Monday, April 27, 2009

NFL Draft News and Notes

What is the Enemy Doing?

Here is a list of the draft moves by the other NFCE teams Dallas, NY and Philly:
Cowboys picks from
Giants picks from
Eagles picks from

I think the Eagles did the best of the three and I got to say they have added pieces that they have been sorely missing on their team for awhile. It looks like it will be another tough year in the NFCE. Clearly, the NFCE is the toughest division in the NFL. Although I will say this, after watching Dallas in the draft I wonder just what the hell is going on. Wade Phillips just stood/sat there looking uncomfortable while the Jones family sat there looking at papers and trying to figure out what to do. Wonder why Dallas is a mess, just look at what happened during the draft- it says alot about the franchise.

Is Al Davis Crazy?

(I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!)

As soon as the combine ended, I knew that Al Davis would draft Darrius Heyward-Bey. Why? Well, first he's got a fast 40 yd dash. 2nd, I knew Davis would go for the trifecta with a WR (after drafting a QB and RB with 1st rounders the last two years). Then after drafting a WR way too early he drafts a safety that many had going as a late 2nd day pick. Is it wrong to feel sorry for Raider fans? Yes, although watching this Raider Nation video (NSFW) will make sure you know why you should laugh a little. And KSK's take on it makes it more funny.

Also a great thing to watch is Heyward-Bey's expression when he's drafted by Oakland:

(Oh, S*** not the F****** Raiders!!!)

Also, if you watched it on NFL Network, they flip over to Michael Crabtree and he gives the look of relief as the Raiders passed on him. We already knew how he felt about going to the Raiders anyway. "No Comment".

Are The Lions still Hapless?

(New Lions logo via KSK)
Ok, I get the Stafford move. But what stuns me a bit is the fact that the Lions skipped out on taking an offensive tackle to protect Stafford. Especially when you're paying a guy 41.7 million, you'd like to have somebody not letting him get beaten up. Michael Oher was there and you let him slip by. Bad move. Yes, Pettigrew is a talent (I saw him going to the Ravens at #26) but when you get a top tackle fall to you, you have to take him. I will note I listened to Jim Schwartz (Lions new HC) and he specifically noted he drafted Pettigrew based on his blocking skills, especially against Brian Orakpo who he believes will be a star in the NFL.

There's more like the Cowboys being inept, The Pats and Eagles making great moves and other stuff, but I'm tired and need to finish this post.

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