Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Redskins News and Notes

Welcome Back:
Renaldo Wynn- #97 returns to DC. Wynn will help stuff the outside run and work well in rotation, he won't be that elite pass rushing DE the Skins would like opposite of Andre Carter but I expect a sack or two from him.

Maybe Phllip Daniels as well soon........

Skins Trade Entire Team for Jay Cutler?

DC Examiner has a report that the Redskins have interest in getting Jay Cutler in a three way trade possibly involving the Broncos and the Chiefs. Of course that's not stopping other sites claiming the trades are going down involving Chris Cooley or other Redskins. And that's not including some of our dear friends at ExtremeSkins who don't mind giving up Jason Campbell, Laron Landry, Cooley and/or multiple draft picks for Cutler. Here's an example:

"JC + Laron Landry + 3rd Rounder for Cutler"
ExtremeSkins also has a thread about what should the Skins give up for Cutler (if anything at all).
More on the Haynesworth Indictment
From PFW:
They basically mention that the Skins were aware of the charges and don't feel it will be significant.
I think that Haynesworth has more to worry about from Roger Goodell or a civil suit than anything else.
I also love how some in the media have been critical of the Redskins for not addressing the Haynesworth situation or talking about it. My question to them is did the Ravens have front page coverage of Ray Lewis' indictments a few years ago? Or the Falcons and Mike Vick? Or Pacman and the Titans? If your a football team, you try to talk about player legal issues to a minimal. But speaking of the Redskins talking about Haynesworth.............

Notable Vinny Quote of the Week:

Larry Michael: "What's the deal with that.....story we saw about Albert with his car accident?"

Vinny: "Yeah, I don't know much about it. Y'know it's um...reckless driving."
-From Redskins Nation March 13th, 2009

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