Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meaningless Mock Madness 2.0, Part 1

Last time I did this, I only did up to #13 b/c frankly I didn't care what anybody was doing at this point past #13, but we're getting closer so I'll do all 32 teams in the 1st round. I originally suggested when I did 2.0 that the Broncos would trade with the Chiefs to get Sanchez, but in retrospect it doesn't make sense. Sure, Pioli and McDaniels have history but do you really make that trade with a division rival? Nope. I will also add trade scenarios but it won't alter the draft. Here.....we.....go.

1. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford, QB
Why: Barring a contract issue, Stafford again has proven to be the guy for the Lions. He had a good Pro Day and he has said all of the right things. I don't think the Lions will go after Mark Sanchez b/c current QB Daunte Culpepper will be running the same system as Stafford (thus a system that requires deeper passing....etc.). Is Stafford the top player in the draft. I don't think so, but remember the Lions are trying to change their image and want a new "face of the franchise" and I don't think they can get that out of any other player worthy of #1.

2. St. Louis Rams- Eugene Monroe, OT
Why: This could be Jason Smith, but I think Spags will want a more smash-mouth OT to play in his schemes. Monroe also has a great pedigree and his stock has slightly risen above Smith in my opinion. Either way the Rams must pick a OT to replace Orlando Pace. This pick is a no-brainer at least position-wise.

3. KC Chiefs- Aaron Curry, LB
Why: Had Monroe been there, they may have taken him to pair up with Branden Albert. But instead they take what many consider the best player in the entire draft. Orakpo is also a possibility.

4. Seattle Seahawks- Malcolm Jenkins, CB/S
This is the biggest wildcard spot of the entire draft. The Seahawks could go in many ways.
They could try and draft a tackle and I think they would if Monroe is there. They could take Sanchez to groom to replace Hasslebeck. They could even draft Michael Crabtree here. Most importantly, they could trade with Denver and address two key spots at #12 and #18 (namely a DB and a OT). Jenkins fits two key needs for the Seahawks, but I have a feeling there could be a serious trade here.

Trade Scenario: Seattle would give #4 and #68 to Denver for #12 and #18.
Denver would get Mark Sanchez, Seattle would take Malcolm Jenkins and William Beatty.

5. Cleveland Browns: Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB
Mangini probably doesn't like this move because of past drafts with Vernon Gholston, but different player/different team and Orakpo looks like he'll be a monster in the NFL. Can't blame the move here. Crabtree is an option with Stallworth in trouble, KW2 gone and Edwards possibly being traded.

6. Cincinnati Bengals- Jason Smith, OT
The Bengals are ecstatic that Smith falls this far to #6 although they may like Andre Smith better as a prospect. Smith should be protecting Carson Palmer's blindside for years to come.

7. Oakland Raiders- Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR
It's a reach but Al Davis loves speed and he drafted a QB that has the arm to throw deep to speedsters. This move makes total sense at least to Al Davis. Maclin could be here as well and I won't count out them drafting a versatile O-lineman like Andre Smith.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Crabtree, WR
Jaguars also become ecstatic with Crabtree falling this far. But, I see this as a possible trade situation as the Broncos try to jump the 49ers, Jets or Bucs for Sanchez. They go back to #12 or even #18, rack up a few extra picks and still get either Crabtree or another talent like Maclin or Harvin.

9. Green Bay Packers- BJ Raji, NT
Packers are moving to the 3-4 and they need a solid NT to anchor the scheme. There aren't that many NTs available in the draft and the Packers get to take the best one here. They'll address CB in round two.

10. San Francisco 49ers- Mark Sanchez, QB
If Sanchez is here, I have to think that the 49ers take him here. Sure they could take Andre Smith here or go after an Everette Brown or Robert Ayers. This again would be a good trade spot for Denver, NY or TB.

11. Buffalo Bills- Everette Brown, DE
This could be a surprise pick if they go OL and draft either Andre Smith or Michael Oher (to supplant Jason Peters), but the Bills have struggled to get sacks and Brown should help provide that. The Bills are looking for sacks and this is why I think they take Brown over the better all-around Robert Ayers (who's sack production has been much lower than that of Brown).

12. Denver Broncos- Tyson Jackson, DE
If the Broncos haven't made a move for Sanchez by now, they probably won't and may try to focus on moving the #18 pick for Josh Freeman. Tyson Jackson is a perfect fit as a 3-4 DE and not only do the Broncos get a great player, but they trump the Chargers in getting him.

13. Washington Redskins- Michael Oher, OT
This is a great spot for the Redskins. Only a few weeks ago, I hated being here b/c I saw all four OTs of the board and the Skins taking a shot at Brown (who struggles with the run, bad for a DE in the Redskins D scheme) or Maybin (undersized and same issues as Brown). But now if this goes the way I think it might the Skins have Oher, Smith, Ayers and even Cushing to aim for. I already said Oher is my choice and I think of the players listed he probably is the best proven prospect. Although, I'm really warming to Ayers and Smith on film is a monster.

14. New Orleans Saints- Clay Matthews, OLB/DE
Matthews' bloodline and great combine/pro day and Brian Cushing's injury concerns bump Matthews ahead of Cushing.

15. Houston Texans- Vontae Davis, CB
If this goes the way I think it will.....Jacksonville will draft a WR, Indy has Peyton Manning and a great pass attack and Tennessee will probably draft a WR either in round one or two. This move makes sense to me based on who's on the board and what the team needs.

16. San Diego Chargers- Andre Smith, OT
Amazing. Just a few months ago Smith was the #1 OT on many boards and a possible top three pick. Shows what bad advice can get you. Chargers get a steal here even if Smith never becomes an elite LT. He'll be an elite Guard or RT and continue to improve the Chargers' offensive attack.

17. New York Jets- Knowshon Moreno, RB
First RB taken off the board. Rex Ryan is an old school coach that believes in a strong run game and a strong defense. They can live with Kellen Clemens as a game manager. I wouldn't be surprised if they took a WR here instead.

18. Denver Broncos- Rey Maualuga, LB
I think this pick fits for the Broncos 3-4 scheme. Although, I think the pick will be traded.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Freeman, QB
The Bucs get the QB that they wanted and didn't even have to trade up for him.

20. Detroit Lions- William Beatty, OT
I'm having the Lions take Beatty here over Eben Britton primarily because I think Beatty has more upside and potential at the LT position. Britton is going to be an awesome RT in the NFL (think Jon Jansen) but there are concerns about his arm length and skill set to be a LT. We all know LT is THE position.

Ok, I'm taking a break.....I'll start part 2 with the Eagles on the clock at #21.

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