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Redskins News and Notes 3/30/09

Welcome Back......Phillip Daniels

The Washington Times is reporting that Phillip Daniels has decided to re-sign with the Skins. Daniels will sign a one year deal for the veteran minimum. Daniels' contract will only cost the Skins about $510,000 because of a clause in the CBA with veteran players.

It's a very good and very smart move by the Skins as both Daniels and newly signed Renaldo Wynn can share snaps at the LDE position and tutor younger players like Buzbee, Jackson and anybody else the Skins sign or draft. Also, it puts a little less emphasis/need on drafting a DE at #13 (again, I suggest Michael Oher or Andre Smith if Oher isn't there).

Speaking of the Cap.......

Looking at the unofficial salary cap numbers from The Warpath adding Daniels' salary should keep the Redskins about $8.4 million under the cap. With only 5 draft picks and even having a "rainy day" fund for injuries the Skins should have enough money to go after another free agent player to fill a need or depth. This includes UFA Khary Campbell or even cut Redskin Marcus Washington.

Vinny back on The Red Zone
Vinny Cerrato had a special "Inside the Red Zone" on ESPN 98o's Friday Broadcast. In it he talked about why the Skins cut Jason Taylor, the signings and re-signings of players like Dockery, Haynesworth and Hall and the draft. I'm not going into a great deal of it because you can read the partial transcripts here and here (via The Redskins Blog) and listen to the whole interview here
(via ESPN 980's audio vault).
Notable points:
- all of the remaining FA signings will be Vet. minimum deals only
- Vinny gives a great bit of detail about how the team evaluates draft candidates and how their pre-War Room evaluations work (I'm not going to list it here but it's a good read/worth listening)
- Discussed Stephon Heyer's progress and what he needs to improve upon and that he needs to win the job:
"Stephon is playing right tackle. That's it. He is a right tackle. He is playing right tackle right now. I said, 'hey, Stephon. Take that job. Go get that job."
- He didn't reveal much about who the Redskins are looking at #13 (not surprised really) stating that it's still too early in the process, but here are some notable quotes of the week about 2 players.

Notable Vinny Quotes of the Week:

On if University of Texas DE Brian Orakpo will be there at the thirteenth pick:
Cerrato: "No. He will not be there."
On Andre Smith, who Walker calls "the nastiest guy I saw on film," and if he would be a viable pick if he dropped to thirteen:
Cerrato: "He would be a definite candidate Doc."

-From Inside the Red Zone: March 27, 2009 (Transcribed by The Redskins Blog)

Meaningless Games Announced

The Redskins preseason schedule has been announced. Thankfully, there is no Hall of Fame Game this year. However, the four games will be against tough opponents:

Week 1: @ Baltimore (August 13th tentative)
Week 2: vs. Pittsburgh (August 20-24th)
Week 3: vs. New England (August 28th)
Week 4: @ Jacksonville (Spetember 3-4th)

The good news is that we don't play any of these teams this year in the regular season. The bad news, is that all four of theses teams play hard (ie injury concerns) and I personally just hope we keep the starters off the field as much as possible.

Amendment to the IIWII Consensus Pick......
Last week I announced that IIWII had selected Michael Oher as our draft pick at #13 and I still stand by it, however if he isn't there and Andre Smith is available, then I want us to take Andre Smith. Same argument for Oher goes for Smith. If neither are there, I want the Skins to a) Trade Down if possible b) Draft Robert Ayers or c) Draft Rey Maualuga.

More Draft Stuff
Interesting Mock Draft from Michael Lombardi of National Football Post and Path to the Draft
Read *Here*
While I think the Redskins drafting Michael Crabtree at #13 is insane, what I found interesting is that he left Rey Maualuga out of the first round. His explanation:

"I did not include Rey Maualuga of USC because he doesn’t play on third down. Additionally, when a team is in a three-receiver set on first down, he’s also not in the game. He will only play about 40 percent of the time, and no matter how effective he is in that 40 percent, it’s still very hard to draft someone in the first round who cannot affect third down. I know he’s a good player, but the first round requires you to pick players who can play full time, not part time."

Now you can understand why I haven't been as high on Maualuga as others.
Of course Redskins Beat Reporter (for ESPN980) Frank Hanrahan has the Skins picking Maualuga. So does Larry Michael.........

Quick Hits
The Skins are working out in the offseason program and almost everybody is there. This includes Albert Haynesworth, Clinton Portis and Devin Thomas. Thomas who was criticized for not being there at the start of the VOLUNTARY program (I have to make it clear media out there that this is voluntary!!!!!) was shown on Redskins Nation working out with Jason Campbell on the practice field. Also, major Kudos to Redskins Nation for showing the fans this and the "Wired Up" segments.

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