Friday, April 3, 2009

More New Polls of Doom!!!!!!!

I will be adding two new polls in the next day or two (maybe even tonight).

One is about the current hubbub of Cutler-gate.

The next is about IIWII.
My main question to the 1-2 readers out there is whether I should aim IIWII more as just a football site or do you want to see more from this lowly writer than just his ramblings on the Redskins?

When I first started IIWII my goal was to write about football (obviously focusing on the Redskins), movies, comics, TV and anything else that I felt interesting to share. Lately b/c of work, the long articles I'm writing on the Skins and being so behind in my comics (Man, don't even get me started with exception of the Green Lantern titles I'm months behind some books) there hasn't been much outside of football (except for Friday Night Videos) on IIWII. I never did get the Watchmen review finished (ok movie, but unless you're a fan of the comic or a fan of comics you probably won't be that interested).

I admit it, I'm royally addicted to NFL football.

So do you want to see more? Do you care if I ramble about just the NFL or do you want to read my takes on other stuff?

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