Friday, April 24, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Quick thought occurred to me.......I think the Skins will be drafting somebody we're not expecting.

I don't see Sanchez being the target of a trade down. I doubt there will be a OT there at #13 at this moment (sorry, Michael Oher good luck) and I doubt Orakpo will be there.

There has been very little talk or Robert Ayers or Everette Brown....I think Maybin will fall a bit.
But I wonder if Larry English or another player may be the guy.

I know Larry Michael likes Maualuga, but I wonder if Clay Matthews might be the USC linebacker the Skins go after.

I have no clue (so I'm at least as good as most of the media experts who think they know what's going on).

Keep an eye on Matthews, Tyson Jackson and Everette Brown. I have a feeling the Skins are going D with #13 and then maybe a C/G or a OLB with the 3rd. After that look at special teamers and depth linemen.

Meaningless Mock 3.0 will be done tomorrow morning......even though I'll be running for time.

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