Friday, March 13, 2009

Meaningless Mock Madness 1.0

Ok, here we first ever Meaningless Mock. Don't be that surprised there probably won't be that many shocking picks here also note that I'm only doing picks 1-13 b/c frankly I don't care who the Steelers are picking at #32 as of right now. It means Nothing.......Nothing!!!!!! to the Redskins fan wondering who we get at #13 and has no 2nd rounder.

This is called Meaningless Mock Draft for a reason. Because nobody has a clue what will happen when the draft gets here. Will the Skins trade down again? Will the Eagles make a ballsy move and trade their two 1st rounders for Anquan Boldin? Who knows. That's what makes it fun. That's why we watch the draft, right? Just remember, who thought that the Skins would trade out of the 1st to get multiple 2nd rounders and then draft 2 WRs and a TE last year? Not me who wanted the Skins to address the O and D lines.

So without further ado.... Meaningless Mock 1.0 (be gentle)

1. Detroit Lions- Matt Stafford, QB
Why: Stafford is not the top talent in the draft but he's close (some would argue top 5-10 overall) and you must remember that this is a critical move for the Lions. Not only do they need talent but they need a new "face" of the franchise. Right now they don't have one. Now I know you're thinking "But Deadman, the 1-15 Dolphins drafted Jake Long. What's different with Detroit?" Simple. When the Dolphins hired Bill Parcells, he became the face of the Dolphins. The Lions need to get fans to buy jerseys (especially with a new color scheme and logo to premiere as rumored) and to raise their AiS (Asses in Seats) ratio at Ford Field. Stafford seems to fit that profile as he'll be the team leader and field general. Stafford has been saying the right things as well (he actually wants to play in Detroit and throw to Calvin Johnson). If he has a great pro day, he'll be a lock at #1.
Other Options: Aaron Curry, Jason Smith, Any position except WR.

2. St. Louis Rams- Jason Smith, OT
Why: You release Orlando Pace and have access to every available OT on the board including the two elite prospects in Smith and Monroe. This could be Eugene Monroe and it really depends on what the Rams are looking for and what they like better after watching the game tape and combine/pro days. I give a slight edge to Smith. Also, with Crabtree's injury this move just makes the most sense.
Other Options: Eugene Monroe, Michael Crabtree, Aaron Curry

3. Kansas City Chiefs- Brian Orakpo, DE/LB
Why: The Chiefs struggled with pass rush and sacks last year. Orakpo provides a better pass rush than that of Curry. Also, it appears that the Chiefs will be running a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 which might be a perfect fit for Orakpo. Could he be the next Shaun Merriman? I did have Aaron Curry here for a long time as it would be a great pick and Scott Pioli coming from New England knows how to get valuable talent.
Other Options: Aaron Curry

4. Seattle Seahawks- BJ Raji, DT
Why: Let's look at some of their options. They could go QB and draft Matt Hasselbeck's heir apparent in Mark Sanchez. Mora gets his new franchise QB. This is a possibility, but does Seattle make the move here and do they think Hasslebeck is done after this year? I don't think so. They could take LT Eugene Monroe (to eventually replace the aging Walter Jones) but the team is so deep in OT that Monroe may not crack the starting line-up this season. They could take Michael Crabtree here and it would make sense to pair him with TJ to have a nice 1-2 punch. However, taking a WR this high is risky. Raji is probably the safest pick that would start right now and would shore up a front line that struggled against the run in 2008.
Other Options: Mark Sanchez, Eugene Monroe, Michael Crabtree

5. Cleveland Browns- Aaron Curry, LB
Why: They need a LB and they get one of the top rated players overall to fill the spot. If the Chiefs take Curry, they take Orakpo. Either way it should be a win-win situation.
Other Options: Vontae Davis, Malcolm Jenkins

6. Cincinnati Bengals- Eugene Monroe, OT
Why: If he's there, they take him in a heartbeat. The Bengals need somebody to protect Carson Palmer's blind side.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Oher

7. Oakland Raiders- Jeremy Maclin, WR
Why: Al Davis has a top drafted QB, a top drafted RB and now they need a WR. Maclin has the size and most importantly the speed that Al Davis loves.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Crabtree

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Crabtree, WR
Why: Crabtree is the WR that they never got from Matt Jones.
Other Options: Mark Sanchez, Darrius Heywood-Bey

9. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Maybin, DE/LB
Why: The Packers are trying to bring players to form their new 3-4 scheme. Maybin would be a great addition as a pass rushing OLB.
Other Options: Everette Brown, Rey Maualuga

10. San Francisco 49ers- Mark Sanchez, QB
Why: I'm not convinced Alex Smith or Shaun Hill are franchise quarterbacks. Sanchez would be a great fit for the 49ers.
Other Options: Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Everette Brown

11. Buffalo Bills- Brandon Pettigrew, TE
Why: Everette Brown's draft stock has dropped a bit and Pettigrew despite and average 40 is still considered the top TE in the draft.
Other Options: Everette Brown, Tyson Jackson

12. Denver Broncos- Rey Maualuga, LB
Why: The Broncos need linebackers to fit their scheme and Maualuga can provide both the skills and leadership to fill that need.
Other Options: Tyson Jackson, Vontae Davis, Malcolm Jenkins

13. Washington Redskins- Andre Smith, OT
Why: If he can get in shape and play with passion, he can be a four position player and a dominant force on the field. Has alot of red flags and one has to hope that if the Redskins make this move that they will have things in place to make sure Smith is in shape and ready to play. I still see the Redskins trading out of this spot if the right deal comes along.
Other Options: Tyson Jackson, Michael Oher, Everette Brown

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