Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Washington Post = Bitter Ex-Girlfriend

So the Skins land the top free agent and The Post has a fit about it.
I've been following Redskins Insider lately because they've covered free agency well. As I have said in the past if Jason LaCanfora (and Jason Reid for that matter) is reporting the facts they do a great job. Problem is JLC got burned on the Haynesworth deal. He said it wasn't going to happen- the Skins couldn't afford it and that it would be a horrible move (Ed. Note: I also thought it couldn't happen and didn't like the move initially so we have that in common.). He was wrong (at least about the Skins signing him, we won't know how he pans out until the season starts). The Redskins made a move that made the fans in general happy, a rare moment in current Washington Redskins history.

Since then there has been a great deal of Spin brought up by The Post about the Skins being unprofessional (namely with the cutting of Jason Taylor after he refused to participate in the offseason workout program) and attacking the organization over the free agent moves (in particular Haynesworth). They even brought out Sally Jenkins to write another Skins-Bashing piece (that's all she does when it comes to the Skins and no I didn't read it but enough ExtremeSkins posters did so I got enough of a recap that I know it was a typical "Evil Redskins" article) about paying Haynesworth in lieu of firing Redskins employees.

Now if The Post (who represent professional journalists not some shlub Redskins fan like myself who likes to write blogs for about 2-3 people to read) were honest with its readers, they'd admit that they have some personal bias against the Redskins and that their stories (while factual) are spun to embrace their agenda. You hear a lot about modern media bias when it comes to political agenda (yes, it exists and yes it's pretty blatant at times) well it occurs in other categories as well including sports.

No wonder the newspaper industry is dying...........

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