Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who Should the Redskins Take at #13? (3/18/09)

I did this about a month ago and had all four of the offensive tackles, two defensive tackles and a few defensive ends as possibilities. Since the Skins have made some moves, there are obviously some here are some possibilities (with highlight films).

Andre Smith:

Michael Oher:

Tyson Jackson:

Rey Maualuga:

Brian Cushing:

Everette Brown:

Aaron Maybin:

Larry English:

Robert Ayers:

A new poll has been added- so vote on who you like (if any).
Note: I left Brian Orakpo off the list b/c I think he'll be long gone before #13. He'll go either at #3 or #5 which sounds about right since other top DE/OLB prospects(Gaines Adams-2007, Vernon Gholston-2008)have gone right around there the past few seasons.

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