Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Redskins sign two.....my thoughts on the #13 pick

PFT (via The Washington Times) is reporting that the Skins have re-signed Safety Reed Doughty to a 1 year deal.
I'm happy about this move since Doughty is a good special teamer and has shown that he can start if needed. Now there was part in the story about how Doughty will compete for the starting job with Chris Horton.....to me this should be Horton's job to lose. Horton was a beast in 2008 and barring an injury or a real horrible sophomore slump should be the starter.

Yeah, I'm a big Chris Horton fan, after last year can you blame me?

The Redskins are also announcing that they have re-signed Alfred Fincher to the team. Fincher played well on special teams and may compete for the SOLB spot (I know that the article mentions HB Blades as the probable SOLB but despite Blades impressive efforts last year, I still feel he's London Fletcher's heir apparent at ILB- Blades reminds me alot of Fletcher and I think he'll eventually excel as a ILB, just my 2 cents.....). I didn't realise that Fincher was a 3rd rounder of the Saints in 2005.

Redskins might have gloomy outlook at #13.
#13 is an unlucky number and it might just be an unlucky spot for the Redskins when the draft gets here.
Here's why:
1) It is unlikely that one of the elite tackles will be there at #13. We can all admit that J. Smith and Monroe are solid LTs. Oher and A. Smith are more Boom/Bust players but are probably worth a shot at #13 (I'd argue Smith is and I think Buges could turn Oher into a beast). Problem is that there are more than 4 teams before the Skins that could be looking for a starting elite tackle (St. Louis, Seattle, Cincy, Oakland, Jacksonville and San Francisco).

2) D-line prospects kind of iffy at #13. Orakpo will be gone (possibly as high as #3).Aaron Maybin's stock has plummeted. Everette Brown (along with Maybin) might be better suited as a 3-4 OLB. Tyson Jackson is a stretch at #13 (and some consider him more of a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DE). Robert Ayers is moving up some draft boards, but is he really worth a pick at #13? Some consider him a one year wonder (which means he'll be a work in progress like Devin Thomas). BJ Raji will probably be gone and no other DT is worth going this high (makes you understand even more why the Skins addressed the DT position with Albert Haynesworth).

3) Will Sanchez be trade bait? Teams know that the Skins could use more picks and might get a reasonable deal to move up and snag Sanchez but will Sanchez even be there at #13? The 49ers, Broncos, Bills and even Seahawks could make a play for him. Also in 2007 we thought the Skins could move back as teams made a big offer to move up and grab Brady Quinn........it didn't happen (although I'm pretty happy with Laron Landry......).

4) Are any LBs worth taking at #13? Well there's Aaron Curry. But I think it's pretty much slim to none that Curry will fall to #13. I'm not sold on Cushing or Matthews and think taking either would be big reaches at #13. There is Rey Maualuga. The guy looks like he'll be a real leader in the NFL. Big hitter who could play outside (even though he's been more of an ILB). He's Larry Michael's choice (as he's said many times on Redskins Nation) and you wonder if Larry is speaking for Larry or the team. Plus he's got good taste (see video below- that's ESPN's Erin Andrews).

But he might not be there at #13 either.

Best bet IMO is for the Redskins to possibly trade completely out of the 1st. Pick up a few second rounders and look for solid talent in round two. I mean Duke Robinson, Robert Ayers, Eric Wood, Phil Loadhold and Sintim should all be there and that is some quality talent that would be cheaper for the Skins......

Of course the point will be moot if somehow A. Smith or Orakpo fell to #13.

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