Friday, April 3, 2009

The Mope is a Bear (Yay!!!!!!)

(I'm a Bear Now....Grrrrr!)

In case you missed it yesterday, the Chicago Bears have acquired Jay Cutler and a 5th rounder for 2 1st round picks (2009, 2010) a 3rd rounder and Kyle Orton.

(Now in CSI Miami Style)

I still don't get the infatuation with Cutler, especially when you compare stats. Is Jay Cutler a good, talented QB- Yes, absolutely.
Would he fill a dire need for some teams that lack a starting QB? Sure.
Is he worth 2 1sts and a 3rd? Hell no.
I have a bunch more to write about this and Jason Campbell's future in DC, but I was so happy that the Cutler-drama and the Cutler to the Skins drama/Shanahan future coach garbage is over.

Also here's a nice take on the whole Cutler/Campbell/Redskins trade mess by Michael Wilbon.
(included in the article is a nice Cutler vs. Campbell comparison).

And here's Redskin Blogger Matt Terl's final take on the whole deal.

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