Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pre-Draft Presser w/ The Big Three

Not much to say really. Nothing was leaked or slipped out to give the fans or media any idea what the Skins are doing. Matt Terl (Redskins blogger) covered and wrote up the press conference. If you want to read the whole thing you can here.

Anyway here are some excerpts:

Vinny: "So, there is a possibility we will do three things on Saturday: trade up, trade back or stay the same. I hope that helps."
Sure does. At least we won't be trading the rest of our picks for a Ham Sandwich or another aging veteran that won't be here in a year like Jason Taylor.

Coach Zorn: (on Mark Sanchez) "I would rather wait to talk about any player evaluations that I might have on a guy that is not even on our roster. That just has to wait until after the draft."

To me this said many things:
1. There are no guarantees that the Skins will get Sanchez, so no need to show your hand and start talking about him.
2. By not talking about him, you don't say anything that starts an uproar in the media about Sanchez and Campbell.
3. It shuts down multiple follow-up questions by the press and any questions about other 1st round candidates.
4. Zorn is changed. He's learned the PR aspect of the game. Last year, I think Zorn would have talked about Sanchez.

And now it's Time for.......

Notable Vinny Quotes of the Week
"It is always the goal to hang on to draft picks."
- Vinny at Draft Day Presser 4/22/2009
after being asked how important it was to keep next year's draft picks

and a Bonus one:
"It is what it is. We made a trade last year with our second-round pick. We wish Jason [Taylor] would have stayed healthy, but it is what it is."
-Vinny at Draft Day Presser 4/22/2009 (from the Post)
after being asked about only having one pick in the first 79 spots (ie. trading for Jason Taylor)

I had to throw that one in there since Vinny uses the famous catchphrase that inspired this site not once...but twice.

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