Sunday, March 22, 2009

With the 13th Pick, The Washington Redskins Select.......

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Add another possible candidate to the list of players the Redskins could draft at #13. has the full story but here is the interesting tidbit for the Redskin fans:

"On Wednesday afternoon, March 25, the 6-foot-2, 227-pound quarterback is scheduled will have a private workout for the Washington Redskins at USC."
-Ed Thompson
(2009 NFL Draft: Busy week ahead for Sanchez)

So what does this mean for the Redskins?
Could be a bunch of different things.

We know that the team doesn't have full confidence in Jason Campbell's future as they have yet to give him a contract extension (Campbell will be either a *Restricted Free Agent or a Unrestricted Free Agent in 2010). The Redskins have also have shown some interest (or at least have/may inquire) in disgruntled Broncos QB Jay Cutler according to DC Examiner's John Keim. Yet, Campbell has received glowing praise from head coach Jim Zorn this off season. Campbell has also been present during off season workouts and Vinny Cerrato ('Skins officially unofficial GM) has said that Campbell is the starter and that they're not going after Cutler.

Of course this leaves many questions if the Redskins went after Sanchez:
What happens to Jason Campbell (trade him, cut him, bench him)?
Does Colt Brennan get a shot (trust me, drafting Sanchez will piss off more Redskins fans/Cult of Colt worshippers wanting Brennan to start than possibly setting the franchise back with a rookie QB or not finding out if Campbell could succeed here)?
Who fills the vacancies at SOLB, DE and RT (I'm not convinced Jansen or Heyer is the guy at this point)?

The other thought is that this is a smokescreen. Maybe the Skins want to know if there is anybody interested in trading for Jason Campbell. Maybe the Skins want the demand for Sanchez to go up if they are in the group of teams interested in Sanchez (ie. if the Skins trade back, could they get more value from a team that wants to trade into their spot). Maybe the Skins don't want teams to think they're going after a OT or a DE or LB (all positions of need).
Maybe the Skins just want to bring him in and meet him just in case.........
All teams do this. Wine and dine potential draftees and show them how great it would be to play for that team. If there is good chemistry and the player isn't drafted by the team, he may join the team in the future as a FA (or possibly a trade).

Maybe Zorn just wants to see another new QB.......who knows.

Heck, Sanchez may not even be there at #13. He might go #1 overall to the Lions. He's also been on some mocks at #8 to the Jaguars (also working Sanchez out this upcoming week) and #10 to the 49ers.

If the Skins didn't have needs at SOLB, DE and RT (which I hope in 2 seasons or less will be our future LT) I'd be all for it. Sanchez has impressed me on how he handles himself and his workouts. He comes from a great program in USC and looks like he has the drive and desire to be an elite (or at least successful) QB in the NFL. My only problem is that we need starters now either at #13 or later in round 1 or early round 2 and taking a shot on Sanchez and scrapping all the work on Campbell after one year under Zorn just seems to be a huge waste.

Campbell did improve a great deal last year even though he didn't throw a great deal of TDs and regressed as the season progressed. 2009 is a contract year. For Campbell it's really a do or die scenario. If he has a pro bowl caliber season (or a entire season of how he played when the Skins were 6-2 in 2008) he will get paid by the Skins or another team. If he falters, he'll be the next Patrick Ramsey.

Anyway here's some highlights of Sanchez via You Tube:

* If 2010 remains an uncapped year, Campbell becomes a RFA. If there is a new CBA, Campbell will be a UFA.

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