Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'd be cool with the following players........

1. Michael Oher
2. Robert Ayers (Mayock has him #3 overall and frankly I trust Mayock's evaluation of talent)
3. Brian Orakpo
4. Andre Smith
5. Everette Brown
6. Rey Maualuga
7. Clay Matthews

Players I wouldn't be that happy about......

1. Aaron Maybin
2. Any WR
3. Brian Cushing
4. Mark Sanchez (If the Skins made this pick, it wouldn't royally piss me off but I think it's a wrong move and if the Skins trade up to make the move, then I will be pissed)
5. A DB (save it for day 2)
6. A RB (no way in hell should the Skins blow #13 for Moreno or Wells)

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