Saturday, March 7, 2009

Redskins Weekend News and Notes

As I sit here gearing up to go see Watchmen.....I know I should be outside doing yard work (a rare day I'm off work and the weather is amazing!) but I decided to catch you up with some Redskins news and notes.

For Your Listening Pleasure......
Quick shout out to They have a new podcast up (at this link) and they are always worth hearing. This episode is about the free agent moves and the cuts made in the process.

Bye Bye........
-Shawn Springs signs with the Patriots. It's a good move for the Pats who get the most out of aging veterans. I expect Springs to do well there and probably play in about nine games. At least he's not with the Eagles, I was worried he'd go there or Dallas.......

- Demetric Evans. Solid player during his tenure here and the occasional spot starter at DT/DE. Went to the 49ers and is hoping to compete for the starting DE spots there (they run a 3-4 BTW). I think the Skins just didn't think he was the long term solution as the Skins DE and didn't make a serious play for him that way. That and losing his #92 to Haynesworth was probably enough to convince him to head to San Francisco. The Skins lose a very good depth and rotational guy, but if you read The Post or some of the comments on ExtremeSkins you'd think we just let Reggie White go (WD shakes head again).

Big Free Agent News!!!!!!
Well not really.........compared to the Haynesworth, Hall and Dockery signings but the Skins did address a need that people haven't discussed much because it's not a sexy topic unless the player plays poorly (like we saw in most of 2008). Dirk Johnson who's played for a few teams over the years (notable was an Eagle for a few seasons). Looking at his numbers, they aren't really stellar but they look better than Plackemeier's numbers so that's a start. Let the camp battle between Johnson and Atterberry begin.

Redskins are still needy.........
Even with all the big moves made, the Skins still have a few positions to address before training camp and the regular season gets here. Here's the positions of need as of now as I see it: LB, DE, OT, C, OG, CB, S. The Skins need a starting SOLB and a starting DE (opposite Carter) and depth everywhere else listed. Now depth wise the Skins will probably re-sign players like Pete Kendall and Khary Campbell. They may also re-sign Fincher, Green or Doughty. So I'm not that worried about finding depth. Now the starting spots will be the issue. There are a few guys out there as FAs and the Skins will probably address some of this in the draft (I'm still guessing if they can, they'll trade back and try to get some more talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds). OT might be put on the backburner and not addressed at #13 b/c I'm convinced that J. Smith, A. Smith, Monroe and Oher all may be off the board by then. The Skins have suggested that Jansen and Heyer will compete for the starting job.......look for D positions to be addressed at the draft primarily.

Cap News
If the Skins wanted to sign another FA to a small deal it would be possible. Redskins Insider is reporting the Skins have about $7 million in cap room. The Warpath's unofficial Cap Summary has the Skins at about $11 million under the cap. If you figure about $5 million for the rookie pool and as a rainy day fund (injuries) it gives the Skins about $2-6 million (depending on your source) to play with. Looks like Phillip Daniels, some of our depth guys and possibly a LB like Angelo Crowell or a DE like Anthony Weaver could come here easily and the Skins would have cap room.

Worst Marketing Idea.....Ever
Ah, Comic Book Guy (from The Simpsons) what isn't the worst issue, episode or event?
Well, this is a pretty bad one. The Redskins, probably with a warehouse full of Jason Taylor #55 jerseys are now trying to GIVE them away if you buy a Albert Haynesworth or DeAngelo Hall jersey (see below).
(Why? Who wants a Jason Taylor jersey now?)

My guess, some village in a 3rd world country will one day be running around in Jason Taylor jerseys. If you really want to get a Haynesworth or Hall jersey, you might as well get one for 20% off when you checkout with the Redskins ( put in the code: Agent09
The code is for all Redskins items at the store....pssst it's a super duper VIP Redskins fan only offer and if you want to see the offer video go here
Offer is good thru the 15th, also there have been rumors that there will be some good deals/discounts on draft day as well.

My Season Tickets
I was up in the air about renewing them, but did it anyway not much longer after I got my invoice. If anybody from the Redskins reads IIWII can you please upgrade me to closer to row 1 of section 403? Or how about closer to the 50? C'mon I re-upped before you guys brought in Haynesworth. This will be my sixth season now as a STH and I'm hoping sometime before I croak, I'll get to see a home playoff game at FedEx. Stay Tuned to IIWII, I'm tempted to lure a reader to do a guest blog by giving out tickets to a preseason game or something. Wait and See........

Notable Vinny Quote of the Week:
“[Owens’s representatives] called us three years ago before he went to Dallas, and we didn’t have interest then,” Cerrato said. “Why would we have interest when he’s three years older now? We have no interest.”
- Vinny on Just Saying No to T.O.

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