins had convinced me that Jason Taylor was going to be the Redskins sack master in 2009. Teasing Bastards. Now I'm disappointed when a week or so ago I would have been happy or at least glad the Skins cut ties to a failed project.

Before free agency IIWII had three players in mind on who should be cut (look it up): Washington, Springs and Taylor. Of those three, Taylor made the most sense b/c 1.) He was a $8.5 million cap number and if cut all $8.5 million went back to the cap (ie. no dead money). 2) He was a failed experiment. The Redskins hoped that bringing in Taylor would improve the pass rush but instead it hurt the outside run as Taylor didn't fit the scheme (may I remind you that guys like Daniels, Evans, Wynn or maybe draft prospect Tyson Jackson fit the DE that the Skins would use in their scheme). 3.) Keeping him after only 3.5 sacks just didn't justify keeping a player at his salary (hell, even Taylor himself said he wasn't worth the money).

But of course I listened to ESPN 980 and watched Redskins Nation talking about when healthy at the end of the season Taylor looked good and could be a huge player when you could see how I was surprised that the Skins cut him over a workout clause.

What's worst is the loss of a 2nd rounder in a draft that is pretty deep in 2nd and 3rd round O-line and D-line talent. That 2nd rounder could have gotten us a Duke Robinson or a Phil Loadholt or a Alex Mack. That just sucks. And we lose a sixth rounder in 2010 to add insult to injury.

Oh well......I hope you weren't one of the folks who bought a Jason Taylor jersey (I sure didn't). Just another player to add to the Hall of Shame Redskins jersey list. But, now you can get it for $19.99.
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